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Evani chapter 35 . 7/16
Why do I keep reading amazing stories that end in flipping CLIFFHANGERS? Ugh, life is cruel. Anyway, thank you for this, its beautiful and I absolutely adore it. I soo cannot wait for you to update again :) thank you for writing this
BlueLion chapter 35 . 7/14
Brilliant novel! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 34 . 7/14
I'm dying! Please update
Guest chapter 35 . 7/14
You're killing me! Please review
Melody Sparrow chapter 12 . 7/13
Wow, Azula when she's with Oisha... She just doesn't understand. She has never gone through this kind of a situation - that what you believed in, in this case the Fire Nation and its Fire Lord - betrayed *you*. She doesn't see how Oisha could lose faith in the Fire Nation, how she could stay in the Earth Kingdom (which is a giant dump in her opinion, and also ENEMY TERRITORY!), and I find it sad that she doesn't understand this. She is all about the Fire Nation being superior, there's no doubt in her mind. But maybe, a tiny reason for why she gets mad so quickly (just a tiiiny reason!) is that she thinks Oisha is right and she doesn't want to believe her. (Haha, me and my analyses xD)
But also, Azula doesn't listen to very much to anyone but Zuko. His opinion is what she truly values, even if it is a truth that hurts. But if it is from anyone she doesn't care about, they're not worthy of questioning her, or anything she stands for, namely the Fire Nation (and the Fire Lord with that). If anyone dares to question the Fire Lord... well, they better not, 'cuz Ozai is Azula's father and has to be given the outmost respect. Anything that is not FOR the Fire Nation, even of you aren't *against* it but in the middle taking no side, is against the Fire Nation. There is only black and white here, no grey-zone. (Okay I think I'm done now xD)

And now Zuko is being confronted by everything! But it turned out okay in the end (at least with Mai), so that's great :)
Oooh, now Zuko has to figure his Avatar issues out, and Azula should probably change her opinion about the Fire Nation being totally superior xD But at least Mai and Zuko are on good terms! :D

Great job with this chapter! There was no fighting, but still a lot to think about in this chapter while reading ;)
Melody Sparrow chapter 11 . 7/13
And I forgot to say in my previous review: the last chapter was a nice filler-chapter that showed more of the characters', well, characters xD
Back to this one!

Wow, that conversation with Azula and Ozai - it explains a lot (also - title reference!). Azula has become who she is because of Ozai, but that doesn't mean that she has to *become* him. Ever since she was little she was taught that she's superior to everyone else (except Ozai) in like every way - nobody can be her equal because she's smarter, she's a firebending prodigy, she's the Fire Nation princess, and she's Strong, set apart from the Weak. But how I see it, she doesn't really want that. From her own experience throughout her life, she realizes that what Ozai says isn't totally true. Of course, she does seek to be a strong person like he wants, because it has been ingrained in her since childhood. On the other hand, she also wanted to please Ursa when she was little, and she does care about Zuko and Mai and Ty Lee. She uses what she has learned from Ozai to her advantage - she can read people easily, for instance, and she has worked really hard her whole life to do what she can do, which is good because she understands situations and can make well thought-out decisions. I think she also understands on some level that how Ozai raised her wasn't always helpful and could cause her harm. For example, deep inside she seeks love, and she finds it in the people closest to her, especially Zuko (while she doesn't from Ozai). Ozai only wants power and control. And while that has influenced Azula, she learns that that can hurt people - like when Zuko said that she was controlling in a previous chapter.
(Wow, that was a long analysis... xD sorry about that... Anyway, back to the chapter :,D)

(Toph and Katara are fighting.) I think it's nice how we get to read this from Toph's point of view. I never really thought how Toph would see this situation, I was siding more with Katara when I saw the episode. :)

Hahahaha! When they walk right into Katara - "...we're not going to just bump into them..." - and then they do! xD
Again, your fight scenes are fast-paced and exciting to read! Great job! :D
Agh, and those cliffhangers! It's always nice to see what's going on with the rest of the characters, but the story was right in the middle of the action! (The suspense is too much. D:)
Hahaha! The Cabbage Man! xD I've missed that guy xP You really have a balance of suspense, humor, emotion, all that good stuff, when you write! Even if it's based on the show, it's hard to get it all of this into writing. :)

