Reviews for Vegeta's Anger
The Flamehog chapter 1 . 7/1/2015
The Supreme Kai is one of the Higher Beings in charge of Creation. As a god he has to put most of his effort in sustaning the universe, he stopped Freiza but who would sustain the universe in that time? WHo is going to create new planets, new stars etc?

Lots of planets are being enslaved, The SUpreme Kai has to oversee everything to make sure its in check, he's not like Jesus, The SUpreme Kai is imperfect. And he is no one god, he's not a personal god.

Planet Vegeta isn't the only important planet there are many others that exists, there many others that the this Kai has to sustain to a molecular level all at the same time, make sure the air is just enough for said species to live on and stuff like that. He could get stronger but he's too busy sustaining everything in his sector. He's not perfect, he's only one being and there is so much an imperfect super being can do.
anon chapter 1 . 7/6/2014
Maybe its like the timelords, sworn to watch yet not interfere, but in this case they make an exception since the threat is so great. Or maybe its just a plot hole and im over thinking it.
Hektols chapter 1 . 5/10/2013
Very good points. Gods in the Dragon Ball Universe are useless.
Otakachu9001 chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
I think yamina-chan brings a great point. Since the Buu saga really was because of the fans mostly, it would make perfect sense for there to be some details left out.

I do believe some fans can be a little hard on Shin though. Sure, he skrewed up a few times in calculations and deduction, but look at the flaws other characters in the series makes. Besides, sayians, and Majin Buu, are powered beyond proportion, so naturally a side character like Kaioshin looks under powered compared to them. And of course Majin Buu would be his main target. He killed the only people he truly viewed as family, even having him witness one getting devoured alive in his very eyes!

Shame he was portrayed the way he though by many...he had the potential to become a well loved character... ): He had telekinetic powers, a deep past, and he was freaking god of the gods! How much more higher in the kai ranking can you get?!

But I digress. Very well wrote fan fic. I could actually see Vegeta do this in a episode. It actually seemed like a canon scene as I read! :D Hats tipped to you friend! :3
Wordlurker chapter 1 . 9/28/2012
Never really thought about this, but now that you've put it forth, it does makes one wonder exactly why Kaioshin didn't interfere... Why only with Buu, but not with Freeza or Cell? Certainly food for thought... If it isn't just DBZ's author not thinking about it or plain ignoring the issue.
jgkitarel chapter 1 . 11/28/2011
You hit the nail on the head with his obsession and fear of Buu. Because of that, he did not think about just how hollow the difference in power would be to the ordinary.

Not surprisingly, Vegeta did.
yamina-chan chapter 1 . 9/29/2011
Even tough Toriyama-Sensei has created a fantastic world with Dragonball, trough timepressure and the fact that it took many years some unanswered questions are part of it, just like the one you brought up here.

The reason for this one might be easier to explain then some of the others so. Toriyama-Sensei himself said that he wanted to finish Dragonball with the end of teh Cell Saga. He only continued because of the fans who weren't willing to say farewell to their beloved series just then.

As such some things in the Boo Saga disconnect from the rest. The question as to what happened to Majin Boo in Furture Trunks' Timeline would also fall in that category.

If we just take a look at the Plot itself tough, there might be a diffrent yet also logical reason:

The Kaioshin that was left had to take responsibility for a job that originally was supposed to be done by five on his own.

Imagin having to take care of the WHOLE UNIVERSE by yourself. Even as a god, you can't be everywere at the same time. Remember how the North Kaio told Goku that his homeplaned was destryed by a mighty beeing who changed the direction of some metorites so they would collide with the planet? That's what he belived. And later on when Freezer came to the earth he didn't know about that as well. He only had a part of the Universe to overlook and he still didn't know about everyting that was going on.

Also, in most storys gods aren't really allowed to interact with the people who live in the world. Good and Evil will always exist and be somehwat balanced, that's how it works. Freezer was a terrible person, that is not to be ignored but he more or less turned his terror into a buisness. Selling planates or making the people on it work for him, trading with other planets. He was not out to simply destroy everything as it was the case with Boo.

I am asuming that the Kaioshin (as a beeing that allready is many millions of years old and can yet grow much, much older still) did not step in because he guessed Freezers lifespan wasn't going to last all that long and that maybe afterwars something good would come out of this as it often will (not allways, but still). Also, since he did have to keep an eye on every part of the universe he might wasn't aware of everything Freezer was dooing but only of a part of it. If the situation had gotten out of hand he might have stepped in.

Again, this is all guessing but I honestly belive he was dooing his dutys as best as he could.


XD' Sorry for the rambling, I guess I just found this topic worth discussing '

But that's a good thing, your story stirred up thoughs in the reader which -next to stirring up strong emotions- is the best thing a story can do D
shadowwriter01 chapter 1 . 2/19/2011
Interesting story. It actually gives Vegeta more depth than he had in the manga.

About the Kayoshin. I think he said that only the others Kayoshins could have destroyed Freezer with one blow. But he made it also obvious that he was a weakling compared to the others.

Kibito for example was not even able to lift the z-sword, something that Gohan could do without even going super sayan and the Kayoshin was not supposed to be much stronger. So I think both are far overrestimated.
xkelbix chapter 1 . 3/31/2010
wow i like this. even though Kaioshin is my fav character of all! wot Vegeta says is true. why didnt the kai's help in all these situations?

o well :P can u right more? With Kaioshin i mean, hes the best XD
tamgirl chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
Finally someone who asks what the hell was Supreme Kai doing when Vegeta and Frieza were terrorizing the Galaxy?

I found it interesting that you kept Vegeta in character while having an ulterior motive for join Babidi