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Rous Black chapter 19 . 10/19
I have read your fics many, many times. I am Spanish and most of the time I see the translator used, because I needed to read as I continued. You've created an amazing trilogy, your Harry is the best I've ever read. Surely I will print the fics and oneshots as a memory of the incredible story that you have developed. As for oneshots, I know it is difficult for you to write again, but I would love to read how Harry and Draco found out that Izzy and Scorpius are dating, and also another in which the whole family was to meet James Sirius Potter.
And yes, I am using the translator to write this to you, I hope it translates well. I hope to hear from you.
Anonymous chapter 1 . 8/31
This is brilliant! Well done! Even better than JK Rowling's books
Sohaila 2005 chapter 11 . 8/20
Well...that was cruel...WHY DO YOU HATE HARRY SO MUCH!
RavenclawNORTH chapter 11 . 8/3
I laughed so hard while reading this part It’s not a bug you can’t squash it
Karen Ximena chapter 11 . 6/24
OMG, I Knew something really bad was going to happen since the first word of the chapter, considering a last chapter when isabellas boyfriend went to dinner, but it was even worst!, i cried even more than with the one when james and lily pack harrys things in the exact same way than now harry is doing now with his own lost child(sorry for my bad spelling or mistakes but English is not my mother language and i have never really studied it) I love the way you write, I start to read the darkness within a few years ago but never finished (since my English back then was even worse and a wasnt able to understand almost nothing and never found the Spanish version) and now I have read the three of them and they are brilliant!, I cried, laughed, smiled among so other emotions!...and with this readers choices you just created more amazing stories!
Guest chapter 18 . 6/11
AHHHHH! I love everything about everything that you write. If you’re ever going to update this, I would love to see Isabelle and Caleb find out about who Harry used to be. Thanks for these amazing one shots and the dark prince trilogy!
Guest chapter 9 . 5/16
That was such an amazing story. But I would love to see Harry go black-eyed in front of his daughter, Isabelle. Please I would like to see her fear and shock.
Megha Teresa chapter 8 . 2/7
First I thought it was Caleb, but then I realised it couldn't be as he said Harry got married only a year ago
Mrs Pumpkins chapter 19 . 11/26/2019
Ok, you're probably not updating anymore (though if you did, it would be great ;-)) but just in case you still read reviews, know there are still people reading your stories! I've spent the last week's reading all your dark prince related stories, it's brilliant. I am not a big fan of action and fight stories but you mix them with real character development. I feel like checking out your novels now. Thanks for building this amazing universe!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/12/2019
Okay, so I’m pretty sure that you don’t update this anymore (plus the fact that you have about a gazillion other requests on here), but I HAVE to try because this idea has been bugging me ever since I first read your amazing fic:

What if Harry’s ticklish?
Guest77 chapter 9 . 4/13/2019
You know, I used to believe that your Harry was a lot better of a character because he didn’t take anyone’s bullshit and was powerful enough to defeat multiple death eaters at once. But the more I look back on this, I can say that despite the power upgrade/buff, your Harry is pretty much is a more whiny, angrier and annoying version of canon Harry(who you completely have misrepresented in this. And despite certain claims, book Harry definitely is less likely to take any bullshit from this Harry). People say Harry in OOTP was at his most unlikable and a emo, this Harry is pretty much that, multiplied by 11. And the fact that he doesn’t try to open up about his abuse and try to trust his family a little more, he just ends up pushing them away farther in his anger & anguish. If he’s meant to represent a darker version of canon Harry, than it would’ve work better if he was at least becoming closer towards the end of this whole dark prince trilogy crap. While I give you props for writing this and creating a new universe, your version of the characters come as one dimensional/stereotypical as some of the other fanfics that favor certain characters(Draco, Bellatrix, Lucius, Voldemort) while completely degrading and trashing on others(Order of the Phoenix members, Dumbledore, James, Hermione, Ron, Lily).
willows dancing in the wind chapter 19 . 2/8/2019
Can you do a story about Harry's kids finding out who he used to be?
SilverDraconyx chapter 8 . 1/14/2019
I didn’t even think about the possibility of it being Nigel! And I should have! Although it wasn’t a matter of before Harry walked in. I thought it was like his son or something, that just didn’t fit because of the time.
And it was a really nice oneshot.
Guest chapter 11 . 12/1/2018
Omg Ginny is such a whiny bitch. It doesnt matter if Charlie is her family. He acted like a douche and she cant just take his side no matter what just because he is family and be angry at Harry just because he fights back. Charlie is an ass and she needs to see it. On top Harry is her husband and thus her family too.
Guest chapter 11 . 10/6/2018
Make a fanfiction where Jaime is still alive(Durmstrang Champion or something like that)!
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