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Klarobass chapter 12 . 7/31
The perfect ending. Yes we got little zm Henry St the end of this story. Shih it's different seeing him as the younger child, rather than the eldest, but I'm glad you brought him into this story. Given the lady charity veggie a before the Epilogue, I must admit I wasn't expecting her to end up with Carter. He must have really got his act together and either on himself for Serena to forgive him. I always found the idea of Serena and Carter together to be interesting and wish the show had explored it further, before shooting them up. Plus, I didn't exactly why her to end up with Dan, but after what he did to Chuck and Blair m Be deserved some kind of comeuppance. Typical Chuck and Blair betting on the sex of the baby. In the end Blair won and Chuck has to grow a goatee and leave it there for a month. Note that would be interesting to see.

Thanks for setting this story to the end. When I saw you updated all those months ago, I decided to make it my next story to read. And here I am, now finished reading the story. I will miss reading this story and other doc's from you. There's still others from you I plan on reading in the future. Thank you for publishing your works. It's been a delight to read.
Klarobass chapter 11 . 7/31
I loved this first part. Chuck was so good with Adele and hand it well getting Lily to help with the situation since he didn't know what to do. It's only natural Chuck would feel useless, but he handled it well by getting Lily. Wasn't expecting a baby number three v for Chuck and Blair. I wonder if Henry will make an appearance by the end of this story.

So it loI wonder who Serena's hubby is going to be. After all that Dan did, I'm hoping it's not him. I loved reading Blair and Serena spending the day together. I've always enjoyed their Griego m friendship. Chuck and Blair now dealing with pre-owned teens and acting like they embarrass them. They will have their hands full with those two during their teen years.

I actually finished reading this last night, but fell asleep before I could submit a review, but here it is now. I should get to the next and final chapter later tonight. If not then, then by tomorrow afternoon, but I'm thinking the chances are quite high for me fishing between. this afternoon and tonight.
Klarobass chapter 10 . 7/30
Finally Blair and Dan's friendship has come to an end. Finally Blair sees Dan for exactly who she is, understanding his motives and cutting him out of her life. He's been constantly trying to replace Chuck and that's not okay and because he's bitter that Serena left him They doesn't mean Blair can just be a replacement, especially since she's happily married to Chuck. Even in this fic, I don't think Dan sees the real Blair. He sees what he wants about her and ignoreds the things about her he doesn't like. I'm so happy Blair stood her ground against Dan Ave chose her family first.

I loved the way Chick and Blair's reunion took place. They can get mad at each other, which can easily be transformed into passion. That must have been awkward seeing their children walk in in them doing it. And having to explain it to them in a way a four and five year old could understand. I think they did that quote well. I was also glad to see Blair and Chuck talk about the Dan situation in the end. I don't think she really understood until now how much it hurt Chuck. Luckily now that Dan is it of the picture, their free to move on without interference. Looking fists to reading your two part epilogue
Klarobass chapter 9 . 7/29
I loved the reunion between Blair and her children. It was emotionally gripping to read and I loved how they just dropped everything to run into her arms and embrace her return. I could only imagine how Blair was feeling, seeing them for the first time in a month. I loved seeing Blair spend time just her and the kids given she hadn't seen each other in a month, it was good for her to spend time with her children while Chuck went to spend time with Nate. Speaking of, love the fact that Nate and Chuck were able to reconnect as friends, even seeking Chuck's advice on Parenthood. Nate's in the position now, Chuck was six years ago. Love how he was able to recall his she fears when he was about to become a father to give advice to Nate.

Dan is such a douche. If it wasn't bad enough he tried pursuing Blair while she had amnesia and was in a position that Dan could easily manipulate Blair into leaving Chuck by lying to her about Chuck, now he's trying to pursue her with her memories back and a married woman no less. How low can he get? I don't buy for a second he wants to be just her friend. Dan always has a hidden agenda when it comes to Blair. Loved seeing Chuck punch him twice in the back of the head. He deserved worse, but Blair and Nate are right, he needs to think of his family first. Blair and his children depend on him. And he can't be there for them from prison. Dan is just trying to get under Chuck's skin and it seems seems to be working. Does he even believe his own lies about Chuck and the kids he assumed about his marriage to Blair and his parenting. I hope Blair sees Dan for the manipulator Dan is in the next chapter when she confronted him. Hopefully she'll cut Dan out of her life when she sees what Dan's doing. It's interesting that you predicted this Dan in your writing before it became evident in the show. this story is so good and look forward to these last few chapters.
Klarobass chapter 8 . 7/28
I'm looking forward to seeing Blair reunite with her kids. I love how Chuck was able to assure her they weren't angry with her it think she abandoned them. She had legitimate reason for being away. I have a feeling they might be afraid of losing her again though. They really went all with them buying gifts for their children. Love that Blair wants to find something to do just between her and her daughter.

