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pacifica73 chapter 35 . 10/22/2020
I just wanted to say thanks so much for an amazing story so far. The writing is top-notch, and this lands among my favorite Twilight AU fics. Take all the time you need, but just know that your crafting of this makes me all the more excited to see B/E and the Cullens get their HEA.
Guest chapter 35 . 10/17/2020
Such a great story! Can’t wait to read more
glowingivy chapter 35 . 9/2/2020
This story was lovely!
I hope for an update one day!
knightoflives chapter 4 . 5/26/2020
Nothing against your story, but I just realized how I really dislike the attitude in Alice regarding Bella's association with the Cullens, at least in fanfics. If she has seen a vision, it *must* come true or nothing will be right in the world.

Or maybe I just grew out of vampire/human love stories? I mean, this poor girl leads a relatively normal & happy life, and Edward is just about to make it 300% more complicated by injecting himself into her life. Not to mention the complete lack of privacy. It just doesn't appeal to me.

Sorry if I offended. I do like the premise and your writing. Will probably catch up with it soon. I'm probably in a mood lol.
HappyEndingLover chapter 35 . 5/21/2020
This is a great story! I would love to see how Edward was going to propose .
Renee Aubin chapter 35 . 2/23/2020
Smile: ‘I'd grown so used to him carrying me everywhere since Jessica's wedding, I didn't stop to think twice. "Take me inside, please."’

We should all be this honest from time to time: "I kinda just want to sulk for a few more minutes."

A nice moment when Bella realizes how much noise Edward puts up with to be at her place, between his super-hearing and his mind reading. ‘My neighbors might seem silent to me at the moment, but he would hear them no matter what.’

“I don't want you making yourself miserable just to be around me."
"Isabella," he said, cupping my cheek. "Miserable is the last word I'd use to describe how I feel around you."

‘…he took two slow steps and knelt in front of me
Oh, lord, I thought, watching him tie the laces on one of my white low-top Chucks. Maybe I shouldn't have encouraged him to look after all. I was at risk of melting into a puddle of goo.’

I’m so proud of Edward for asking for details when Bella admits she will miss Embry:
"What will you miss?"

And proud of Bella for her maturity:
‘…today, it seemed to be my patience and understanding he needed. So I gave it. I would take the for now and worry later about making it a forever.’

Thank goodness we’re past this: ‘He'd kept me wondering for so long—had left me doubting that he really wanted me the same way I wanted him—that I was still reeling from being shown.’

Yes, this is how it should be: ‘Now that I had been enlightened, I felt so much more aware of the desire that simmered beneath Edward's skin. It was like I could feel the barely restrained energy that pulsed between us in even the gentlest touch. It had the potential to be so much more.’

And this is a relief, from canon Bella’s obsession about being “older” than Edward:
‘I was concerned about the difference in my physical age and Edward's, but no one even looked twice at us at Jessica's wedding.’

Smart boy, stopping for a little private make-out time before pulling up to the Cullen house. No privacy to be had there! And then his charming speech about asking Bella to help him with his restraint.
‘It was the most words I thought I'd ever heard him string together at once. And the most human he'd ever sounded. It was adorable, and very hot. Though I supposed I shouldn't tell him that bit.’
Yes, exactly.

A good description of a typical Alice/Edward conversation: ‘Alice jumped in, speaking in riddles and half sentences, as did he.’

A sobering insight, with all the changes in her life: ‘Were it not for Edward, and his sometimes overzealous family, I would be entirely alone now.’

Fun: ‘Taking a deep breath, I released the brake and fought back a smile.
"Alone again, at long last," I whispered to his car. Then I giggled and put her into gear.’

Good job on Bella’s final conversation with Embry: "If shit happens, whether it's a year from now, or ten years, just know it was with my blessing. Because otherwise I am going to die someday, and he's going to be alone.”

So that’s the last thing you wrote, over a year ago. I sure hope you get the inspiration and time to finish this story, because I’d love to see what you had in mind for resolving all the “issues” that still remain for these two.
Zveka chapter 35 . 2/16/2020
hope you are Ok and will finish this story ...
Renee Aubin chapter 34 . 2/14/2020
When Bella decides to go back to work their first day back, ‘My irritation paled in comparison to the lingering hope our time away had given me. It also stood no chance against Bella's mood.’
Nice. Emoward has met his match.

Yummy: ‘I wanted to touch her at every turn. …I was incapable of doing so without recalling the way her smooth, delicate skin had felt against mine. Or the pressure of her legs when she'd wrapped them around my waist. I wanted to experience that again, much as the gentleman in me hastened to deny it.’

