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JusticiaBee chapter 3 . 7/22/2010
Whoa! We never wanted GIO to be hit by that bus! It was all for Betty, you know! When you got the story rolling, you really had it rolling :-)I think you reach the goodie goodie in this chapter where you show you are good at writing drama, where the reader feel she stands there on the pavement between your characters. That's the mantra I always hold on to: Dramatize! Dramatize! Dramatize! Ie be there when things happen - don't ever tell it has happened and sort of review - then you're a journalist, a reporter. You want to dramatize. The former two chapters sure gave us insight on the meeting - but I feel you stepped a bit too close. You gave us the dialogue, but you missed the descriptions, the adjectives, the surroundings. It's hard to read lengthy dialogues (Ulysses!) and it's smart to spice them up with something more - like making a painting, adding a background and a frame.

But all in all I enjoyed this and you are true to the characters - and it's a joy to find Marg in here (so in character!) - and we always love som angst!
BleedPurple chapter 3 . 6/22/2010
Marg slid her hands up and down one leg and then the other. "Everything feels good down there."

Yeah, I bet it does! LOL!

I loved this! You not only captured Marg's spirit that we all love (she must LOVE this), but you wrote it in a way that mad it sad without losing the suspense. I actually found myself yelling at my computer screen, "NO! TELL her, Betty! TELL Marg Gio isn't an abusive jerk!"

And boy did you do a number on all of us making us imagine cutting Gio's clothes off and exploring his body! I hope you continue this, bg! Well done!
Sexy Rick Grimes chapter 3 . 5/11/2010
OMG lucky lucky lucky Marg getting to feel up Gio! Even if he was unconscious, I'm still jealous. XD

So this is getting interesting, Betty is crashing at Marg's house. And poor Gio jumped in front of a bus to save Betty. At least he is alive though, that's good news. Is it bad that I'm a bit sad that Betty wasn't badly injured? Nah it would be wrong if I DIDN'T wish for that evil Betty to be hurt.

And oh yeah I love it when you said that Betty "vainly looked for her glasses". Classic!
Oompajade chapter 3 . 5/11/2010
Bgroman, when are you going to post a new chapter? You're killin me over here! I love reading your stuff!
AGGGHH SO GOOD chapter 1 . 4/25/2010
I was so excited to see another one of your chapters post! I loved how you evolved Betty's character in this chapter. You go deeper into Betty's realization that she was never the victim, but the one inflicting the pain. And the part where she fantasizes about how things could have gone so much differently that night... "And this time she would have let him kiss her..." Ah, love the comparisons you gave. Brought me back to the 'good ole days' on Ugly Betty! I miss it so much! Fortunately we have you to keep us entertained. Keep it coming with the angst, the romance... everything that you do! I LOVE reading your stuff! Also... I laughed out loud with the shoe comment... You DO know what they say about big feet... hahahahahaha...

Please post more soon!
sparkysdreamer chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
OH bg...I'm good...real good and well I thoroughly examined our boy didn't I?... don't know what you've heard about British nurses but I would never comment about his HUGE FEET for a little fella and who said I'd put up the spare bed for her...oh me I'll get to see Gio I will I...could I be Mrs match maker...match maker match maker make me a match...find me a Gio catch me a catch...or perhaps I could ...nah I'm too old...ha ha ...well worth a try...and the Romeo and Juliet...argh bless...those two ARE NOT ending up dead in a tomb...okay?

Wonderful...I should get a pay rise in chapter 4...don't you think?
Beatrice Benedick chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
I'll start by saying that I love that part where, in the middle of all that chaos and confusion, Betty finds those "Romeo and Juliet" tickets and she imagines how pleasant her date with Gio would've been.

Just between you and me. Is it me or UK is taking advantage of her condition as a nurse, rubbing her hands all over the body of that gorgeous piece of meat that Gio is, eh? ...just saying.

lol at the shoe size comment.

