Reviews for Harry Potter and the Final Temptation
MrsRoy chapter 107 . 5/4
Poor Harry. I was hoping that maybe Mione wasn't really 'Hermione' at all. Nat was so uneasy around her that it was almost as if she was somebody else, charmed or illusioned. I take it this isn't going to end HHR?
Shadowmage97 chapter 71 . 5/2
Harry is an asshole. I hope Hermione sticks with Remus.
SingleAgainAndHappy chapter 107 . 5/1
bawled my eyes out - that was cruel
I heart Dr Who chapter 107 . 4/30
That was really shite for Harry! Poor bugger doesn't get any luck does he and neither justin was right when he said that about it running out. gutted for him
krasni chapter 107 . 4/30
great chapter

God, poor Harry. It is always the one who ends up suffering more than anyone, no matter what dimension is, the poor will always be miserable.

God...I Knew that Mione will die, but I was expected that they can match the feelings again, something that says that the hoped he had was not been in vain.

But at the end of the day she died being another woman, one who did not love him. Does not really matter in what dimension is, the guy is always the one who pays more expensive in the previous dimension with Dae and Tom, in this one with Hermione and Merry.

God I grieves me so for him.

At least the other survived, but I'm afraid I do not think Harry can move on after this.

good chapter
a greeting
tsr6 chapter 107 . 4/30
Two very interesting chapters, and I noted a reviewer said they thought Mione would marry Remus, something I also believed would be the case. But when I take into account your mention of history repeating itself, I should have also considered Mione's death as another option for a monumental occurrence. My question now is which sister will Harry end up with? Or am I barking up the wrong tree and Harry won't break his best friend's heart?
red.dwarf.girl chapter 107 . 4/30
Excellent but sad update!
jkarr chapter 107 . 4/30
to bad Mione is gone
csb1 chapter 107 . 4/30
I half expected you to marry Mione off to Remus and believed that that was where this was heading, particularly as Harry mentioned marriage. I certainly wasn't expecting to read that Mione had died and I admit I joined in with Harry. Another excellent bit of writing, even if it was heartbreaking to read.
JorjaLupin chapter 107 . 4/30
How could you do it to poor Harry again! But it was good.
csb1 chapter 106 . 4/28
I absolutely loved this particular chapter. It was fast paced and easy to read. I didn't expect the twist with Hermione losing her memories but it was very cleverly done. Excited about the next update.
SingleAgainAndHappy chapter 106 . 4/27
I think its kaput time for harry and Hermione that will be sad
krasni chapter 106 . 4/24
Great chapter.

Poor Harry, I think she lost her permanently, after all, that's not hermione, for more than is her body.

The chapter was exciting.

a greeting
red.dwarf.girl chapter 106 . 4/24
Excellent update!
JorjaLupin chapter 106 . 4/24
So much going on! I really hope that Harry and Hermione manage to sort things out.
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