Aw, Ty Lee thinks those against the Fire Nation are bad guys xD Deep down, if she really thinks about it, I don't think she really thinks that. I know that she's an optimistic, happy-go-lucky person, and that she was brain-washed into thinking the Fire Nation is superior, but she must know of the damage that the Fire Nation does to the world. But then again, she might not have any reason to think that that the Fire Nation isn't good. She might have never personally been exposed to what this war has done to a whole lot of people, and so maybe she never questioned the Fire Nation... (I'm really going into things here! I think I need to chill a little xD)

Hahaha, it's true! Aang wonders where Mai get's her knives - and I think we all do xD Like, does she pick them all up after a fight? (Also, Toph just joined the battle! YIS!)

WHOA! WOWOWOWOOOH THIS TOOK AN UNEXPECTED TURN! The Avatar State?! Doooood now Azula will know and what if she strikes now and Aang gets hurt in the Avatar State and andandand *BREEAATHE. JUST BREATHE.* Okay, I really need to finish reading!
And THERE'S CHAOS EVERYWHERE! Of course, Iroh got hurt here like in the episode, but now the Fire Nation Family is all together and I wonder what will happen next!

This was a really exciting episode! I can't wait to read the next chapter! :D
Melody Sparrow chapter 10 . 7/13
I like how you have written little... ironic (I think?) thoughts in this fic that, if they were real here, would be the canon of the show. What I mean is like, when Azula wonders how life would have been like if she had "rubbed her superiority in his [Zuko's] face" - it makes me think that if she had done that, we would have a story more like the canon one - where the siblings aren't close to each other. :)

And then Zuko seems like he is about to ruin his relationship with Mai. Yes, he needs to hunt the Avatar, but it feels like he will keep pushing Mai away, so at some point he might push her away to far (and there will be conflict!).

I find it interesting that Ty Lee, even if she's mopey for some unknown reason to me (And Azula xD) right now, would dare to answer back to Azula when she said, "I got it already. No need to nag." I just wouldn't expect anyone (even Ty Lee and Mai who are close to Azula) to say something like this, which makes me think that it is because of Azula being slightly "nicer" here. :P

Ooooh, Azula is doing *something* in this village/town! I bet it is for Ty Lee, which is why she had to stay behind... oh, well, I'll see soon!

Aww, Mai doesn't find Zuko boring! that's like the ultimate compliment coming from Mai ;D

*Gasp!* Ty Lee's birthday! And Azula remembered, but not only that, she got her a present! That is absolutely heart-warming. :) I think that is totally what this Azula would do, but I also think this is something the canon Azula would do, so that is nice. C:
Melody Sparrow chapter 9 . 7/11
I'll try not to write too much this time, but I figure that commenting on every single detail will probably be a little too much xD

Oooh, the suspicion and almost-betrayal Azula feels when Ty Lee misses the circus... Hopefully, Azula won't make this a big thing in the future :P
Haha, "worth it to just to see Mai display some genuine emotion for once"!

When Azula and Co. are in the throne room, it feels like Azula has more patience than in the show, because of how she closes her eyes and sighs. 'Patience' feels like another positive thing that come from Azula being more caring (if just a little more). ;D
On a different subject, I do understand Azula's reasoning, and I get that she (probably Mai, too, if Azula weren't there) would get Tom-Tom back through an ambush or something and not through a trade. But like, does Azula understand what parents would do to get there baby back? Who cares about the most valuable prisoner when the enemy has your baby?

