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PaC chapter 1 . 9/14/2015
A final QUIP, your likely outdated profile screaming about this website's censorship ... perhaps something happening years ago, since your profile has 2012 as the last update.

id: 24870, Profile Updated: Jun 11, 2012 [USA]
Author has written 11 stories for Harry Potter, and White Collar.

...It has come to my attention that someone at has made the incredibly stupid decision to remove all M-rated material from their site. Many people have lost their profiles due to that, and many wonderful stories have been removed.

Here is the petition to stop that from happening: Please share this link with everyone you know! it's very important!

Think whatever you want, but I do not see the point in writing if I cannot write what I want.


LOL," loyal readers they be", says Yoda, to not consider a fic NOT updated since Feb 6, 2008, to NOT be as good as A-BAN-DONED.

"Think whatever you want, but I do not see the point in writing if I cannot write what I want."

LMFAO: Although NOT if you rightly or on Sept 11, 2015, SO WRONGLY DECIDED that "u 4036441 Silently-Watches", SHOULDN'T have the right to write what SilentlyWatches wished to write.

Even if he or she had written what you so wrongly IMAGINED was written.. You would still be a HUGE HYPOCRITE.
" I do not see the point in writing if I cannot write what I want."

HA, what "YOU WANT", but being a giant jumbo grotesquely massive hypocrite, you have NO problem, NOT only NOT giving others similar rights, but dare to REPORT them, being the self appointed thought police thug which you are.
You're a pathetic hypocrite, and poor reader with BAD comprehension, misconstruing others words, and "reporting them".
Lame lame lame, twit, moron. Whee, my first ACTUAL flame in 13 plus years here, as a harsh or critical review, is NOT flaming, contrary to the bastardized new definitions for "flame", along with thin skinned cry baby authors here, wishing only to be told how great their stories are, as daily affirmation therapy of how awesome they are.
PaC chapter 1 . 9/14/2015
Part I of 2

I'm NOT a member of this lame website. So THIS is the only way to comment on your review:

" sara ane chapter 1 . Sep 11
I liked this... Until I got to the comment at the bottom. You can watch as much as you like, but you don't see. Prejudice goes both ways. I've actually encountered more blacks that are prejudice against whites than the reverse. And stupid little comments like yours don't help matters.
As for me, I try not to judge based on the exterior. I wish you could say the same. I for one, don't wish to see a person from any religion, race, sex, or creed discriminated against. Calling all whites Neo-nazis is offensive, prejudice in the extreme, and I've reported you for it."

WTF, the author wrote: ""...psychological profile ... but sadly, if you replace "Pureblood"with "white", you get the stereotypical mindset of the freshly recruited Neo-Nazi."

How STUPID are you?
THERE is AN ANALOGY given, that extremist "purebloods" have views analogous to "WHITE" supremacists, to neo-nazis.
An analogous MINDSET.

NOT ALL PUREBLOODS, such as THE FREAKING WEASLEY PUREBLOODS, are pureblood extremists, and not ALL whites are neo-nazis. Why, in your idiocy, didn't you also whine and wrongly claim the author was claiming ALL PUREBLOODS, were deatheaters?

Not all whites are neo-nazis, but most think of themselves as white, even those who some of their similar minded brethren, would view as NOT very "white" looking, perhaps viewing them as inferior, due to skin tone. Lol, similar to NOT very pureblood deatheaters still signing up to join Voldy's ranks. But other than in that hilarious Chris Rock comedy skit, where a blind black guy grows up to be an unseen, but well published white supremacist, it's pretty much a GIVEN, that BEING WHITE is a prerequisite of joining up with fellow white supremacists, like neo-nazis. Sure, blacks might, if a white hangs with less prejudiced whites, appear to be more prejudiced against whites. But who is to say the blacks you know are a representative group for all blacks. But then, living as a minority, I'd imagine, it's rather difficult to get past prejudice, and paranoia. When you're a minority, I would imagine it's hard to get past IMAGINED prejudiced and imagined racism as much as REAL racism, especially since much of it, is hidden now, in the USA. I've very long hair, not very light skin tone, but for some reason, I must look prejudiced to some, as oddly, I HAVE had some whites and not so whitey whites, spew fairly to very racist views about Blacks mostly, sometimes about Hispanics.

