Reviews for Morality Chain
Hellabella chapter 37 . 5/22
Been binge reading this for the past week, and god I love it/
The idea's super cool, it's awesome to see azula interactions like this, it's sweet and nice
Really hope there's more to come, cause I'd love to keep reading!
Nice job on the story so far!
Evani chapter 37 . 5/7
Oh my gods I love this. I absolutely adore have w you stay true to Azulas base character(minus the insanity) while also making it work for the fic. Thank you for writing!
Gd8909 chapter 37 . 4/30
Great chapter! I was kind of sad that Zuko didn't get his life-changing journey with Aang...but then I got hyped for Katara going on hers with Azula instead of him :)
Guest chapter 37 . 4/29
Delightful as always! It is a marvelous treat when I check this story and discover a new chapter. Keep up the good work!
Adrimore chapter 1 . 4/27
yeeesss! I love to read when Toph and Azula are fighting
BlueLion chapter 37 . 4/25
Unfinished sentence: "The others were mostly absent, whether for training or"
This is one of the most amazing Azula-based novels, only a small number are on par with this (Measure each step to infinity by paxbanana or A road not taken by sablefalls come to mind).
I can't wait for the grand finale, you're one of the best!
Lovepeaceandwar chapter 37 . 4/19
Who wins this? I'm hoping for Toph because Azula needs to be humbled. Can't wait for more.
253910 chapter 37 . 4/19
Happy (late) Easter! I've enjoyed the story so far and can't wait for the next update!
xXxGhostRiderxXx chapter 37 . 4/18
This is really cool :)
The Apocryphal One chapter 37 . 4/17
I honestly love this entire story! The single change between Azula and Zuko's relationship and how it becomes her redeeming point, the effect letting herself love her brother has on her psyche and relationship with others, it's just all great. You make enough deviations from canon to be fascinating while still keeping to basic parts (I LOVE that Azula still got to conquer Ba Sing Se). And the big deviation-her joining them-is working out so well. I particularly love her...friendship? Rivalry? with Toph. So yes, this is definitely one of the top Avatar fan fics I've ever read and you're doing an amazing job.
fernandfeather chapter 33 . 4/16
I love your development of Ty Lee.
Guest chapter 37 . 4/16
i'm honestly so impressed you're still writing this please never stop
Call me Lee chapter 37 . 4/15
i absolutely love your story and how in-character you manage to write Azula in your story! Keep going!
Zakeraz chapter 37 . 4/15
Azula continues to be a fun and dynamic character. The interactions feel natural even given how different they are from canon. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
kostigan chapter 37 . 4/15
So glad to see this updated.
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