Reviews for Naruto: Soldiers of Fortune
LincolnJohnson chapter 38 . 23h
Hahaha. Awesome chapter. It's pretty cool to have Shino appear in such a manner. I'm looking forward to seeing the interactions he has with others. Keep up the good work and enjoy yourself man.
LincolnJohnson chapter 37 . 12/9
I'm really excited to read this fight. Keep up the good work.
LincolnJohnson chapter 36 . 12/8
Hah, Hanabi is so awesome in this story. Great job on the spider and juggernaut's end. They were pretty cool to read.
LincolnJohnson chapter 35 . 12/8
Hahaha. Poor Gaara. It's pretty cool how with all the drama that occurred in Suna, the Sand siblings are working together just fine. Oh shit man, these quotes from Kiba are hilarious. Keep up the good work.
LincolnJohnson chapter 34 . 12/8
Decent fights. Both with Sai and with the Sound team. That motorcycle is badass. Everything should have an automatic safety measure like the log.
LincolnJohnson chapter 33 . 12/8
Awesome chapter. Praise the Log! Banish the disbeliever from receiving its favor. Hahaha. Lee is a great character no matter what story he ends up in.
LincolnJohnson chapter 32 . 12/7
Hahaha. Nice work on the chapter.
LincolnJohnson chapter 31 . 12/7
Honestly, I like how you have Naruto and Kyuubi interact as a couple. It's comfortable and refreshing. Huh, didn't expect a lemon but okay. Nice job on not making it cringing to read. It was fairly realistic. Wow, those character profiles are pretty cool. Keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 30 . 12/7
Excellent work on Haku's fight. You played true to each character's strengths and their individual moral codes as seen from their canon arcs. With Sasuke and Kyuubi, huh, the aftermath of that will be very interesting. You only made it better by making the "victims" that much more "fuck these guys, they're never gonna change their ways so it is wiser to kill em now than risk doing it later." Hahaha, it's awesome how you have Naruto use puns and references. Holy hell man, that old geezer coming late to the party but still getting the money. Nice job.
LincolnJohnson chapter 29 . 12/5
Praise the Log.
LincolnJohnson chapter 28 . 12/5
Hahaha. That flipping waterboy reference. Nice job. This arc is really turning out well. I'm excited to see what happens in the aftermath.
LincolnJohnson chapter 27 . 12/5
Oh wow. You did good on this one.
LincolnJohnson chapter 26 . 12/3
Good chapter. Explosions are awesome.
LincolnJohnson chapter 25 . 12/1
Wow, you are one of the very few authors on this site that can make up an original plot, have the characters seem realistic, and not follow canon with very little variation. I applaud you man. Keep doing what you do.
LincolnJohnson chapter 24 . 12/1
Awesome chapter. Keep up the good work. That was pretty cool though. A tire iron and a freaking drive by car. Yeah, this modern theme is really nice.
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