Sigh, after the privacy of their vacation: ‘I missed Bella's heartbeat being the only sound in my ears. Her words and my thoughts the only sound in my head.’

I’m glad you emphasized this – I think Bella’s unquestioning trust was a critical component of how Edward responded to her:
‘So trusting. Just as she'd been the first time she fell asleep beside me in the car.’

Yeah I bet: ‘ I tried hard to tune [her neighbors] out whenever I was over, but after six days of blessed silence, it was especially difficult.’

Good for him for not insisting they go somewhere else for the night, with the AC out, letting her decide what she needed.

When Edward half-threatens to buy the building again:
You can drop the extravagant boyfriend act now."
"It's no act," I said, lifting her into my arms and shutting the car door behind her all in one motion. "And I'm no boy."
Certainly not! Excellent line.

Interesting thoughts about his struggle for control under these conditions. Including:
‘The power of my physical desires shocked me. That they were capable of making my thirst feel insignificant was astounding. … But it had happened, and I was completely unprepared.’

While she’s asleep, he whispers to her: “ If you could truly see the depths of my desire for you? It would terrify you.”
I wonder.

Welcome to the human race: ‘As fast as I shoved one fantasy away, another would appear.’ And this was beautifully imagined:
‘A white satin dress over a chair. A black tuxedo, rumpled and tossed aside. A wide, luxurious bed with candles all around. And Bella, her heart thrumming like a bird's, laid bare before me.’

I loved when he follows his usual path of “It was impossible”, but then there’s that small jolt of doubt, that just maybe… For Edward that’s a huge step.
Well said: ‘A powerful new temptation—a tiny seed masquerading as hope. I knew, instinctively, it would lead me down a dangerous path. One where I considered a version of my fantasy that didn't end in disaster.’

This is an interesting twist: ‘I would simply have to learn to restrain the hunger I felt for her, the same as I'd learned to control my thirst.
Not that I could imagine growing accustomed to the desire she ignited in me. It was constantly evolving, constantly catching me by surprise. Just like her.’

A fairly ominous conversation with Alice: “Changes are coming”.

This was very Alice: “Unless you want to talk about how you botched a perfectly good opportunity to propose, then that's all you get."

And a good rejoinder:
"Alice, if you've seen the wedding, surely you've seen me propose at some point. Why are you all worked up?"
"Because my proposal was better than yours!"

Also well described, and new for Edward: ‘My fingers ached to touch, my lips tingled with the desire to press, and once again, my mind wanted to run away with a million fantasies. I simply wanted.’

Wow, this is serious, his struggle as he watches Bella sleep:
‘So I began praying, to any god who would listen.
Please, please help me. I love her. I will not hurt her. Help me not hurt her.
Slowly, the urge to grab and take passed, and I allowed myself a tentative breath.’

What a good detail: ‘"Will you make sure I don't oversleep?" she asked, and I could taste her words.’

More good words: ‘"Love you," she whispered, her toes brushing my ankle, her words and her trust searing her deeper into my heart.’

I liked how Bella responded when Edward suggested – again – that she could quit her job. She was not amused, so
‘I kept my face carefully composed as I replied. "I remember. I was . . . joking."’
Nice try.

I enjoyed this exchange too:
"Now admit you were pouting."
I smirked. "I don't pout."
"Mm-hmm," she said kissing me. "Say that again, but without your bottom lip sticking out."

Well Embry definitely complicated their morning. I liked how Edward insisted on waiting for Embry to tell his own news.
Compared to canon, this is a small victory: Embry ‘knew she preferred my company to his.’

This is sobering: ‘I was letting Bella out of my sight for the first time in a week. That, just on its own, triggered a very particular set of instincts I was barely keeping under control. Add to it the fact I was sending her off with him? Damn right I was going to make sure she smelled like me.’

It’s kind of sad that Embry is returning to Forks now that Victoria is gone, but it makes sense.

Interesting: Bella ‘wouldn't tolerate anyone else keeping an eye on her.’
A mildly icky complication that Embry has a crush on her, too. ‘For just a second, he considered saying something to let her know how he cared, but in the end, it was ingrained in him that she wasn't meant for him.’

How come I’m still worried about Victoria’s missing minion?
Renee Aubin chapter 33 . 2/2/2020
Hello, Ginnie! I have been re-reading some of the classics, and realized I had not reviewed the most recent three chapters of WDH. So I’m remedying that oversight, with the hope that perhaps it will help inspire you to finish this wonderful story – you’re so close!

