Reviews for Trances and Beginnings
veryanon chapter 1 . 4/2/2010
This is a really awesome little one shot- pretty much the only good Esme PoV there is!

I think she is so difficult to write, and people make her too contrived and oberbearing, but this is really good

I LOVE it :)
boofadil chapter 1 . 3/22/2010
This was fabulous. I've been really into the relationship between Esme and Edward lately so I'm so glad someone at the gaz rec'd this.

Thanks for writing it. It's gorgeous!
tehrager chapter 1 . 3/20/2010
Your writing blows me away. The way you incorporated the poem is just brilliant.

I'm not usually one to read/like AU/Vampfics but I absolutely enjoyed this one.

For the Love of Lisa chapter 1 . 3/20/2010
This is really great. I can't believe how much you managed to capture in such a concise little piece. Usually we all complain about Edward's constant self-loathing, but you really kind of made it easier to understand, even though you were writing from his mother's perspective. Also nice that you acknowledged that eternity wasn't going to be nothing but rainbows and sunshine.

Succinct and insightful. Well done.
jabberwockylove chapter 1 . 3/20/2010
I really liked the little details in this story-"the small shoes that became one size too small while Nessie played on the floor" is probably my favourite. I love it.

This was recc'ed to me by giselle-lx as a 'must read', and I'm so glad she did. This is gorgeous-the writing is beautifully lyrical and fluid, and I loved the way you incorporated the poem in. It just fits so well.

I'm glad you used Esme to tell this story. Esme is a character very rarely used (well), and in this piece, you gave her a voice and made it believable.

Thank you for writing this :)
TopazHeart chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
That was lovely.
blondie AKA robin chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
Just lovely. Poetic and emotional. Amazing.

hopeful wager chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
It is quite often the smallest detail that tells me of an author's brilliance. In this piece, I'm caught on "the perfect eraser." I think that's such a lovely metaphor and reference. 1. Showing that Edward of course never makes mistakes in school, that the school is but a tool that he uses to seem human and 2. Showing that he has the tools to 'correct' himself, but never has implemented them. This was a lovely piece, and your use of Eliot pairs perfectly with Edward and Esme like a fine wine and cheese. It's a lovely piece to tempt the palate, and I commend your work.
Catie chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
This is the very first review I have ever left on this site, however this work utterly demanded I comment. And to think, just as I thought I was tiring of fanfic, that I had outgrown the medium, this one piece has urged me to jump back in; to look for the lost gems, the lovely words, and the truly talented authors. I came away from this beautiful work with a whole new appreciation of Esme as as individual and not simply the "mother figure". It has always been the darkness inside that drew me to Edward and Jasper's characters above the others. You managed to balance perfectly on that fine line between beautiful agony and utter despair. The emotion was authentic and so very palpable; the piece more accurately flowed like a musical composition than a written one. I leave now is anticipation of discovering your other stories. Thank you for sharing this one.
Adair7 chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
I love that this is from Esme's POV and how you captured Edward's inability to connect with those around him before he found Bella. Beautiful imagery and emotional content!
americnxidiot chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
This was such a lovely story. I really appreciated your glimpses into canon, using Esme as a lens... it was just beautifully done. Thank you.
Sobriquett chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
Not gonna lie: I don't get the references, because I'm not familiar with the source. But I can still appreciate the story.

And it is fantastic.

Using Esme as a mother-but-not-exactly or whatever she is (it is kind of indefinable) is a stroke of genius, or at least it feels like it in this story. She sees Edward as he really is, but through sympathetic eyes. And, like you said, she's clever in her own right. It's nice to see that justified.

Oh - you gave them a happy ending? That stretches on forever and forever? Somehow, I've not seen that in a fic, or at least not that I can remember, and it's beautiful and perfect.

I adore your structure, with the long sections and the short sections. It reads like my favourite kinds of poetry. That one bit - "Quite a while, as it turned out." I adored that.

Introducing Jasper and Alice was a delight, if not - as far as I know - entirely canon (Edward and Emmett were out, I believe. Although, actually, what you said could still work.) But what does it matter? It's a trifle, and the story is still flawless.

I think this is now being rec'd everywhere. Totally deserved.

The line about Edward's happiness being as simple, and that scene where he sneaks back in through the kitchen... I don' know, there are so many little things woven together into one transcendental tapestry.

And I know I like to butcher words by using them inappropriately, but... hopefully you get what I mean.

I think it's time to shush now. Lovely, lovely one-shot.
h32mh32m chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
What a lovely story and so lyrically written. It's a unique way to view the saga, and how can anyone help but love this Esme? Just wonderful!
giselle-lx chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
This was *lovely.* It was recommended to me by damenellie over on the Get Offa My Lawn lj comm, and as she recc'ed one of my other favorite fics in the same breath, I knew by association this had to be good.

Kudos to you for taking one of the most complex characters in canon (fuck the ones who say Esme is just a doormat housewife-they don't know her at all) and using her to tell Edward's story. I myself always find Edward to be fascinating through others' eyes, and I thought you dealt with that beautifully here.

And the use of Eliot. I hate Eliot, generally, but I had forgotten about "Portrait of a Lady." Really brilliant, and what an ingenious way to build a character study of our Eddie. I actually had to wander over to my shelf and go pull out one of my old Norton anthologies to find it.

This was my favorite line: "You wish to be loved, and is that not the most human trait of all?" You drove right to the heart of all that Edward is in this line, and to the ways he is tortured by his own needs and his own denial of them. Because of course, Edward is permanently caught between his desire to be loved and to be seen as human, and his firm stance that he is deserving of neither. You unpacked that so beautifully here.

At any rate. This piece is a lovely breath of fresh air-lyrical, cerebral, all the things we often don't see in Twific. Well done.
DameNellie chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
I found this while fic-diving and I thought it was beautiful. Esme is such an under-appreciated character so I'm always interested in stories that give her character a little more depth.

You manage to give such an interesting insight ointo Edward's struggles through Esme's perspective. In particular, I love how you explored the way Edward intentionally isolates himself because he thinks he's unworthy of love, even though he yearns for it. In such a short piece, you are able to capture his desperate lonliness and Esme's worry for him so well.

The use of the poem was just beautifully done. The way you weaved it through the story and used it to illuminate Edward's struggle to find connection was fantastic. I wonder, though, why you never mention the name of the poem. I googled the quotes and read the whole poem and after reading this one-shot again, I think a familiarity with the poem really increased my understanding. When I rec this to others, I'll definitely be recommending they read the poem as well.

I really love reading unique, interesting fics and I have so much respect for authors who step outside the norm and experiment with different styles. Thank you for writing such a lovely piece. I'll definitely be checking out your other stories.
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