Reviews for Morality Chain
Riptide134 chapter 43 . 15h
This whole story is so so good. I love it. I hope you update soon!
erica.phoenix16 chapter 43 . 6/4
Thanks for updating. :)
Guest chapter 43 . 6/4
Please don't make me wait another decade
taakotaaco chapter 43 . 6/4
azula is clever as the devil and twice as pretty but still fails to understand that it would take A Lot Of Coercing And Much Consideration for aang to go anywhere near killing ozai
LostAmericanSpy chapter 43 . 5/28
This story is awesome! I love how Azula change is slow and somewhat twisted in her own way. Your updates are definitely worth the wait :)
PandaTobi chapter 43 . 5/27
honestly fucking amazing story. you struck a perfect balance with azulas character.
centennialwriter chapter 43 . 5/27
Thus is super good! you made Azula believable but also dynamic in her relationships. Also I love her scenes with Toph!
Zakeraz chapter 43 . 5/26
There we go, made it to the end. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for the great read as always. What a trip this has been going thru the full story again.
Guest chapter 43 . 5/26
Very interesting story, keep it up !
Zakeraz chapter 39 . 5/25
I’d completely forgotten about most of Azula’s interactions with the rest of the gang, even her growing best frienemyship with Toph. That’s endlessly amusing by the way; they play off each other so well. Knew rereading this story from the start was a great idea!
Pearswitch chapter 43 . 5/25
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you updating this, even after years. I first stumbled upon this AU years ago, but then I kind of moved on from Avatar. Even without conscious thought, this AU and how canon would have been changed stayed with me. The dynamic between Zuko and Azula versus the rest of the group is intriguing to say the least, and Azula's friendship with Toph also lends itself to many laughs. I'm glad to have tuned back in just in time for all of the action the third book has. It's been a while, but now that I'm back, I'll read each update with glee.
Zakeraz chapter 33 . 5/24
Great job with the letter, it gives a good weight to the prison raid. I have to wonder where it fits in the timeline exactly though. It’s clearly after Azula and Ty Lee reunite to hunt for the gAang but I can’t tell if it’s before or after the season 2 finale.
Zakeraz chapter 23 . 5/24
This review will be for the last several chapters since I’m flying thru them one after another.
I find the description of lightning as cold fire rather odd given how insanely hot it is. It can heat water so quickly that it flash boils the water to make a steam explosion. It just makes it kind of jarring when the characters describe lightning as cold.
Also, what was Zuko’s part in the coup plan? Far as I could tell, he got the note on what to do from Azula and then just dramatically revealed himself at the end. We’re her instructions to get in disguise then stay out of the way?
Anyway, great story telling and character interactions. I’m having a blast reading it.
Zakeraz chapter 8 . 5/23
With Avatar now out on Netflix this felt like the right time to reread this magnificent story. With how long it’s been since the last time I read it, it feels like I’m reading it anew. What a delight!
senpen banka chapter 43 . 5/21
Fantastic story, can’t wait to read more!
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