I smiled that Edward included Bella in the list of “Cullen family mysteries”.

I love this sentence: ‘By the time she woke, I was ravenous for her attention.’ I can almost imagine him as an “are you up yet” toddler!

Promising: "I could get used to this cuddly version of you.” Sometimes it's hard to remember that they really haven't been back together for very long.

I really enjoy how they both listen to each other, how they both are genuinely curious about what goes on in one another’s mind and heart.
“I could get used to being alone with you. I like the quiet."
Her eyes lit with understanding. "Oh. I hadn't thought of that."

Really quite revealing, from Edward: “I've been happy enough. Just not like I've been since you came along."

What a lovely scene out by the pool. Despite not having reviewed this chapter, I do remember this scene.

Nice: ‘… it was hard to believe she had a shy or insecure bone in her body when her eyes bored into mine with such intensity.’
Good girl.

‘After a few minutes listening to the wind and waves, I could take no more.
"What are you thinking?"
She laughed softly and then blushed. "What I'm always thinking about."
"Which is?"

I was stunned that Bella suggested looking for an apartment together! It makes perfect sense, I’m just not used to that kind of boldness from her.
I also liked her rule about not buying the apartment building or manipulating the rent.

I’m so glad Edward finds his own boldness: ‘Slowly, though I had sworn I would not tempt myself this way, I slipped gently into the water next to her.’

Wow: ‘She said nothing else, but continued rubbing my neck in what I knew was meant to be a soothing gesture, but was at this moment one of the most arousing things I'd ever felt.’

Again I like her honesty in asking this question:
‘"Does it offend you that I look at you sometimes? That I just see you and . . . want you in every way imaginable?"
God help me, but I shook my head. It didn't bother me at all.’

Again, she's brave to put this out there.
‘“I'd be destroyed, to be honest, if I thought you didn't care, or didn't like . . . what you . . . saw."
Her words were so soft at the end. All her bravery and confidence washed away. The silence that followed reeked of insecurity, and it was more than I could take.’

Good point:
“I assure you, if you could read my mind . . . you would be horrified."
She raised her brow. "Maybe. But I could say the exact same thing to you. The only difference is my body gives me away all the time. Yours is like Fort Knox. I have no way of knowing what's going on inside there."

I’m so glad he figures this out! ‘My body gave me away frequently, she just didn't know it. And then, I realized that was the problem. She didn't know.’
Canon Edward never seemed to understand that this was a real problem, a real inequality in their relationship.

Great – she gets a double leg hitch in the water!

Definitely a new experience for Edward:
With a moan, she moved her lips to mine, but I was still trying to make sense of her words. I was all sensation, no thought…’

Score, Bella:
‘Her scent was the most powerful thing in my universe, but my throat felt like a distant burn in comparison to the fire raging in my heart and mind at the moment. The realization was sobering. I had never imagined a desire powerful enough to make human blood seem like a consolation prize, yet here it was.’

Again, your Edward seems more thoughtful that canon Edward, considering how his reactions might be perceived by Bella:
‘I was suddenly desperate to put some space between us, but I didn't want to do anything to risk the progress we'd made in these last reckless minutes.’

That whole pool scene, and conversation, was terrific!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/12/2020
R the boys still shape shifters? She would get along with rose now!
SassYNoleS chapter 35 . 12/15/2019
I do hope you'll finish this story !

It has been such an enjoyable read X
TrillionSchiffer chapter 18 . 12/3/2019
None of what Edward and Rose discussed should have been an epiphany. Rose should've already known why Edward wants Bella because of what she had with Emmett. all of this brose nonsense, is just that, nonsense. an eye roll moment, knowing how many chapter and words were wasted on that fake drama.

Then there is Edward. still a fool. talking about save her soul and die with her. oh shut up. another fake drama on the way. smgdh.
kmap111 chapter 35 . 11/24/2019
Someone in one of the Facebook groups reminded us about your story and how much we love it.
I had to re-read it of course because even though it's not complete, it's a beautiful story and your writing is amazing. I fell in love with this Edward and Bella yet again ;)

I hope you're doing well and I'll patiently wait for this story to be complete
Blistful2006 chapter 7 . 11/4/2019
Just Bella luck that Victoria Still tries to kill her and succeed and this is outside of James poor dear. Wonder why she trying so hard to change someone guess she wants a companion since she’s not with her coven mates anymore
ijen524 chapter 35 . 10/17/2019
l seriously hope you haven't abandoned this fic... been back to re-read many times and do hope you update soon
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