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OldStoneface chapter 2 . 6/27/2012
Wow. That was an emotionally charged ending there and now where I thought you would go with the drabble. Excellent.
OldStoneface chapter 1 . 6/27/2012
Excellent. I especially loved the paragraph regarding Raph. You do an excellent job of drawing me into the story and the characters. I can feel Splinter's emotions and hear his voice clearly in my head as I read this.
Peechy-Keen chapter 55 . 10/29/2010
*Gives a standing ovation* Oh, BRAVO! You already know that I love this, and I finally finished it all, so I can leave a proper review

I must say, 'Ninja' remains my favorite (mostly because I am guilty of doing all of those things as a child myself, only instead of climbing a bookcase, I climbed the outer railing of the stairs, and Mummy, not Daddy, had to rush to my rescue. Yes - she's secretly a ninja )

'Overflowing' was a close second. There are numerous fics on this site in which the guys get beaten, separated, killed, etc, but very few that give the boys a break and focus on family down-time. I really enjoyed reading something so simplistically happy. It made me smile.

My third favorite would have to be 'Early'. It was a perfect Awwwwww moment. )

Honestly, though, I loved them all. Each drabble was thoughtful and well-written, and some explained details from the series or movies that I never considered before. *pauses* Aw, shell, why not? *gives another standing o* Well done!

God Bless,

Connie Nervegas chapter 13 . 7/16/2010
There's something about sexually frustrated turtles that I find really hilarious. Like it isn't hard enough to be a teenager anyway. It's so much fun to do cruel things to Raph too. hehe
LilNinjaWolf chapter 55 . 7/16/2010
You know I'm probably just a sucker for Leo, but I loved Understanding the best. How you show him trying to gain peace in this one, to let Raph comment off of him and then to hear Splinter's voice. :) I also loved Telling. It has so much emotion in it with showing how he was trying to overcome the anger and realizing his place in the clan. Ninja was funny how Splinter caught each one of the boys in something startling them from what they were doing. Good has a feeling of... well goodness. :) How Mikey's content with following Leo because he feels he's following the right person. I love the quote you used from Blindside. It's sad to say I haven't seen the movie, but I sure will soon. And then Excellence, just how you showed the strive to excel in writing haikus and ninjitsu was sweet for lack of a better word I can't think of right now.

I really loved reading all of these. I think you've helped inspire me to write something of the like of my own sometime. My sister keeps telling me I should try it. And it does look fun. :)

Awesome job on each and every one!
LilNinjaWolf chapter 50 . 7/16/2010
The Hamato series was pretty sweet too. The happiness in Overflowing just spills over and well... overflows. lol After is a little sad in Splinter's thinking about when he'll be gone and that he might be gone falling out of the building, but then the confidence he has that Leo would take care of the family gives it a nice feel at the end. And then in Together, I agree with Don, it did seem odd, enemies and allies coming together to defeat the Tenju, but still good to be able to defeat the true enemy at all. Being together is just more fun most of the time.
LilNinjaWolf chapter 44 . 7/15/2010
For Splinter... they're all really good. It's harder to pick a favorite here, but I really liked Roentgen, how you started out with the tough science stuff then switched to the 'English verion' to talk about the power Splinter has in being how he is. Elderly was funny because of the end when Don said that Raph had called Splinter elderly instead of old. :)
LilNinjaWolf chapter 36 . 7/14/2010
Aww... Orange and Ani were sooo sweet. Cuute! I absolutely loved Licked. I can't believe he licked the remote! I laughed so hard at that. D Invisibility was a really good one too. Mikey had good reasoning there, trying to disguise his shape. Too bad it didn't hide the noise as well.
LilNinjaWolf chapter 24 . 7/14/2010
I have to say Tail was my favorite of Don's series. I just laughed so much reading that one. I also really loved Education. I cracked up at the "He what?" part. lol
LilNinjaWolf chapter 15 . 7/14/2010
Wow, these for Raph were all really good. I really liked Rain, Hero, and Laugh. Sometimes I just love the feel of rain myself. And it always seems Raph is the hero to Leo. Just as it should be. Wonder if it would cause Leo trouble or not if Raph ever knew. And then for Laugh, it's always good do to that, it's refreshing. I have to agree, Raph seems like one of the hardest to get a real laugh out of.
LilNinjaWolf chapter 8 . 7/13/2010
I loved the Drabbles of Leo. Wow you got a lot of reviews on this, but there are so many chapters too. I'll probably at least stop reading between each section to leave ya a review. :) Leo's were serious, sad, and funny. The driving one had to be one of my favs for this section. Poor battleshell... lol
candelight chapter 54 . 5/4/2010
*Blinks, starts, wipes eyes.*

'The Blind Side' just made me want to cry. (...and do so, on more then one occasion. *Giggles embarassedly.*) Tis just that type of movie, I do suppose. :D

Five Hamatos entered into Foot Headquarters with the knowledge that the stakes were overwhelming...and so, so much more then the lair they call home is at stake this time...

