Reviews for Facing It
Guest chapter 12 . 8/29
I just re read this story and I so badly wish you would continue it... Such a good story. Please come back :(
Jordana Babe chapter 12 . 8/10
I was so happy to fin this story. I read the first two when you started this trip and I wanted to raead more. I hope you post more soon because I want to how this works out for everyone involved.
jules3677 chapter 12 . 7/20
Discovered your story and enjoyed reading the twelve chapters available. Impressed with your Stephanie character. Obvious the bitterness and hurt are there but she has become independent and rather than live her life to others expectations does it on her own terms. You've handled the pregnancy and the twins brilliantly. Reintroducing Ranger has been fascinating to read. He has obviously gone through some changes also. It would have been interesting to read where you would have gone with their relationship. As the story stands it is enjoyable and nice to read a different Stephanie character. Thankyou.
BearcatsRock chapter 12 . 7/9
Great story! Love seeing Steph trying to work through her anger at Ranger and let him back into her life. Love to get the rest of Ranger's story and see what this Lisa is too. Great job and looking forward to the conclusion.
MomofPhoenix chapter 12 . 6/23
I've enjoyed what you've written and hope you can finish this one up at some point! Wonderfully well written.
pjcaf chapter 12 . 4/11
So...any chance you'll finish this? I was really enjoying this Steph.
StubbornPansy chapter 11 . 3/21
I find it sexy that Stephanie can still control Ranger instead of him controlling her and I think he has met his match!
StubbornPansy chapter 9 . 3/21
Yeah I was right Ranger is melting her heart again.

But Ranger is changing also.

Loving your writing style. Keep up the good work.
StubbornPansy chapter 8 . 3/21
Do I sense Stephanie's strength to fight Ranger off crumbling?

StubbornPansy chapter 7 . 3/21
it is hard to restart your life. The "giddy" feeling is something Stephanie has missed.

Good writing.
StubbornPansy chapter 5 . 3/21
I love your sense of humor.

Guess it is time for Stephanie to get a rude awakening.

Go for it!
StubbornPansy chapter 4 . 3/21
Whoa! Oh my God!

Talking about suspense!

You are a more exciting writer than Janet herself!
StubbornPansy chapter 3 . 3/21
Wow! Stephanie's backbone is alive and well! Good for her.

Excellent writing with feeling and insight.
StubbornPansy chapter 2 . 3/21
Go for it girl! Some one needs to knock his ego down a block or two!

Make Ranger come down to true reality!
StubbornPansy chapter 1 . 3/21
I like it.. while I adore Ranger...I never believed he was treating Stephanie right but also thought he was using her too much.

Keep it up you have me wanting more.
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