Reviews for Marriage is Just an Adventure into Madness
Ghosteee chapter 62 . 11/11
I might cry because this is over. This fanfiction is beyond perfect. I adored every moment of it.
WhiteLunaNight chapter 5 . 11/9
FIrst thing firs i want to say that these are Fantastic little fluffy one-shots, and i absolutly adore them -
Second i wanto say is that i tried using the link but it didn't work. Could it be posible for you to PM the link? Thank you and, again, fantastic one-shots )
long time fan chapter 62 . 11/4
Hello! I hope you still check these :) I would read all these updates from the time the movie first came out, and just now rediscovered it and all the new chapters. I reread and caught myself up within one night! It's so impressive how you've managed to keep this story going after all this time. I hope that the new movie will inspire more from you, I love how you portray Hatter and Alice's love :) Have you seen the new teaser trailers?
Thank you for this sweet story. Full of laughs and warmth 3
Day Dreamer201 chapter 2 . 11/5
Hey did u watch the new Alice teasers? inspiration to update...?
Guest chapter 62 . 9/10
I just wanted to say that I am absolutely in love with this story! I keep coming back to it over and over when I need an extra dose of sweet fluffiness! I do have one question, I remember the chapter where Alice tells Tarrant she is pregnant with Will buy did you ever write one where she announces to him that she is pregnant for the first time with Charlotte? I may just be blanking because I have a horrible memory but if it doesn't exist it's something I would love to see!
Day Dreamer201 chapter 62 . 9/3
KBGreen chapter 56 . 8/26
I've read the whole story and love every bit of it! I'm obsessed with Mad T Party band too except I live closer to Disney World than Disney Land! Hoping my husband will take me out there to see the show sometime before their contract ends. If you decide to keep writing or updating, I'd like to see more chapters like 56 or maybe a chapter on whether Tarrant ever made those Mad T Party band clothes Alice wanted lol!
All-About-That-Ace chapter 62 . 8/28
This is the cutest way to resolve arguments ever. I'm going to tell my brother to use this with his wife! Also, "new movie"? Is there going to be an Alice 2? Because I have heard nothing about this

Great chapter! Mi amas ĉi rakonto!

(PS, this is Ebony Rayne, I just changed my username. Sorry for taking so long to review!)
MyraValhallah chapter 62 . 8/18
Aww :) Tarrant really is a sweetie
Dreamer558750 chapter 62 . 8/18
I love this one it's just to cute!
narugirl2003 chapter 62 . 8/18
So happy that the muse has returned! Absolutely loved it! Will sure check out that music video from Mad T Party! Keep up the good writing my friend. :)
viridianaln9 chapter 62 . 8/17
Aw, so many feels. I love it.
YarningChick chapter 62 . 8/17
I can only think of one word, as much as I want to say more.
scorpion22 chapter 62 . 8/17
Oh i love it and please more
JB Tarrant chapter 60 . 5/21
I couldn't help but reread the whole story again and and it's still just as cute as when I first started reading it. :D Just a quick question: I wondering what if Alice got pregnant with a surprise third child (or maybe even twins!)? And even what another review suggested maybe seeing their grandchildren? You don't have to use that for anything if you're not planning on another chapter.

So just in case this isn't the end, update soon, please! :D
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