I love protective Chuck and hoe you wrote Chuck's fears of losing Blair again. Poor boy though, having to face Chuck's wrath. And I like how you had him explain Chuck's dear to Blair and her assurance to him that he wouldn't lose her. I'm sending a confrontation between Chuck, Dan and Blair coming. Just from the rest he seemed to be watching them from afar. Hopefully Blair will give him hell for doing Rhett he did to pull Chuck and Blair apart. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Klarobass chapter 7 . 7/26
Dan is such an ass. I knew he was going to try and come between Chuck and Blair marriage and try and put the moves in Blair. If he truly cares about her like he claims to, he'd let her go and be supportive of her marriage to Chuck, knowing Blair with her memories is irrevocably in love with Chuck. The worst part is he was so judgmental of their marriage and made a lot of baseless assumptions of Chuck's Meritage to Blair and his parenting. He's so blinded by his obsession with being with Blair he didn't realize how great of a husband and father Chuck is. And even worse she was in a condition to George Dan were she could have believed him, not remembering Chuck and all. He practically took advantage of that situation, bit caring Rhett it would do to Blair and her family. This here reminds me everything I loathe about Dan he's so selfish and self-righteous. I'm glad theat Serena informed Blair of the truth and shot down Dan's BS. and they slap, go Serena, give him hell. Hopefully now, given that she's moved back in with Chuck and has her memories back, Dan will get it through his head that she's happy and in love with Chuck. I also loved the contrast between Chuck's kiss with Blair to Dan's. With Chuck it was electric and passionate and she was unaffected by Dan's, whereas Chicks had a massive affect. ether she started to feel something for Chuck again. As much as Dan may try, he could never replace Chuck in Blair's heart. He doesn't stand a snowballs chance.

I loved your idea of Blair getting her memories back when they became intimate again. Just like true loves kiss. Can't wait to see what happens next and how they'll end the Dan situation. I'm looking fists to seeing Blair's reunion with her children. I know they'll be really happy to see her. I just hope they won't think she abandoned them. Hoping to read another chair m chapter later today.
Klarobass chapter 6 . 7/24
I think Dan is overstepping his boundaries a bit. I just don't trust Dan's intentions for spending so much time with Blair. Is he trying to put a move on her or something. If he tries something m, I hope Blair will raise they he doesn't make her feel the way chuck makes her feel. I hope she'll reject him. Not only is he judgmental, but he's most and ibterferring in this be hads no understating of. I can understand where Chuck's anger towards Dan is coming from. And taking get off hospital grounds for an additional 2 and a half hours then permitted it's pushing it a bit.

Chuck is such a kind and caring father. Even after all the pressure he's facing with Blair he still makes time for his kids. I love how he resolved the situation between Ethan and Ryan and how concerned he got. If he hadn't gotten involved, who knows what could have happened.

Loved the kiss between Chuck and Blair at the end. It was hot, passionate and demanding. I think it would be best if Chuck and Blair shared an intimate moment like that, that triggered her memories to return to her. I hope that the kids affects Blair in a positive way.
p.s. sorry it took me a few days to get to a chapter. I was at my sister's and nieces house this weekend, so I had no time to read anything, but I'm back now. and with my computer not working, I should be able to get to the next chapter much sooner. If not tomorrow, then the next day. As I do have a major update to read next, but I'll definitely get to it much sooner than this one.
Klarobass chapter 5 . 7/21
I have to admit the scene with Chuck and Ethan was a bit tough to read. I understand what you were trying to convey though. I think Chuck is feeling overwhelmed by the situation with Blair. Is there going to be a Chuck, Blair and Dan love triangle? I really hope Blair won't develop feelings for Dan. In this state she's in, it's hard to tell what could happen and how Dan could come between Chuck and Bodies marriage. It's sad that for the time being Dan seems to make her happier than Chuck does. But I have faith in Chuck and Blair in the end. Not even Dan could conquer the love Chuck and Blair share. I'm not sure what Dan's upto. it seems he's overreached the boundaries of his responsibilities as a volunteer. Does he have an ulterior motive? I don't trust Dan at all.

