Reviews for Naruto: Soldiers of Fortune
Darkness in the Light chapter 19 . 6/10
Hey man Ain't reread this story for a while and was wondering how much is a Ryo? Some time you use it like a yen other time's I don't know mainly when hes getting paid. I know i doesn't matter but I was curious, hope to see you finish this story soon it is one of my Faves.
Zeus501 chapter 3 . 5/22 the lord emperor of all douche bags, i hereby excommunicate ryusuke...and for good measures, mizuki, from my kingdom
Thisismurf chapter 28 . 5/11
I see and am greatly impressed by the rise against song reference :D
Tempest chapter 1 . 5/11
*bowing in gratitude* You're master at writing fanfic. Keep it up! :D
jupimako chapter 50 . 5/4
What an amazing story! I love the creativity you've put into fleshing out the plot and characters. I'm definitely looking forward to your next update.
Jean Danjou chapter 1 . 4/22
Man, this chapter needs a lot of editing. By far the worst beginning of one your stories. The dialogue is pretty cliché and all around cheesy.
Zeus501 chapter 50 . 4/17
dude...come on...make naruto sign the toad contract...also...please please please make this a double pairing of naruto/femkyuubi/temari...since she is hot, and into naruto
also...this story is awesome
Zeus501 chapter 48 . 4/17
u totally stole this from the hangover
Zeus501 chapter 24 . 4/16
dude...gotta say...the only reason why i read this story is because u are righting it...and i know that you won't turn it into a yaoi, emo, angst filled piece of shit.
and i was right, this story is awesome
Dragonwarz50 chapter 50 . 4/3
I love this entire story. With all its insanity and hilarity. I love you man. No homo.
Chaos - The Eternal chapter 3 . 3/9
Great chap Ken
Kyuubi Soul chapter 50 . 3/9
When you do update, make sure to put a lemon between Kyuubi-chan and Naruto for us fans ;)

(Kinda need it if I wanna write lemons for my story... I'm not the type of guy to watch porn or write it... unless you want to write it for me xD)
Markus-Antonius chapter 50 . 2/24
I always enjoy this!
Alzeno chapter 50 . 2/23
The Darkest wizard chapter 50 . 2/20
This is a fantastic story! Please update soon!
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