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SortingHat chapter 8 . 9/2
She should've said to the press that she would answer questions in a few days after getting rested up so it won't be a complete waste of time to the camera crew and public.

Then in a few days after being cleaned up and rested Buffy's answers will be more coherent and useful.
SortingHat chapter 7 . 9/2
The bottom line is I've been awakened to the higher truth out of sheer necessity and without moral Christian like values of hard working/good spirited people who know or can dictate right from wrong no *system* is going to work.

And no amount of government spending can fix a broken system with broken people running it. If anything it just covers the problem for the next group of bozos to take it and the problem becomes bigger.
SortingHat chapter 6 . 9/2
If you see the true records behind their activities one can safely say they are Ahab and Jezebel reincarnated forms and I do not take that lightly or in jest.
SortingHat chapter 6 . 9/2
Contrary to what's taught in school (which rewrote history by the way to favor big government) the sex scandal involves more then just his wife. Over a dozen employees came forth admitting to being involved in sexual scandals because he was forcing them to do things that were forbidden in a work place as they were afraid of losing their jobs if they didn't comply.

Every one of them shortly after all died of (mysterious suicides) which later shown a lot of impossible things that make them not to be suicide. One of the suicides was one of them shot themself in the back of the head but it's done in an angle impossible to do unless you were a powered super human.

The Clintons have a long track record of making people who come against them suddenly vanish including with the recent *email* scandal.
SortingHat chapter 5 . 9/2
Wow. I guess nonof the townspeople grew up with reading Gulliver's Travels.
SortingHat chapter 4 . 9/2
A few grammar errors that are seriously screwed but no longer allows copy and paste to show.

Guess wants people to be more and more stupid much like most big corporations.
RaiderWolf chapter 47 . 8/19
Too bad you never finished it, was enjoying this even though I have no idea about Forgotten Realms or those Japanese people. I found it extremely funny, and would love to see where it went.

I only started reading because it was a Buffy/D&D crossover, thought it might be fun seeing the characters start questing, but with all the rebuilding society talk actually made it more of a mental story of what would happen if small American city was somehow transported to a strange world. The only thing I would have loved more is if it were only the people who were transported, and not the buildings so they'd have to start over from scratch, or maybe have had the buildings demolished but still have the technology. 40,000 people let loose in an adventuring setting would have been insane to witness.

I would have thought Dark Willow would have warned someone about the Mayor's Ascension, but then decided that it was such a brief footnote in her tragic past she may have forgotten it happened or that it wouldn't happen since he changed planes. Also would love to know what happened to him since he actually did ascend, and where he ended up. Angel, Dru, and Spike becoming demons and being able to see the sun again would have been fun to watch, plus OZ returning to a still straight Willow would have been nice. All the gold and gems from the dragon's lair would have helped Sunnydale tremendously with its debt, plus Dark Willow and Light Willow returning to Sunnydale might mean Fzoul was about to get his Chosen a$$ kicked for killing the Xanders.

All in all, was great, but too bad its not been updated in three years.
Shalist chapter 47 . 8/7
I really enjoyed this fic. The different plotlines always percolating in the background reinforcing that the world doesn't revolve around a handful of people, the character development, and so on. I especially loved the worldbuilding, i.e. Sunnydale's cultural impact, and watching both Sunnydale and the Forgotten Realms grow and react to various events.

And delightfully absent is the usual self-righteous posturing and continuous curb-stomping that so many "modern/sci-fi vs. fantasy" consist largely (if not exclusively) of. ('Advanced' culture in most other fics / anime/ etc: "Oh, hey, its a medieval fantasy world, that means genocide and blatant exploitation of the natives is suddenly OK again, right?" Entire Universe: "Yes, of course, nothing you do could ever possibly be wrong!")

All in all, a rather enjoyable story, one that hopefully you revisit at some point.
ShaiGar chapter 47 . 5/20
I love your story here, Baldy and Hairy are great characters, and, well, it's just amusing and intelligent. I assume you heard about the Emu War. Not a great chapter in our history, a tragic loss.

I hope you continue this.
Tharl chapter 31 . 2/21
A speech that went down in the Annuals as a turning point for the fledgling nation of SunnyDale. I love this story!
Kirito Do'urden chapter 47 . 7/19/2015
Great story, pity that it seems dead. Is this the time of troubles starting here, or something else?
Obi1Nemogbr chapter 1 . 6/21/2015
Good to know you're here as well. Adding you to my favourites...:)

All the best.
1337 chapter 1 . 4/16/2015
update please I love this one
Cyricist001 chapter 11 . 3/7/2015
A train would be a poor choice of transportation for Faerun.
First nothing is faster than a magic portal, its basically instant and mages can make them permanent.

Second Rust beetles are going to be swarming the tacks in no time.

Also Forgotten Realms looks primitive, but looks can be deceptive. D&D is a high magic fantasy setting with scifi elements (AI, cloning, planetary travel, railguns and energy weapons etc). There is even a book 'Chaositech' that has nanomachines, mechanical walkers, anti gravity devices, chainswords etc...

I know that you wish to present the Earth humans as special and advanced...but the reality of the setting is that Toril is only slightly behind us in certain areas and leagues ahead in other (and I'm not talking magic).

They have: Oil of Impact or as we know nitroglycerin, alchemist fire or napalm, flying ships, flying city's, underwater city's and submersibles and materials that cant be destroyed. Clockworkers are basically droids without any magic used in powering or making them. They even had steam locomotives at one point and can make glass-steel. Anyone with decent knowledge of alchemy skills can make salves that do most of the things magic does including raising the dead, gaining immortality and creating a item that any peasant can use at any single time by purchasing the item from the alchemist who can make it in large quantity in advance and simply stock pile it like a modern pharmacy.

Also D&D vampire lords are a bit different from normal vampires. They can walk in sunlight and will regenerated even if fully disintegrated.
The only way to 'kill' one is to cut of his head and place it into a sealed container filled with holy water. The body should be burned and scattered into the sea.
Nothing except that will 'kill' it...and if by some chance the head is removed from the container it will reform the vampire lord no mater how much time has passed since his decapitation.
Cyricist001 chapter 9 . 3/7/2015
Actually a Nuke isn't that impressive by D&D standards. The asteroid around Selune was made when the dragons tried to destroy the King Killer Star and missed nicking the moon. Even a average wizard could summon void stone's from the Negative energy plane. Even a smallest fragment of a void stone can destroy a planet. The elven high magic destroyed a large empire populated by human psionics, something no single nuke can do. And as the Shadovar showed a wizard can obliterate a town with a hand-gesture, so a nuke shouldn't seem so powerful to Dove (then again the Shadovar didn't return at this point)..

Hell, there was a spelljammer in Amn/Athkatla, Lantanese gnomes know how to create golems and automatons and even have factory's where they are mass produced including their own smoke-powder weapons

Also if I remember correctly Menzoberranzan had around 60k inhabitants.
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