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Rosie Rubix chapter 31 . 7/13/2006
See? Every time I think a denouement is in sight, it gets snatched away again. And I begin to feel sorry for the whole blooming lot of them.

Wow. Again, I say, this is amazing. Brilliant. Wonderful.

Etc. I've said it before. I'll say it again.

LM Simpson chapter 29 . 3/28/2006
This is not only the longest fanfic I've ever read but also one of the best. (Throws toast) Please update when you can, and keep writing- you're great and I can't wait until the next chapter!

Happy March!

Kady the Red Panda
Ambre W chapter 29 . 3/1/2006
Gah! Didn't realize you'd put a second part to this ( I thought you'd put chapter 30). So, that was a lot to take in. He certainly kept a lot from them, didn't he? And there's still so many questions still. Most of which is what will happen to our two wayward characters. Time for more waiting, but that's okay. I love this fic! _
gianluca de duonni chapter 29 . 2/27/2006
"She CAN'T do it! THAT'S why she didn't do it! She's GADGET HACKWRENCH and she can't DO IT because she was born a GOOD PERSON! You can't change what you are."

No one is born good or evil. That is just Christian Fundamentalist Propaganda. As an Atheist, I resent that kind of assertion. It implies that there is no choice.

"Gadgie, no one could ever take me away from you." Geegaw promised desperately

Death did. Stop making excuses.

I took a job; a dangerous job that meant I had to go far away.

Family should always come first. Ambitious people who value jobs over family do not deserve to go to Heaven. The issue of Duty is just an excuse to shirk Responsibility.
Rosie Rubix chapter 28 . 2/26/2006
I'm...really confused.

Very very confused. It all got different.

But good anyway, so I'm less bewildered. A little less, at any rate.

Ambre W chapter 29 . 2/18/2006
Four's hard to believe it's been more than four years since you started this. And you know what, I'm so glad. This fic is one of a very small handful that I still keep checking up on, to see if you've updated. And, as usual, you do not disappoint.

Suspence is high, the wording is novel-worthy ( I wish the powers-that-be would let you publish it), and each chapter pulls me in to the point where I can not leave until I finish.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. Considering where you left it off, I see about a dozen possible outcomes, it all depends on what she actually decides to do. By the way, I love how you contrast human perspective with that of a rodent, a small trail of water for a human is but a mere step, but for a rodent is a raging river. And the fact that you can keep Gadget so in character, even mentally, to the point where I sometimes feel as if it is Gadget herself was writing this story.

My only lament, is that this story will eventually end. And I hope that maybe after the last page has truly been written, that maybe you could foray into Gadget's world again, maybe.

Truly, a wonderful read. Keep on writing. _
gianluca de duonni chapter 29 . 2/8/2006
Knowing how Gadget can get about the things and people she regards as her friends and possessions, one would not be surprised if she ended up starting to think that Lawhiney seduced Chip in order to get revenge on her as a final moral slap in the face about her superiority. Gadget has already started to act differently than she would have as a hero, although she is not quite a villain yet, so why not give her the chance to act out of character, more like an anti-hero? Unless, of course, someone has already decided that something is going to interfere with her plans to commit murder/get revenge, which would be a Deus Ex Machina that would screw up Hell's plans to make Gadget go bad, in accordance to what has been said before about how her nature would be similar to Lawhiney's if she had done some hard time in jail e.g. a complete and total cop-out...

I think that, ultimately, even if one cannot fault Geegaw for what has happened to Gadget currently, his death was the ultimate cause of what might be have been considered her isolation, lack of social skills, geek status etc. She was born trusting, and thus might have gotten into more trouble than she was worth with some pushy, lecherous Fuller Brush salesmice, due to her lack of knowledge about how to behave around the male of the species. Socialization comes from children observing the parents, and this lack of knowledge about social skills might have made her commit some mistakes that caused her peers to laugh at her, and even think she was an easy target for predatory males. The subsequent problems Gadget might have had with her paranoia about males can be placed squarely on Geegaw's shoulders. Let us not forget the fact of the red dress she has worn before, and the explosive anger she might show at times. Killing Lawhiney would be metaphorically comparable to Gadget giving the finger to her old man out of anger due to her disgust at his irresponsibility, so can we honestly blame her if she did it? He decided to go flying and died, irresponsibly leaving her alone in the world. Who would fault Gadget for getting mad at her old man and killing Lawhiney, the living example of the probable product of her father behaving badly while gallivanting with different females around the world, in a fit of anger?
BOC42 chapter 2 . 2/3/2006
She's always falling off the ceiling, isn't she?
BOC42 chapter 1 . 2/1/2006
Your opening paragraph is beautiful! Very poetic; astounding imagery. You really had me going!
Anna McNarin chapter 29 . 2/1/2006
*smiles* Brilliant as always.
Rosie Rubix chapter 29 . 2/1/2006
It's never the end though, is it? There's always one more thing. And there's always one more chapter. :)

For which I am very grateful.

Very nice. Very nice. Each little twist, each spin put on the situation...what looks so clear gets cloudy, and what's cloudy becomes clear.

And for once in her life Lawhiney's protecting someone other than herself.

And for once in her life, Gadget has lost her temper.

Such are reckonings.

Anna McNarin chapter 28 . 1/17/2006
Just thought I'd let you know, that I am addicted to this story of yours.
DarthRoden76 chapter 1 . 1/7/2006
Great job, keep going please!
Ambre W chapter 28 . 11/17/2005
And so one path ends, uncertain, but hopefully with the best of circumstances. Again, you surprised with what happened at the end, I guess I got so used to them being friends that I never expected...Ahem, anyhow once again you shocked, suprised, and astounded me with your clever writing. I never get tired of reading new chapters, and always look forward to the next part. Great job! _
Ambre W chapter 27 . 11/17/2005
Wonderful, as always. Will you ever fail to surprise, I submit that you mostly likely will not. Awesome job! _
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