Hahaha, Azula's totally on the right line, but she's all like, "NO. It can't be the Avatar." And then it is! xD (I bet she'll just go with it eventuallly, when she learns that it really IS the Avatar every time there's a possibility that he's there. I bet that's what Zuko learned, after season 1 of the show. I dunno, I can't remember much, but that's how I remember it xD)
Ah, you've really got Bumi spot-on! It's great to see (read) his jokes :P And the part where they're both reading each other - so accurate! And then Bumi gets under her skin! Wow! I didn't expect it, but I'm not surprised it happened, 'cuz Bumi's smart that way ;D

Whoa, things just took a different turn from the episode! Now, Azula has the advantage in many ways in this fight :) (evil smiley (I don't know if it can be seen in the review xD)).
Aww, tiny Aang! He's so trusting (gullible? I'm not sure which word I wanna use), he can't believe Azula knew so much about him.
The way you wrote the fighting scene is really good! Aang's thought cutting the narration makes it very interesting to read, and you write the fight scenes themselves with a lot of suspense! :D

Hehehe, Sokka and Ty Lee xD See, they both just want to get the baby to safety, and Ty Lee is losing patience and geting slightly desperate and then Sokka's all like, "Dude, it's not like I wanna KEEP this little Fire Nation minion!" :P

NOOO ZUKO IS FIGHTING *APPA*! THAT IS ABSOLUTEL T. Perfect. My heart is content. I want to quote every part of that interaction! xD Soft!Zuko is fave.

Oooh, Bumi being a crazy genius B) Again, I think you did a great job in writing Bumi! But now I wonder what will happen to him, since he just proved that he can still earthbend... Will they lock him up completely in metal? :O Or will he actually leave the city? I don't think so, which is why I must read on to find out!

Whoa, the disappointment Azula has for Aang right now! I understand how she's seeing things - he's the Avatar, but he can't even beat her, let alone stand his own ground against her. But it's cool to think how much he grows throughout the show, knowing that he will be so much better in the final episodes! (Plus, a little Avatar State never hurt ;D)

Yay! Bumi to the rescue! (Although I feel for Azula; she was having a moment...) And now Azula is free again... How is Bumi gonna survive this? He can't just sit there! (Can he?) (Alright, I'll keep reading xD)
Huh. What Zuko said about Azula - I didn't expect that! But it's true - if Azula gets this worked up over not being in control, something *really* needs to change. But it is unfamiliar territory for her. It reminds me of Katara in the North Pole, how she got angry at Pakku and kept going. This is a different situation though... they were both angry, but Katara could control it more than Azula, and as I said, this situation is not something Azula is used to. First of all, Bumi doesn't make much sense to her - reading him and figuring out what wants and will do is harder than usual. Also, Bumi is just very silly and weird at times, making it harder to take him seriously (and understand him), and lastly, I think that the fact that Bumi doesn't fear her also makes it hard for her to control him, which makes everything difficult.
Aaand, it's good that the royal siblings fixed their issues. :) (Also Bumi discovered metalbending! Yaas B) )
You have written yet another great chapter :) Now, I shall go to the next one (which will of course also be great) ;)
Melody Sparrow chapter 8 . 7/11
A note on how I review: I will most likely write down all of my thoughts as I read. So I'll probably guess what will happen and then comment on it when it does happen. xD

Oh, now that Azula decided not to use the resources she had on the boat, her path takes a different one than on the show. I wonder how things will work out...

When she first talks to Zuko in this chapter, it makes me think about how she shows that she cares about the people closest to her (Mai, Ty Lee, and especially Zuko in this fic). In the show, she does care about Mai and Ty Lee, which I can see here too, while she doesn't really care about Zuko in the same way, I think. And as you said in the previous chapter, she is just as manipulative as in the show, but I think she will develop differently as a character here than in the show. I think she will value her friends more and hopefully learn how to actually take care of them instead of use them. But that will also go against how Ozai raised her - to steer away from any 'attachments' like loving people. So it will probably take time. (Okay, back to reading!)

Hahaha! Azula not understanding Zuko's comments! She's all like, *sigh* "Zuko, take it from the beginning. Please. You're acting crazier than normal." (Haha, but what Azula DOES say is actually much better than this xD)

I like how Azula reasons out about who Aang's earthbending teacher would be. We know that Aang wanted Bumi 'cuz he knows Bumi personally, but it's funny that Azula still thought of him without that knowledge. And then that she decides that Bumi would still be useful (well, they were going there anyway for Mai) - it's great that it coincided with the Gaang going there at the same time.

