Reviews for Morality Chain
Girl-luvs-manga chapter 41 . 8h
I wonder what Mai's opinion on Azula as a child is.
schneefink chapter 41 . 9/19
Yess Toph calling out/challenging Azula to step up was great.
M chapter 41 . 9/17
Love this story so much! The most realistic take on Azula I have ever read! Very well written. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 41 . 9/17
Please try to update sooner not like 6 months but like 2 or 3 or sooner
Dustubuni chapter 41 . 9/17
Okay, I've seen the other reviews, and I think I know what the problem is; too many people jumping in to announce how "wrong" it is for the Gaang to impose their naïve, narrow-minded worldview instead of listening to the perfect little genius that knows what's best for all of them. They don't want a story; they want a glorified psalm showing the proper and necessary accolades and worship to their Astonishing Goddess of Intellect. The problem is that there's no real point in having Team Avatar in such a compulsively Azula-centered fairy tail.
If you want to just write about Azula, just write about Azula. Don't write about how wrong, inferior, or stupid everyone is compared to Azula. Don't write about how Zuko is less worthy to be Fire Lord than her, or about how Aang is an childish goody-two shoes compared to her. Any middle schooler can crank out a story about that and be on their merry way.
An author's ability to write is measured by their characters. ALL of their characters. I've seen a dozen or so alleged "must-reads" on fanfiction sites that are nothing but let-downs and disappointments. Do you know what they all have in common? The protagonist is always right. The protagonist is always infallible. Everyone else is pathetically feeble, pathetically pea-brained, pathetically self-righteous, self-important, self-absorbed, just pathetically wrong. They lack the ability to see the bigger picture, to understand things the way our hero does, our most precious, most perfect hero. And of course, no one has ever SUFFERED the way our dauntless, fearless champion has, no one can ever truly UNDERSTAND their pain, no even- no, LEAST of all their own family, who are so caught up in their own self-pity and egotism that they fail to notice our protagonist's agony, their inner conflict, their loneliness. But what's this? There seems to be an equal among the ranks of the misguided, someone can truly comprehend how they feel and see things their way! Oh, but they are so misguided, boggled down by infantile dreams and imaginings of that self-empowering brat, the one who wants EVERYTHING to go their way without putting ANY real effort in what-so-ever. No matter; they shall stand in the way of our hero, our champion, our-
Do you get where I going with this? Take away all the politics, all the education, all the alleged pragmatism, all the excuses to justify the heroes worldview, and all you're left with is some pretentious drivel that could've written by either an angsty, edgy teen or a 7 year-old fanboy. Regardless of what some of us may think, my point stands; we have got more than enough elitism fanfics. Not just in the Atla fanbase but in every fanbase. Trying to appease a group of pseudo-intellectuals that want nothing more than a continual litany of "Azula is right" will do nothing but hurt your story in the long run. You have to put in the work to properly develop the other characters.
Now... speaking of your story... you're doing a good job of fleshing out most of Team Avatar. Having Toph be the one to call Azula out was a brilliant move; to my knowledge no Azula fan has ever done that. Not when Azula and Toph are on the same side, anyway. There is a point that everyone missed this chapter; namely, that if the Gaang escaped and word got out it would have damaged, if not destroyed their image as the world's only hope. And hope might not win wars, but right now it's next to the only advantage they have. Who is going to believe in or fight for someone who'd rather save their own hides than rescue one person? Who's going to believe a child-army can save the world when they CAN'T rescue one person? Yes, those are questions rife with logical fallacies, but they're questions that will be asked nonetheless. And they will motivate people to stop putting faith in Team Avatar. Or redouble their efforts for Team Ozai. And while every "Kori" is sacrificed for ease of Azula's plans, the only victory afforded her is that she stuck true to her guns; she was a "pragmatist" down to her last misstep.
As far as everyone else, their development is good. Azula's disdain for Sokka's commentary is... noted. Not necessary, not overly superfluous, just... noted. Katara's attempts to "understand" Azula are a little forced, but it's a far cry from the Yon Rha debacle. Aang... you need to either stop writing Aang or grow up and start developing him. A character that's only there to be deconstructed is never, ever, ever going help the type of story you want to write. Ever. As it stands now, I know grade schoolers that could make him less one-dimensional than you have. And please, please, PLEASE do something more with him than the predictable, overdone, oh-so-cliche "he's secretly (or not-so-secretly) selfish/hypocritical/ignorant" bile every Anti-Aang propagating troll puts on this and every other website and calls AN ORIGINAL STORY! You are a hundred times better than that!