"what have i done to you"

This chapter is intense and still you bring moments of still beauty. And we wonder if this is nothing but a bad dream and he's sleeping peacefully.

"He looked as beautiful as an angel."

But then bring us back to reality and the whole idea of Gio badly hurt in the streets and the nasty misunderstanding of the whole situation that clearly resembles domestic violence. Poor Betty and all she must be feeling in the whole mess she involved Gio reaching to the conclusion that she's the only one to blame for his misfortunes.

OMG! Roman! this is too good!
pinkangel08 chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
omg wow i can't wait for the next chapter!
x-Blueberry-Muffin-x chapter 3 . 4/23/2010
NO! Gio you fool why did you save her? It was her own stupid fault for standing in the middle of the road! Oh still love her...I get it ;)

Lovely chapter my dear. Much as I hate what happened to our poor Gio I love that he saved her :)

Romeo and Juliet-with Betty swooning over the epic romance and Gio just waiting for the two of them to end up dead in the tomb...I picture popcorn in hand for that bit lol. Shame that didn't work out but nothing like a bit of angst before Getty! It's like a rule with those two now.

Loving Marg to the rescue and basically loving this whole chapter! Next dose soon please :)
Beatrice Benedick chapter 2 . 4/20/2010
Roman! Roman Roman! I'd never apologize enough. not for my wet jacket (that's Gio's job) but for not reading this update on time. I won't quack. No excuses. This is brilliant. But I always say that because you are an amazing writer and you know it. So I won't go there.

MARG! UK! IS THERE! and she's in the bus that hit Betty? or is it someone else? humm... humm... DRAMA!

I have so many favorite parts in this chapter. The whole baggette special reminded me of an icon of Stuley (I posted on MGSG). It also made me nostalgic. It was the message it was the "good bye" message suicidal Gio left for his beloved.

And really WHAT DRAMA! in the bridge. Betty pledging and Gio reluctant and scared of himself. It was... wow! intense! are you a freaking writer or what?

So, I apologized. Are you updating? you must! But i have a lot to catch up. You also posted a whole complete Pulitzer prize type NOVELA i still have to read! You're on fire!
pinkangel08 chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
please add a new chapter soon.. i want to know what happens next!
sparkysdreamer chapter 2 . 4/13/2010
Oh put it on here...I thought you were joshing me...and a suicidal Gio..NO don't worry Gio...Betty is pressed ham you need to faint so I can give you the kiss of life..well no need to faint I'll do of way is Gio Rossi going to a watery grave like Jack in Titanic he's going to die in his bed with...lets see what chapter 3 brings...can you survive being run over by a bus even if the sexiest Italian since ..whom ever love...loved you...argh you don't need her ...and well she's a bit run down at the moment...! oh I am so mean...
Sexy Rick Grimes chapter 2 . 4/11/2010
hahahahaha Roman! Betty hit by a double decker! I love it, its like my fantasy come true! And UK's doppelganger is on the bus, omg I am laughing so hard right now - imagining her seeing that its Betty laying on the ground, laughing, and turning and walking away. We know our Marg takes her nursing duties seriously though, so I'm sure she will help, even if it is vile Betty thats laying on the ground covered in tread marks.

I am loving this story, very curious to see what happens to little Miss Suarez and also to suicidal Gio. Loved when he took off his beloved jacket so it wouldn't get wet, then apologized when it got wet anyways!
pinkangel08 chapter 2 . 4/10/2010
this is a great story...loved how gio was gonna jump off the bridge then betty was gonna too made me think of titanic then the bus mwde me think of mean girls :)
x-Blueberry-Muffin-x chapter 2 . 4/6/2010
Action packed or what?

I loved the detail of the sandwich from her past-so cute!- and you really do feel poor Gio's pain in this one. However I have to say it's Betty I love in this chapter-brilliant idea to get him back from the edge but omg did she really just get hit by a bus? I think you should now :P
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