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ohinyan chapter 4 . 11/1/2016
Wow. That was so sad. I love a noble sacrifice.
Fantomette34 chapter 4 . 4/16/2016
Merci pour cette superbe histoire mais si triste...
Beaucoup d'émotions en vous lisant, je suis très émue.
Born in 20th Century chapter 4 . 10/3/2015
Interesting and unique story, I do hope you'll write a sequel continuing from the end of this story in which Hermione and Severus get their happy ever after together after all they've been through!:D
Snapefan1983 chapter 4 . 6/6/2015
Does HERNIONE remember? Poor SEVERUS
Snapefan1983 chapter 4 . 6/6/2015
Before he does he should put the memories of them in a pensive and send it to hermione ! So she knows the truth! Poor hermione poor SEVERUS !
Snapefan1983 chapter 4 . 6/6/2015
So ether way SEVERUS never finds happiness !
Snapefan1983 chapter 4 . 6/6/2015
So the price is that hermione and SEVERUS will forget their love for each other? And won't end up TOGETHER? That's cruel considering all the hell SEVERUS has gone though in this life already!
Snapefan1983 chapter 3 . 6/6/2015
This is like it was in hitlers time!
Snapefan1983 chapter 3 . 6/5/2015
So snape and hermione possess this girl and boy? Who are they? Do the girl and know about hermione and snape being inside them? Does hermione and snape remember?

Please don't end this at chapter 4
Snapefan1983 chapter 2 . 6/5/2015
So snape couldn't save the headmaster ? and didn't kill the headmaster ? And it was seams that saw the headmaster die !
Snapefan1983 chapter 2 . 6/5/2015
What happened with Harry Ron hermione and snape on the quidditch field and how come now they are in the potions room now? The older wizard glanced down at his pupils, eyebrow raised in a silent invitation for questions. The boys had wrapped their fists around the wands in their pockets, gazes trained on the darkened field before them, already cataloguing assets and weaknesses. He met the brown eyes last. They were sparkling with a smile that did not touch her lips. 'Thank you,' she mouthed.

He jerked his head away from the face that continued to walk through his daydreams and nodded at the flat, empty space before them. 'Your head start is sixty seconds. At the end of that time, I will begin hunting you.'


'Out with it, Miss Granger,' he murmured from the cauldron simmering in one corner of his classroom. 'If you ever find yourself at a loss for a question, be sure to inform me.'

She ignored his commentary, weathering it indifferently, like a buoy in rough waters. 'Sir, is Draco Malfoy a Death Eater?'
Snapefan1983 chapter 2 . 6/4/2015
So HERMIONE got the half blood prince book INSTEAD OF Harry? WOW

The gift was a textbook. One of the many she had already purchased – and a battered one at that. Advanced Potion-Making. Curiously, she flipped it open, wondering why anyone would send her such a beat-up old volume. But as the pages fell open, she gasped.

It was covered in tiny, cramped handwriting, abridged instructions and improvements littering the recipe she had selected at random. Hurriedly, she flipped through the rest of the book. Every page had extensive scribbling in the margins – disagreements with the uses of equipment, with instructions, with ingredients. Whoever had doctored this book had poured a great deal more thought into making potions than she ever had. Eagerly, she opened the front cover, hoping to find the name of her unexpected benefactor. She was to be disappointed.

This book is the property of the Half-Blood Prince.

He did not allow her to see the smile that torqued his mouth as he studied her Draught of Living Death. Both of her textbooks lay open, the crisp pages of the Flourish and Blotts copy lying partially-buried beneath the scrawled-on pages of his old book as she cross-referenced instructions and jotted notes in her own.
Snapefan1983 chapter 1 . 6/4/2015
What made him say no the dracos mum when he said yes before? ... and So his spirt is in his body again? Does he remember before the hanging and the hanging itself and etc and lilly?
Guest chapter 1 . 6/4/2015
So he was cursed to watch HERNIONE and not be able to speak to her?
Snapefan1983 chapter 1 . 6/4/2015
Will he remember what happened when he died? Also what happened here and does HERNIONE know his there? And was HERNIONE at SEVERUS house as how come one minute his looking at HERNIONE and the next his looking at deacons mum ? Can he stop what's going to happen next? Her left hand idly petted her familiar, Crookshanks, as she irritably tapped her quill against a half-filled parchment, spraying ink-drops everywhere.

'I don't know, Crooks,' she grumbled to the half-Kneazle. 'I don't know what he wants. Does he mean that we should speculate or do independent research? The answer is definitely not in the book.' Slamming shut the apparently useless tome, the young woman sat up abruptly, staring moodily at the unfinished essay. 'Impossible man! Properties of Faceted Gemstones in the Process of Distillation! Borage says yes, Clawson says no, Liberati insists that it only works when pure moonlight or sunlight are involved. Not all of us have access to the library in Alexandria whenever we want!'

Properties of Faceted Gemstones...Date and time clicked in his consciousness as he glanced towards the clock with glowing numbers and then found the calendar, the days dutifully crossed off in her countdown to Hogwarts. 11:46 pm, the first of August. Three years ago. He knew what night this was. He dimly recalled assigning the essay that she was fretting over so. He definitely remembered her many sheets of parchment on the subject – the only one of her peers to have remotely touched on the point he had wanted them to make.

But in a few minutes, he had a shrewd suspicion that tonight's frantic work would be interrupted.

His own memory of this event was so vivid he could still recount every detail. It was the night that he had signed his own death warrant, the evening he had brought the executioner's sword to lie over his neck, beginning the painful, dangerous wait that would last almost three years before it came slicing through.

Knocking at the door. Furtive at first, then growing louder, desperation almost blaring as the banging grew heavier, the whispers from the other side more heated. Snape entered the shabby living room of his parents' home, hurrying to turn to the knob.

'Narcissa!' he said, face softening. 'What a pleasant surprise!'

'Severus. May I speak to you? It's urgent.'

'But of course.'

Bellatrix's hostility washed over him, at odds with Narcissa's desperation, Pettigrew's whinging and his own, silent decision, made within seconds of the pair's arrival.

The petty assertions of his false loyalties – all true – from the eldest daughter of Orion Black...Narcissa's weeping...and then the fatal words:
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