It's really nice to see Azula and Zuko interacting when it comes to firebending. Even if Zuko values Iroh's teaching, he still listens to Azula, which is some nice sibling bonding, in my opinion. But since Azula was taught the aggressive kind of firebending and Zuko was taught (what I presume is supposed to be) what Iroh learned from the Sun Warriors (well, except for what he knew of firebending before he was banished), their bending styles will clash. This might also be a good or bad thing: in the series, Zuko follows (eventually) Iroh and becomes good, and his firebending is reflected in that. Now that his life seems to be taking a sort of opposite course, he might not go to the good side and won't have the Sun Warrior bending in the end. Or, they all become good and Azula will also learn Sun Warrior bending, and she will have a total conflict situation going on, 'cuz she embodies the aggressive firebending, which has to be partly due to her cold nature. Also, she will probably lose her blue fire because I think it comes from her aggressive firebending. Whew. That was a lot of lext. xD (Sorry 'bout that...)
Haha, but then I keep reading, and of course Azula would not have much patience. xD Whoooa, she's trying to teach him lightning?! It's quite interesting to see how she explains it and how Iroh explained it, with the waterbending. That's really cool, how he knows but Azula doesn't (and probably wouldn't want to know), and that Iroh's way (if I remember correctly) worked better for Zuko. Aw, poor Zuko. It feels like his "growing resentment" is going to burst one day and there will be a fight...

And then the fight with the bandits! First of all, I like how small events in the show like this one happen slightly differently here. Second of all, Zuko's sadness! They both had to change as they grew up, but Zuko's just so sad! He doesn't want to believe that his baby sister could kill people.
Anyway, YES BUMI! (Onwards!)
Guest chapter 7 . 7/11
First of all (before I start 'reviewing'): I'm rereading everything :P This means that I might review all of the coming chapters, even if they were written a long time ago. xD I hope that's okay ;)
And now to reviewing!
How I see it right now (thanks to your amazing portrayal of Azula), Azula's character is different from the series because of her relationship with Zuko - they really care about each other. But she is still manipulative, and I think that is because no one told/taught her what the rest of the world thinks is right and wrong (even if Ursa tried - although Ursa on the other hand didn't shown her love towards Azula like she did towards Zuko). Azusa grew up closer to her father, where she gets her manipulative, calculating nature. But I also think that it is just part of her character, like Zuko is more 'soft-hearted'.
Azula is also a really smart kid, so together with the intense training she received while growing up, it does make sense to me that she is the way she is - her nature, her thoughts and actions - at only 14 (also, that's how she is in the show). Then again, a lot of the characters in Avatar that are children/teens act in a way that I wouldn't expect at their age (I think because they have to grow up faster than kids generally do now - they have to take responsibility at a younger age, a bit like how it was before the 21st century).
My point is, I understand why Azula is the way she is because of how you have written her, her thoughts, and her childhood (or lack of). You have done an excellent job! :D
Overall, I think you have written all of the characters in character, and your writing is just amazing!
(Now I shall read the next chapter! XD)
Guest chapter 35 . 7/11
This story is about to get INTERESTING.

Not that it wasn't already, of course.
Great chapter!
Mitt T chapter 9 . 7/2
I always found it weird that Bumi couldn't metalbend kn the original series. He spent months in that block of metal. And it would totally be the kind of thing he'd come up with.
MisakiiMeiicute chapter 2 . 7/2
Hola necesito badges por favor T-T
Queen of Narnia49 chapter 35 . 7/1
Nooooo omg i've been binge reading this all day AND now its over. I'm so sad now. Suffice to say, this was an amazing read (I loved it the first time I read it and I loved it even more the second time). I love your take on Azula's motivations and personality and her relationship with Fire Squad (it doesn't have a name does it?).
Guest chapter 1 . 6/30
I wonder and hope this will be a zucest. Please. I believe there is enough between them to turn out this way. Because there are so few good zucest longshots.
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