... Thank you.
Call Me Taco chapter 41 . 9/17
Good chapter, though the rescue scene felt like it ended a bit too quickly. The ending looked like it would lead to an interesting next chapter as as well

The only downside is that now we have to wait another 6 months for the next chapter of the story
Guest chapter 41 . 9/17
As someone who holds this story in high esteem, I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed with the recent happenings. It seems as though you're having Azula fulfill Ozai's prophecy concerning her decision to side with Zuko to her detriment. Thus far, this has consisted of Katara sneering contemptuously at Azula from her moral soapbox while Toph and Zuko pile on with utter disregard for anything outside the scope of their narrow worldviews. I understand that such a course is consistent with the source material. I simply thought that, with someone as intelligent as Azula for a protagonist, you would steer the ship in a less naive direction. If this past chapter is any indication, it seems that I may be mistaken. To each their own, I suppose. Suffice to say, II won't be reading further.
Guest chapter 41 . 9/16
I can tell we're getting close to the climac and it's going to be so good please update soon an keep it going these next few months
Guest chapter 41 . 9/16
Please update sooner than you did before
SatoshiKyu chapter 41 . 9/16
Completely agree with the guest review. Azula is absolutely correct on every point and gives in to arguments that are frankly laughable. Suppose I should have expected power-of-friendship "because it's the right thing to do" bullshit to win out given it's based on a children's cartoon. The character you've established for Azula was neatly tossed out a window so the others could win the argument with completely unrelated appeals to emotion, and it's massively disappointing. Could have been a chapter to teach the rest of the gang that they can't save everyone, but then I suppose moral absolutism must always win the day somehow. The lot of them are incapable of winning against her with logic because they all know she's right, so instead you have them bombard her with emotional appeals and then pretend it should work. Every person in the group but Azula is so busy hugging one tree that they can't see the entire forest around them.

I mean if you're trying to match the tone of the show I guess you've succeeded. This is the kind of thing you'd see in a show for children, where the heroes always do the "right" thing (even when it's monumentally stupid and should absolutely get them all killed or captured) and it all turns out okay in the end. Yay for flanderizing good characters to adhere to a moral absolutist viewpoint and a juvenile need for all the "good guys" to also be "nice guys"?

It's just disappointing.
SatoshiKyu chapter 40 . 9/16
Katara's moral absolutism is maddening. She defines living with blinders on, completely incapable of seeing any issue from a perspective not her own.
Yami Vizzini chapter 41 . 9/16
Good work with Azula and Katara’s parallel sections after the beginning- it seems like in some ways they don’t think that differently after all.

Good work Toph, too! Maybe that was the push needed to tip Azula into being a more than halfway decent human being... Well, it’s a start at least. Also great seeing the Gaang really carry out a multifaceted plan like that.

Ember Island... looks like we’re finally approaching the climax for real.
kitsunez00 chapter 41 . 9/16
Thank you for the update! I really enjoy how Toph knows how to play Azula with words, very interesting too see when Azula usually is the one using word games :)
fanficchica123 chapter 41 . 9/15
I just started re-reading this and man oh man this is what I needed! I could hardly find any fics similar to this so I am so glad you updated and reminded me of this story! I really look forward to your future updates and can’t wait to see how you end this!
mistalenny chapter 41 . 9/15
Awesome update as always. Hope we get to see some more interactions between Toph and Azula.
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