You REALLY should refrain from reporting people, until you can READ and comprehend above the third grade primary school level for reading comprehension.

Pushing a petition against CENSORSHIP and the idiocy of this website, ON YOUR PROFILE. My oh my, surprising someone doesn't REPORT YOU, for not being a good little "proper thought" thinking politically correct minion, and loyal to this website.

THOUGHT police and censorship of "hate speech" is IDIOTIC.
CENSORSHIP is idiotic. You have a petition you push to protest censorship, removing M-rated, which might be true, or you falling for some chain letter silly rumor. Ironic, you want to prevent THAT censorship, then REPORT a story which with your below room temperature IQ, MISINTERPRETED. Even if you had NOT, completely misinterpreted the sentences. It STILL makes you a hypocrite, REPORTING something you DID NOT LIKE. You are not only an ignorant hypocrite by how your PETITION and your "reporting" an author for something you not only didn't agree, but only disagreed and created a self inflicted wound of taking offense, because you were incapable of showing reading comprehension beyond a third grade child.
PaC chapter 1 . 9/14/2015
Part II
WRONGLY misrepresenting someone's writing, and reporting them. You should be put on some sort of IGNORE button setting, by whoever the admins are, as a silly or mentally ill, or just plain too ignorant to bother listening to "member"of this website.

Hmmmm, maybe if blacks are so prejudiced, if the author had compared the Purebloods to some of the militant black groups, like the Farrakan Muslims with their anti-semitism and anti-whitey views, you'd have NOT reported the author, because maybe YOU"RE a RACIST and someone should report you, have you censored? HUH, how does it feel to be ACCUSED, of THINKING "wrong", having opinions you're not supposed to have?

You're a tattle tale, and a moron, and reporting someone for something THEY NEVER WROTE, but which YOU were too mentally challenged to READ and comprehend, but fully MISREAD and MISINTERPRETED instead.

AND you WHINE and advocate a petition for fics getting pulled with M-ratings, on your profile, while your TWO-FACED moronic self, REPORTS SOMEONE, because YOU BELIEVE yourself to be a THOUGHT POLICE DETECTIVE nazi yourself.
THIS site is TOO BIG to be POLICED, and would be MUCH better off, if EVERYONE, from those with IQs above room temperature Fahrenheit, and those with IQs such as yours, below room temperature Celsius, DID NOT REPORT ANYTHING. Just shut the fuck up and move along.
Leave your opinion and vent your little hot head in a review if you like. But don't freaking "REPORT" for some imagined or even actual rule violation.
Enforcement of any rules here is RANDOM anyway.
Random authors are deleted, while others with the same "violations" are spared, even for over a decade, are STILL HERE.
Plus, we have little groups, similar to your mindset, who appoint themselves "sheriff" and unite in joint reporting and having authors' deleted, most often, merely because the group of like thinking morons "didn't like" the author or thought such story plots or even characters they worship, shouldn't be non-canon or remade to not be the canon character they want.
MOB as the internet can help hate groups unite, it can unite any sort of group of morons to cause trouble.
It's why censorship on most levels, is stupid, and at the very precipice of mind control, killers of free thought, debate, making up ones own mind.

Even if you were not idiotic in misunderstanding what was written, IT STILL WOULD have been a ridiculous overreaction, to REPORT the freaking story, and maybe have some idiot administrator DELETE it without FIRST reading and realizing, that you were mistaken, and an idiot.
Either they are too lazy or morons who read what people tell them something says than what it says. More likely, the idiots running this website, just delete stories or entire accounts, when they get enough self appointed nazi member mobs, "reporting" someone, whether there actually is any rule violation or not, they just delete the story or entire account. Probably a figleaf they can point to, for actual legal complaints about copyright violations or some nations rules about "decency and content". Random and often UNFAIR deletions don't matter, probably, because deleting stories or author accounts, they can point to, and pretend they are "policing" the website. A faux legal argument when challenged by those[government authorities and copyright holders] with "bigger complaints" than some whiny member such as yourself.

