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Guest chapter 9 . 9/11
I very much enjoyed your entertaining and well written story. Thanks for sharing your talent.
SanjayKarthickS chapter 9 . 6/14
What a wonderful story. It's been truly a wild ride reading this. While I expected the sequel to be shorter than the first one, I didn't expect this to be this shorter. While I would've loved more chapters, I felt that this was not rushed at all in any way. Everything was great and the reference of canon universe where Hermione ended with Ron was funny. I didn't see it coming when it started with Harry wearing black tuxedo waiting for his bride.
My only quibble about the final confrontation between Death Eaters and Hogwarts members is that the Weasleys except Ron didn't have any part in playing that. And Fred and George Weasley weren't even mentioned in this book.
I loved reading this and expecting to read more of your fanfics.
Hope you're having a great time.
latiusauro chapter 9 . 6/9
Wow... I will admit, I have completely enjoyed reading both Harry McGonagall as well as this, and it warms my heart that the Golden Duo had a happy ending.

Ironically, part of my mind compared this to another fic where Harry was raised by someone other than the Dursleysthat being A Study in Magic. Of course, I can see clear differences between the fics, with the most important one being that here, Voldy-dork made his play much earlier in the year... and I will admit that the Battle on the Hogwarts Express served as a great, if surprising, ending for The-Dark-Lord-Who-Fell.

Also, I think Snape, while he still has his grudge against Harry, just used the tax write off as an excuse to get a Marauder Broom signed by Harry as a reminder as to why he had done what he did in the first place: for Lily Evens, the girl he had been in love with until he made a mistake which pushed her away and into the arms of James.

And while I would love to see what may happen next, I feel the tales of the success of Harry and Hermione Potter-McGonagall after their wedding don't need to be told. It's something us fans can imagine about how they may revolutionize the Wizarding World. I can imagine that the option to choose between a broom for better 3D manoeuvrability over using a hoverboard for the ability to use both hands may lead to mixed teams, with some using hoverboards, while others (especially Seekers) use brooms. But that, along with any other things, are things we may never know for sure.

Still, I've enjoyed the ride, and I wish you well on your next endeavours.
just.vee chapter 9 . 5/6
I read the first story and quickly read through this as well. I really enjoyed reading the originality that you put into the stories. It was well thought out and very interesting to read. Thanks!
just.vee chapter 4 . 5/6
Idk what’s up with the whole “language” thing. Like curse if you want to curse. They’re teenagers.
Heytheremiller chapter 9 . 4/6
Brilliant! Just finished binge reading "Harry McGonagall" and "Harry Potter McGonagall", and I have to say this is the best Fan Fiction I've ever read. I laughed, cried, cheered, and experienced an entire Rollercoaster of emotions I never expected. You captured the essences, voice, and spirit of the Wizard World in such a flawless fashion. I intend on reading all your stories now and can't wait to dive more into your HP worlds.

Personally, I'd love if you continued on with this story and take us on the journey of Harry, Hermione, and the entire wizard community through their 20s,30s,40s, and beyond. I would be the first in line to read it!

Thank you for taking the time and tremendous effort to deliver this gift to the world. You are an amazing writer, creator, and storyteller.
wiebenor chapter 9 . 2/8
I do wish that there were more chapters, as going from 39 in book 1, to 9 in book 2, is kinda anticlimactic, but that said, I can see why it has so few chapters in this 2nd story, and agree that it would probably degrade the story content quality find a way to add chapters, without moving year 4 to book 2 or something like that...

Good story, as are most if not all I read from this author, and as such, would recommend this story and the previous one in the 2 part series, to anyone who wants a "slow-burning" Harry/Hermione/(McGonagall) based story, ending with a Harry/Hermione marriage and obviously a dead dark lord
MustReadMoar chapter 9 . 2/7
Thank you, for making Harry McGonagall and Harry Potter-McGonagall.

I always felt that the ending of the original Harry Potter series was never quite a truly happy one. I think these works do the ending justice- I never really understood the Ron and Hermione pairing, or why Dumbledore was as blindly respected, trusted and followed as he was, or why Harry wasn't as immersed in the magical world as (or almost) as much as Hermione was given how they both had a non-magical upbringing to that point.

Harry McGonagall and Harry Potter-McGonagall gave the whole thing a kind of closure that I felt that the Harry Potter books were lacking and I'm truly happy these exist.

Again, thank you.
kalloni chapter 9 . 12/26/2022
I enjoyed the story. I liked the pacing actually with things not getting dragged out too long
RightWrong chapter 9 . 11/5/2022
Thank you so much for writing! The first story is one of my all time favourites, and this sequel is still a really good story I enjoyed very much

Thanks a lot for writing,
ak chapter 9 . 9/13/2022
I've recently discovered the HM and HPM fics, and finished my read-through. I'm glad to spend some more time with the characters, and appreciated the fresh plot twists along the way. Thank you for writing!
VoldiesBedroomSlippers chapter 9 . 9/1/2022
Still a great story even though I've read it before. Thank you.
HoneyBear84 chapter 9 . 8/11/2022
Love it
K chapter 9 . 8/3/2022
Very good story. Most enjoyable.
Lewis James Potter chapter 2 . 6/30/2022
Umbridge make Snake look like a kind human, no matter who writes them.

Great story! Love it, i did one with Hagrid as their dad and was thinking Flitwick with twin sons.
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