Reviews for The Reluctant Hokage
Hektols chapter 16 . 8/25
This must be a really alternate universe if Kakashi is deemed to have the skills of a kage, although he was seen as one of the strongest jonins in the original he was never kage level, the closest he was to that was during the war when he had Naruto recharging him all time so he could use Kamui with more frequency.
Still Not Dead Yet chapter 16 . 8/24
I am incredibly happy to see this fic continued, I look forward to your next update!
ezok chapter 16 . 8/24
from what i remember suna wasn't gifted the one tail they managed to seal shukaku on their own without help from hashirama.
Jileine chapter 16 . 8/24
Wow, it's still alive! Wasn't even hoping for update for a while, and then such a wonderful surprise!
Guest chapter 16 . 8/24
sksadjf;a awesome chapter! i was so glad you updated! ibiki/itachi dynamics were well-written
illereyn chapter 16 . 8/24
Love the insights into both Ibiki and Itachi!
Enigma infinite chapter 16 . 8/24
Everything about this story is amazing. I really like the way you make the webs - the connection it has with multiple entities.
Guest chapter 16 . 8/24
My jaw dropped to the floor when this updated, what a blast from the past!
Guest chapter 16 . 8/24
i am so delighted by this update i cant even
ANYWAY. i like the interplay between Itachi and Ibiki, you do them so subtly and elegantly here. And im like lol how even did u make T&I seem clinical and elegant XD i love your Itachi, we've barely seen his real face in canon so to speak, but yours feels *right*. love your work, and will gladly look forward to more; take care and thanks again for the update!
Procusi chapter 16 . 8/24
I am so glad that you are continuing this story. It is definitely one of my favorites and such an amazing difference from canon.
Shebali chapter 16 . 8/24
I'm thrilled to see a new chapter. I was about to go to sleep and I have no idea how I'm going to manage that now. I have a lot of feels for this story and I didn't expect an update and this is the most pleasant surprise I had today. Yay!
GoldenRat chapter 16 . 8/24
OMG! This fic has been updated, thank you.
Ibiki's POV is excellent, he's quite the professional.
StarTrail chapter 15 . 7/21
I'm reading this and I'm like: this is the answer, this is what should have happened-GREAT story! XD
Teacuppy chapter 15 . 5/29
A Million words of how this is so brilliant and unique and awesome wouldn't be enough to value it as it deserved. This is perfection... and it hurts so much that there is no more. I would be happiest person in the world if you'd update again.

You are very very very intelligent writer. Not a word was boring in this story. Ingenious. Truly a masterpiece... perfect.
I enjoyed reading it so much... You fit everything so well... and characters are so IC and believable...and lovable...
I am in love with your writing... how come I've only just now read this?
A long time ago I fell in love with your DEATH NOTE fic, but I was probably furious because of the abandonment.. ... fic "Something wicked..." is also really cool.

wow just wow and so well written . :-D Fav for life.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/14
I forgot the authors name but someone is trying to write a full story from this series of oneshots
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