Very unjust, ESPECIALLY when the "admins" often DELETE fics and profiles WITHOUT freaking INVESTIGATING the voracity of the moron "reporting" someone. Not even taking into account, the little groups of like minded lynch mobs, who "report" in mass, to get accounts deleted. NOT for an actual "rule violation", but because they disapprove of the author or type of AU or not canon enough story. IMO, it's the right of anyone, such as morons like yourself, to think as stupid set of thoughts as they wish.
So in truth, I'd NOT advocate YOU being censored, or reported, no matter HOW stupid or idiotic statements, stories, or whatever, you might post.

AND especially, with your LACK of reading comprehension,. you certainly should consider NO LONGER reporting anyone for anything. Post and complain all you like, change your profile to Roseanna Danna for all I care, it certainly fits. But don't go around reporting others, ESPECIALLY when it might be DUE to YOU IMAGINING things that were NEVER STATED in the text you twisted and misinterpreted in your tiny mind.

IT should be embarrassing enough for you, your lack of reading comprehension. BUT you DARE to extend your panties in a twist, to REPORT some brain farted up delusion of some RULE VIOLATION, WITHOUT FIRST RE-READING and ENSURING the imagined violation was worthy of reporting. This deserves my first ever actual flame review after more than 13plus years of review posting here, with actual NAME calling and insults, making this actually capable of being called a flame, since "flaming" has had the actual definition hijacked and remade to WHAT it never USED TO MEAN.. Either you ARE too IQ challenged to be reporting anything, OR you very foolishly FAILED to REREAD and ensure you interpreted what you THOUGHT you read, correctly, BEFORE reporting it. Making you extra worthy of this HARSH review, in lieu of PM, since I can't PM anyone here, not being a member.

Hmmm, a SONG FIC, just noticed. I recall WEIRD complaints years ago, about rules of this site, persons posting/bitching about things like no second person being allowed, and song fics not being allowed in story sections, "rule violations". No idea if there even is some song section or rules about songs posted as fanfics. IF it were, AGAINST rules, how would you feel if some moron decided to report it, and suddenly your song is deleted?

WHY? So some self appointed hall monitor twit has an orgasm over stomping on someone, finking to the "admins", tattle-tailing?
Oh, that would be like you just did, on the 11th.
3DPhantom chapter 1 . 7/27/2015
Awwwwwwwwwwww! So sweet! Wonderful!
wotumba1 chapter 1 . 1/5/2013
good story
Oddments and Tweaks chapter 1 . 8/21/2012
This was lovely, thanks for sharing!
HannaHazzard chapter 1 . 11/26/2011
A great Story to a great song. Really well done
WickedBlue chapter 1 . 7/17/2011
Awe, beautiful fic. I really enjoyed reading it.
whitelighter013 chapter 1 . 5/2/2011
i love it! :)
govgal chapter 1 . 8/7/2010
Just discovered this story and loved it. I also love the lyrics to Held by Natalie Grant. Thanks so much for writing it!
randomchick51 chapter 1 . 6/13/2010
i love it
accountabandoned4122012 chapter 1 . 3/11/2010
burts out sobbing. good.. sniff... job. WAHH!
SabbyStarlight chapter 1 . 3/11/2010
Amazing story. loved it soo much! "the two people he loved most this side of heaven," that is an amazing line-loved it. and Uncle Neal... so cute!
Ultracape chapter 1 . 3/11/2010
Very sweet
mic19671967 chapter 1 . 3/11/2010
Awesome story! I'm a big fan of happy endings!

Mic (the wife)
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