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The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 36 . 3/4/2017
I'm a little confused here. The impression I get is that Gaia's husband was not the Emperor, but... Gaia talks like she loved the Emperor, but she implied that her husband had more power then she did, and she was able to manipulate the Emperor. So I don't quite follow here. She picked on the Emperor because it amused her to do so? Were they married? Were they lovers? Was it one sided, where she loved him but he didn't reciprocate?


Gaia is amazingly, amazingly evil. Wow. And cruel. What she did to the Emperor was just uncalled for. ::shocked::
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 35 . 3/3/2017
I think you've manged to get Darker and Edgier then the manga at this point.

But I want Seira to live! Her death would screw up my ship, which has been on turbulent waters in here for a while.

Nicely done.
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 34 . 3/3/2017
I love it! Michel pretends to be possessed by Fuku and becomes the "enemy" that Lucia is looking for. Ha! That is brilliant!

And looks like Michel has other problems now that Seira is still with her ancestors.
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 33 . 2/28/2017
Good night. Talk about your evil plots. O.O

I do like the scene here where Seira gets to see what kind of future she would have had if things had been different. For just a sort of slide-show viewing I found it to be very strong writing.
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 32 . 2/28/2017
For a long time I was convinced the former Aqua Regina was the villain. Now it's...Fuku and planet Earth. I wonder who's going to come out on top in that one.

Fantastic chapter. The plot and pacing are brilliant.
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 31 . 2/28/2017
I must admit that with a criminal justice background, I'm curious as to how charges based on information provided by a shadowy organization can stand up in a court of law. Then again, one should be careful not to put anything past a jury.

Oh man, I so want a happy ending for this story!
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 30 . 2/27/2017
Those two just cannot win. Every time they go to that rock, Hanon calls.

I was a little concerned, but based on Michel's reaction I am guessing that the humans will, at the very least, be in for a good tongue lashing if nothing else. Besides, if I counted correctly, the humans started the war, Michel ended it.
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 29 . 2/27/2017
"Insta-dry" magic sounds like fabric detergent.

Poor Michal. This was a rough chapter for her. I have to say though, I like what you've done with her character in this story. I don't know if I've said that before or not.
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 28 . 2/25/2017
I really thought this chapter was cool. I love the image of Michel arriving with all the Gardus, and Radu working together with Michal was just amazing. I am curious about what Gackto was up too. It would be funny in an ironic way if he knew more about politics then Lucia.

Excellent chapter!
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 27 . 2/23/2017
Well, I guess a wing is a little better then eating the whole critter. The yaks were probably a better idea. I wonder if Michel will take the Emperor's throne at the end of all this. I think it would be cool even though he doesn't seem to think it's anything great.

Fabulous chapter! :D
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 26 . 2/20/2017
So, the question is, did the former Aqua Regina do what she did just to be a jerk, or was there a valid reason for it? Hmm...

(Yes, I'm back. For the moment. My muse is camped out on Kyrie again so I had to come back to the fandom for a little while.)

Speaking of questions, is Michel connected to the dream field the way he is because he's a living Ancient, or a chimera? I can see either or both of those as a valid reason.

Fantastic chapter. Until next time!
lyra.minute chapter 40 . 4/9/2014
Hello Yincira. I just finished reading all 40 chapters of your "Grave Mentor" story. I'm impressed with the amount of time and effort you've spent in planning and writing "Grave Mentor". Very few people seem to know about Mermaid Melody, so I am thrilled to have found a story about that anime series. "Grave Mentor" is the best Mermaid Melody fanfic that I've ever come across. I enjoyed your use of mythological references. There were parts of the story got me laughing, parts that shocked me, parts that were sad, and some parts that made me scratch my head and go "huh?". By the end I was also wondering "what if" after the world had been reborn.

Throughout the story I was wondering about the significance of the title "Grave Mentor". At first I thought the mentor was the former Aqua Regina whom I thought would resurface again and assist Lucia with the disasters. Then I thought the mentor was Sara because Seira was in need of guidance on how to govern and care for her people. So the revelation of the mentor being the Anima Mundi was quite a surprise, but it made sense in the whole scope of things.

Overall, the storyline was brilliant. You just need to be careful with spelling and with making it clear which character is speaking. There were times when you got "he" and "she" mixed up for Mikeru and Mikaru. I really do hope for a sequel. I wonder how Mikaru's brother in the afterlife will react to her "condition" after knowing that Mikeru caused it. *coughs coughs* I also wonder what would happen if Mikeru was able to hold conversations with his predecessor. :)
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 25 . 1/6/2014
Yay Seira and Michel kissed! Yay for my Ship!

And Seira doesn't love him anymore. Looks like my ship sunk. Bummer. (You're gonna fix that, right?)
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 24 . 1/4/2014
Well, I'm glad Michel's got some of his memories back, anyway.
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 23 . 1/3/2014
First: Yah I was right it is Lady Bat! Haha!
Second: No! Michel! Don't eat him! *facepalm*

Well I'm glad Michel's' got some of his memories, anyway. I hope it helps.
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