Reviews for To Help the Sky Look Forward to the Future
Animeseris chapter 1 . 1/8/2015
that tender, but if you have reason is hoping to live by Tsuna X3
Uni is so cute: 3
Ailishize chapter 1 . 4/16/2012
Hi! I would like to translate your fanfic for the Russian community. With the indication of the author and a link, of course. May I? :)
Rokhi chapter 1 . 4/6/2010
Hola! Well, I'm about a month late, but I'm here, and I certainly hope you're not sick again by this point.

I actually really enjoyed this little one-shot. Now, granted, I haven't read the latest in the manga...actually, I've barely read any, and I haven't kept with the anime in a bit either...but I think I got the basic gist. I liked your take on it.

It's true. Even though the Sky Arcobaleno always look so calm, you can't see what they see without a nightmare every now and then, and the last bit about Tsuna (while I didn't bother to think about whether it was too much) seemed perfectly plausible. Tsuna's whole character is based upon doing things to help others, and you can't really imagine him being a little older, seeing this little girl, and thinking, "Enjoy life while you can, Kiddo. You'll be dead soon. :)"

So, yes, thank you for dragging me out of boredom and back for a quick trip to the KHR world. (Spain seems to have killed all my writing motivation, but maybe I'll go watch a little Hitman now and see if I can't write a slightly less depressing one-shot than my last one in that category. -_-; )

Gracias por todo!

whymeiy chapter 1 . 3/11/2010
aw~~ *sniff* TT I'm not sure if this is sad or happy but it's definitely hopeful. I loved the end where Tsuna and Uni meet. lol at Reborn and Tsuna. I can actually see Reborn still kicking and refering to Tsuna as 'dame-Tsuna'. wonder how Gamma and the others reacted to Uni's and Tsuna's meeting.

loved the writing style, and praise on doing it as Uni-centric :D