Loved that Chuck and Nate are friends. I get am why Chuck was mad at Nate, but after five years I think it's time to let things go and patch things up. Especially given the fact Nate has now moved on and is married. So I like that they've moved past that and are friends again. Hopefully Blair won't lose her memories permanently and will gain them back eventually.
Klarobass chapter 4 . 7/20
such a sad chapter. I loved seeing Lily and Bart be there to support Chuck. He was falling apart before My was there to snap him out of it. I think she was always a mother figure to Chuck, even more so than Elizabeth Fisher ever was. I've always liked their mother-son relationship and additionally you've made Bart Really likable to in this universe.

Finally Lydia is caught. Hopefully this means her and her creepy father are out of the picture too. Something about them just made my skin crawl. Did Lydia really think Chuck would be with her after what she did to Blair? That he'd leave Blair's side? Not only is she a phycotic, and obsessive, but she's Shari naive to believe Chuck would leave Blair's side and then openly admitting to the crime sealed her own fate and good riddance to the both of them.

I kind of had a feeling that Blair would lose her memory. I hope it won't be permanent. I have no doubt in the end Chuck and Blair will be able to get through this together, but it's still sad to see Blair forget about Chuck and her love for him. I'm guessing this will mean she won't remember her children either? She didn't even seem to remember who she is. Hopefully in time she'll be able to piece back together her memories. You did a great job writing this chapter. I can only imagine how Chuck is going to react to the fact his wife doesn't know who he is.
Klarobass chapter 3 . 7/18
Lydia is phycotic. What part of Chuck being married seens to have escaped her understanding? If I was Chuck I would have scrubbed away the memory of what she had done. I can only imagine what he will do to Lily once he realizes what she has done to Blair. i.e sending the dress etc. Was it he who sent the shooters after Blair? I just sat this story is getting exciting. I wonder what obstacle Chuck and Blair will have to overcome. I'm sure they'll be able to pull through though.

at four and five, Ethan and Adele are already betting. Soon they'll be plotting their very first scheme. They are so Chuck and Blair's kids. And a beer to see who their father would hug first. That scene with Ethan and Blair was adorable. I think it's adorable that Chuck and Blair call their children fry and fryette. They are such caring parents.

I love Chuck taking care of Blair. he's such an attentive husband. And I have no doubt he'll continue to be, no matter what obstacle they have to face now. The ending was so sad. Seeing Chuck's panic and deuteron was so heartbreaking. looking forward to reading more.
Klarobass chapter 2 . 7/17
Andrew and Lydia are so creepy it gave me chills. He did what he did to Blair, so she could have Chuck? How old is she? that's just creepy and phycotic. Andrew crossed a line and I worry what Lydia night do to Blair. she's insane. I worry for what she might do to Blair.. Ethanding time with his mother and aunt, picking it a tux. They must be his wrist nightmare. I hope for more Ethan scenes in the future.I love the idea of Serena marrying Carter I also loved the idea behind them. I think Serena can be more herself with Carter then she could with Dan. Also found the backstory with Nate, Jenny and Vanessa to be interesting I love the idea of Jenny and Nate tight, although I feel kind of had for Vanessa.
Klarobass chapter 1 . 7/17
I love this. I love how much alike Ethan and Adele are to their parents. From Ethan being quite the ladies man to Adele being the idealistic dreamer and intelligent young girl much like her mother is. I love seeing Chuck and Blair Happy like this. But why do I get this feeling like it's a calm before the storm. Like something is Brewing, but even if that is the case I know Chuck and Blair will make it in the end. Andrew and Lydia, while they seem nice, I don't know, something feels off about them.
julietlover35 chapter 3 . 11/26/2016
why did you stop writing? you should write a new story... peace
Chanel Simone chapter 2 . 4/8/2016
What the actual fuck! Omg Vanessa and Nate? I can understand Serena and Carter, but come on! No nate and Jenny! btw you are a great writer.
Moonflower26 chapter 12 . 4/3/2016
I didn't hope to see this story finished, but I am very pleased it happened and Henry made appearance in the end, their new fry :) I loved both your stories, thank you for putting your time and effort into the epilogue.
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