Reviews for Harry Potter and the Final Temptation
I heart Dr Who chapter 123 . 6/30
really excited for the update
csb1 chapter 123 . 6/29
I don't think I'd want to be in Justin's shoes, Harry seems to be set on doing something awful to him, or to Kara, or both. I can't figure it out.
red.dwarf.girl chapter 123 . 6/29
Excellent update!
tsr6 chapter 123 . 6/29
Harry has truly crashed and burned, and I feel immensely sorry for Kara and Justin, as it's clear that they are still in love. I'm very pleased that you didn't portray Justin as a man who cuckolded his best friend, nor Kara as a cheat either. They were very nicely portrayed as a couple who want to be together but cannot, thanks to circumstances.

I am, however, wondering what Harry's final move is going to be.
jkarr chapter 123 . 6/29
this is a nice chapter.
JorjaLupin chapter 123 . 6/29
I can't wait to hear what Harry is planning - ooh, exciting!
SingleAgainAndHappy chapter 123 . 6/29
Just shows what dark mgic does to you
tsr6 chapter 122 . 5/26
Harry is spiraling out of control and letting power go to his head, I see. An interesting turn of events, and I look forward to your next (speedy) update!
JorjaLupin chapter 122 . 5/26
Harry's getting rather nasty, isn't he? But it's really interesting to see how he could have turned out without Cammie in his last life - scary.
jkarr chapter 122 . 5/26
nice update
I heart Dr Who chapter 122 . 5/26
Harry is so horrible now but its a good horible
red.dwarf.girl chapter 122 . 5/26
Great update!
red.dwarf.girl chapter 121 . 5/23
Excellent update!
tsr6 chapter 121 . 5/18
I very much liked the twist with Harry, minus his memories, fighting to retain who he was. I imagine it must have been terrifying to think you were going to be obliterated once you had fulfilled your purpose. I think Justin was almost as ruthless as Harry by pursuing this course of action, and, as he reflected, was in some part to blame for the torture visited on him. I'm now very excited for the next part and hope it comes as quickly as this chapter did. Bravo!
JorjaLupin chapter 121 . 5/17
Great turn of events. I hope you sort Harry out.
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