But still, against a sea of ninja garnishing blades, up floor after floor of traps, false entries, and dead ends-to mechanics that even have Don whistling, and whispering, "It's like I died and went to techno-geek heaven..."

Mikey ponders the reason why-and he does find one.

I do remember...I suppose Mikey must have been watching it, too...with some edification (But not much, if at all...)

"...any fool can have courage. But honor, it's why you do what you do. It's who you are, and maybe who you want to be. You should try for courage and hope for honor. And it doesn't hurt if the people leading you have some too."

What they went into accomplish, they felt, was worth lying their lives on the line for. And, if we can find an example of the knowledge of what we're fighting for-whether that be to silence a deranged alien charmingly nicknamed, "Old Bucket Breath," "Tin-Teeth," or...ah...*Blushes.* "Frying Pan Face," that in the people we look up to can cast a light of the sometimes, to us-pallored and obscure view of what is good in this world...well...

"Do you believe in me?"

"...I believe in...honor."

Honor takes the form of what is good in this dark, hopeful word for the Hamato clan-of what there is to protect, and to be protected by. :D


May whomever you follow, dear oniichan, be consistent with the word of Honor, as was given.

Glad tidings in your wake,

candelight chapter 55 . 5/4/2010
*Giggles, blushes, hugs.*

Ah, hello again, oniichan! *Hugs once again.* I'm so happy to see you are back! I hope your trip went well? Is Miss Danni doing alright? :D

*Flushes scarlet, looks down.* Forgive me for taking awhile to properly review, ane-san. Tis completely my fault...but I am thrilled to be able to read the very last venture of 'Tengu.' *Sniffs, rubs eyes.* The f-f-fictions...t-they...always grow up s-so fast...

I have only just seen the first movie-with the troubled young boy who ran away from home to join Oroku Saki's infamous society of the Foot. *Shivers.* Poor April lost her job...and Raph...Raph was...

*Shudders, sighs.* "Didn't they use this place for 'The Grapes of Wrath?' That did make me smile, however...

Occasionally, it's that one, crucial, pause we all need to find any centre or safety in this world. ...Or a captured rat who can still find a moment to think of the family he loves very much. :D

Leo. Mikey. Don. Raph. Heh. *Wipes eyes.* Such the precious (If not precocious) creatures. It has been a true pleasure to walk through this series of drabbles with you, my dear friend. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, Splinter, the name of the Hamato clan, and even a bonus helping of 'turtedly' goodness on the side...

I can't tell you just how much I've enjoyed this. *Hugs.* From the touching first series...which you so very, very kindly devoted to...*Starts, goes furiously red.* the silly moments-(Would Mikey's Tail be bigger then Raph's? ) to where we see the brink of the edge of Hell, it's been one amazing ride, and a pleasure to be able to skim it along the shoreline with you.

And...thank you so much for the tribute. *Hugs.* Candles give back what they have been given, and, to quote from Desperaux, "Light is cast by the pages of the world." (Or...electronic pages.) I do suppose there is no difference.

Candles receive their spark from the next one on. May this candle be able to do something noble with it, someday.

Doomo arigatou gozaimasu, my dear friend, for sharing these with us. Please, take care-and, whichever story we should end up with the dears next, I can think of two guarantees: Another thrilling ride, and the perpetual promise of a happy ending. :D

Happy tidings in your wake,


P.S: Happy Cuatro de Mayo!
Diva Danielle chapter 55 . 5/4/2010
Ok, it's official, I am a very bad reviewer. Look at that, I missed reviewing two chapters. *sigh* Curse my busy single momhood.

*standing ovation* *stamps feet* *claps and cheers* WOOP, thank you for creating these wonderful drabbles that gave us all a unique insight into the guys world and made them come to life for those brief moments we could get lost in the magic of your writing.

You my friend, will always be a star that inspires and breaths new life into everything you create as these drabbles clearly show. Not once was any drabble less than the other. They were all equally inspired. Though I'm sad to see it come to an end, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next time ;-)

""Mikell", aka DivaDanielle (who forgot to sign in under her own name before reviewing) for making me laugh randomly for days at the silliness" really really never gonna let me live that down are you *falls off chair laughing* It so wasn't my fault. I blame you for making me too eager to review *giggles* ;-) Thanks for honouring "Mikell's" review also, it would be a shame if she missed out *giggles again*

Love you honey and once again, hurry back safe to us, you are missed.
DuckiePray chapter 55 . 5/3/2010
the sweet relief of that moment is a very fitting ending, to what has been an emotional, powerful, insightful, comical (let's see how many more adjectives I can come up with) beautiful series of drabbles. I've enjoyed each and every one, and you've given me brand new insight into each character. Well done my friend.
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