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RosaBella75 chapter 1 . 3/19/2010
Oh, so poignant, tingly and utterly captivating! I was as upset as Esme (!) at Teodore's demise as she was, I think. It just killed me, and to have him not become a good vamp. Ugh! I'm surprised Jenn could do it. ;) But he was so sweet and vibrant even for the short while we got to know him. Brava!

Holy hotness with E watching her and the lynx. I think I growled. Eager for more would be an understatement.

Love the intro to Jas and Alice. Wondering who get's vamped (if anyone!) and am wondering if Daddy C was her Sire and if so who the rest of her doting vamp-fam was.

I knew it couldn't be Rose as the protagonist, but you mamaged to catch me hook line and sinker with Esme! Still curious as a cat as to who the sadistic Countess was and how Esme's Sire came upon her. Was it the Volturi to silence the Contess upon hearing of the house arrest, I wonder. So it could have been C with the V-gang, or just the V gang. Probs makes more sense for B and C to be absent. I'm prepared for heartfail re Alice and Jas.

Hit it out of the park Ladies! Love the setting and detail your well matched prose brought to deliciously morraly ambiguous life! Talk about a powerhouse duo!

Thanks for writing and sharing with us!
C-Me-Smile chapter 1 . 3/19/2010
My god... wow! This is absolutely exquisite - this tale has me completely captivated with the gorgeous peotic prose (examples below that made me quiver to read them), the epic sweeping scope of it, the dichotomy of beauty with horror, love and desire with pain and heartbreak, pity coupled with a predatory instinct to survive, to prowl. Truly, what you have done here is just astounding, and ladies, I am in awe. You've birthed a world here - creating for we fortunate readers, a gorgeous, rending, powerfully evocative, richly complex and lush glimpse into the past. My hats off to you for taking such care to preserve the authenticity of the time, the dress, the customs and language, the history... bravo!

Your words are stunning, and I found myself reading over the passages again and again for the sheer beauty of them. Truly, poetry! The whole chapter was lush and beautiful, even the horrific parts that made my heart break (such as the tragic fate of sweet, lovely Teodor), possessed a savage beauty (and how fitting, given the title/subject of this story! ;D)

Passages that particularly stood out to me:

(The very first paragraph drew me in and set the tone to this evocative piece I feel)

At the age of thirty-six I was made over as this undying druid, a stone carved succubus. Swiftly, all my fleshly faults were erased, though the repudiation, the exorcising of my soul, my heart, my very viscera, was not such a hasty working. Arduous, long-lasting, inflammatory, a fire built inside my veins and rippled like hot char into my tissue. To be burnished from within, roasted, my host's body crippled in paroxysms, my throat eviscerated in endless screams. To wake from this magma a wholly replenished fantastical woman was paramount to dining on cherub's wings.


Beautiful, fiery, strong, savage, stoic, a survivor - like Esme herself.


Watching him stroll, gracefully padding his lands, stopping at a well-worn knobbly dead and fallen over chestnut trunk. Shaking dew from his copious crown, a thing made of tassels of the most rosy dawn, he pulled a skinned journal from his pocket and put nib to parchment.

Needing to see his sketch, his calligraphy, I stepped closer, so steeped on the viney tangle of his innate cologne. Only within his surrounds was I so unthinking as to give up my hiding place. Starving nobility, strangling with expectations.

The snap-crunch of foliage shook through the dense fog of Budapest's billeting wintry sunrise. Frostily and slatey, the Danube wept a trail of frigid tears beyond the naked arms of the forest.


Again, the absolute richness of your words, the descriptions pain such a gorgeous canvas in the mind's eye - stunning!


But his look, in the market...his square jaw tipping down to me, his clearly lined red-wine lips smoldering up, his glade-eyes shading into the darkness of a forest-toned boudoir. The jump in his cheek of a muscle clenched, and the wash of flush across those crests! Aquiline, his nose had ended with a widening of nostrils, tasting the air for me, as I did him.

The mess of wily hair upon his head echoed off the copper-tiled rooftops as he'd brought one wide, long hand back to massage a tension from his nape. His throat followed the wave of a hard swallow. I inhaled when his Adam's apple dipped and rose. And I made no mistake as I licked from one corner of my lips to the other, longingly inspecting the desirous bulge in his breeches.

He'd crumpled my card within his fist.

I'd curtsied, lowering my head to him...something I'd not done since I was in the nefarious employ of the Countess.

This time I did it willingly.

No man in the Holy Roman Empire had garnered my favor thus.


Oh, my - lusty, luscious, a beautiful, brazen, rapturous thing! Love it!

And, may I say, I also dearly love how you folded the Twilight characters so elegantly into this - each unique onto the other, retaining traits of the established characters, but alluringly original in this incarnation as well. Beautifully-done!

Truly, this is a stunning thing. I am most keen to read the next sumptuous chapter! Gorgeous, ladies!
raeb2008 chapter 1 . 3/19/2010
Once again, you never fail to surprise, entice and feed my addiction to your words. Her suffering, misery is clearcut...but its her loneliness and resignation that hit me hardest. Then kinda almost throwing up her hands and letting fate have at it... her wants, needs DESIRES. Im always at a disadvantage, never being able to guess what's around the corner ;). Waiting to see what happens next...Rae
slobber-monkey chapter 1 . 3/18/2010
This story if freaking EPIC! I am just... I don't know, I'm almost speachless!

I can't write an eloquent review in this state so let’s just go with a bunch of adjectives


love both of you girls and I honestly can't wait for part 2!
Viola Cornuta chapter 1 . 3/18/2010
Pussycats, thank you for thinking of me as you present a thorough examination of every form of torture short of defenestration-or perhaps that is in Chapter 2? It's an honor to be the dish bitch in the chefs' kitchen.
RowanMoon chapter 1 . 3/18/2010
You had me at undying druid.


You had me at byline...winterstale and goldenmeadow? HELL TO THE YAH!

Painted in jewel tones and perfection, a goddess, a terrible beauty strides forth. A tigress indeed. I have chills.

I recently read The Historian by Elizbeth Kostova. She painted with words a brilliant landscape across the backdrop of Hungary and Bulgaria. I would be hard pressed to find within her award winning writing a line as beautiful as;

~The snap-crunch of foliage shook through the dense fog of Budapest's billeting wintry sunrise. Frostily and slatey, the Danube wept a trail of frigid tears beyond the naked arms of the forest.~

The horrific scene described here was absolute genius:

~She'd had her way with the unfortunate Princess. Several times, it appeared. The poor girl, likely close to my age, was gagged heavily under leather and wads of reeking cloth, bound to each corner of my Bloody Countess's workbench and already draining into the copper ewers. Her beautiful azure eyes searched weakly around the bedchamber, her tears a steady and useless brook meandering through the blood seeping from her cheeks and into her wheaten hair.~

The plight of Teodicu, the graphic brutality of it was a powerful punch to the gut. Well done. I'm in awe of this piece of periodic perfection.

The feeding scene was, in my humble opinion, one of the best I've read, and not just because you used Leda and the Swan imagery. Stunning.

~The feline snarled, thrashing about in my arms like an Earth-bound Swan embracing my Leda. His neck was easy work under my hand; I punctured his most vital vein neatly with a talon-like nail. The thick crimson nectar was such soothing balm to the inferno in my throat, I sighed as the tension flowed from my body in waves. Feeding, normally pleasurable, was quite intense after such a long tormented afternoon of denial and then the surge of battle with Edouard's dog.~

Opus. Epic. Fantasy. Horror. Love. Lust.


Can't wait for part two! Amazing job ladies.


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