Reviews for Tunes with Tony Masen
Atwiggs chapter 24 . 8/24
Well I had a ball reading this wonderful Fic! Thx for all of your time while writing. It was a lot of fun, especially the song blurts, they were a blast. Being old as I am I had no problem recognizing the songs, etc. I love the Tony moments and the Bella and Edward moments. It's been fun! Thx so much for this wonderful story!
Atwiggs (Anita)
Atwiggs chapter 22 . 8/24
You are amazing sweetie! Some of the extensive details in this fic had me confused, but it's not your fault. I am grieving. I lost my husband 7 months (Jan 31, 2017) ago. I've found that I have trouble with names and some details. I don't cry as much as I did but now the "details" really confuse me. In other words, I can't focus! But truly, I am loving this Fic!
Atwiggs chapter 21 . 8/23
I've always loved ELO! What about the song "Mr. Blue Sky". An outstanding, riding in the car song. And "I Cant Get Her Out of My Head" another great song! So many!
Atwiggs chapter 20 . 8/23
Oh this is getting exciting! And when in hell are Edward and Bella going to do the deed! I can't wait so I can only imagine how they feel! ;)
Atwiggs chapter 17 . 8/21
Perfect song in this situation because obviously Mike was a drip and Edwards got it going on! But this is definitely her fist time because Edward is the man! He'll take care of here in more ways than one ;)
Atwiggs chapter 16 . 8/21
Dust in the wind, one of my top five songs! Ok, now when are these two going to relieve some tension the old fashioned way, with SEX! Damn I can't wait for them to do the dead! ;)
Atwiggs chapter 14 . 8/21
This is getting so exciting! Of course I'm waiting impatiently for these two to "get it on". See I'm from the old days ;)
Atwiggs chapter 13 . 8/20
That's right The Zombies, not The kinks! I'm assuming his wife was dying and in horrible pain, so he put her to sleep and that's where he met the rest of the guys!
Atwiggs chapter 12 . 8/20
I freaking love this Fic! I'm so happy that I found this! You are an amazing writer! I think I'll read that Edward/Tony outtake next. Wow it's so great to find a fabulous Fic like this! I lost my husband back on January 31 this year and I need to read fine stories like yours to get through the day. It's been only 7 months since he's been gone and I miss him so much! This is 2017 by the way, in case you read this... thx luv
Atwiggs chapter 11 . 8/20
My fav group after The Beatles, stones and The Who is, Styx!
Atwiggs chapter 10 . 8/20
I know Tony is running too. Are they both running from the same people? Most likely. He seems to hate that he can't be himself. What happened to him! I thought this was a sweet little love story, but noooo, now everything is all fucked up. What were those guys wanting from Bella? Well at least she can sell Nessies ring if she needs the money... this is f*cked up!
Jean Driver chapter 24 . 7/5
Loved this story! You used all the music I grew up to and love so much! I think your take here on Edward and Bella, is the best I've read in a really long time! Thank you!
archy12 chapter 17 . 6/29
And what a kiss it was!
Ditto for the revelation on Edward's part. From being all reserved and mysterious, he has graduated to laying his heart open in front of Bella.
Uh, alive, I hope?
archy12 chapter 16 . 6/29
Huh, even I had thought his parents were dead, though I wasn't sure of it.
of course it's not easy for him to forgive them, especially his father. Esme and Alice helped him to get out of jail and then a job he liked, so yeah.
archy12 chapter 15 . 6/29
Yeah, Brandon meant Alice, but Edward's sister? No, that hadn't occurred to me.
The other stuff-knowing so much about Bella and Edward, was kind of expected. After all, she is The Oracle!
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