Reviews for Morality Chain
Oliver W.K. Twist chapter 7 . 7/13
Great story so far. I normally don't comment on a story until the most recent or final chapter, but I felt I should mention one thing, due to the overall excellent grammar and formatting of rest of the story. Around the mid-point of the chapter, when the POV switches back to Azula after she greets Zuko and Iroh, the pronouns are all over the place for gender.
AzureTemplar3535 chapter 40 . 6/27
I found this story about a week ago and just finish the latest chapter.

This is a great story and hope it will be finish.
Wolfman217 chapter 40 . 6/25
Azula x Toph Azula x Toph Azula x Toph Azula x Toph PLEASE!

Azula x Ty Lee is soo overdone, and Azula and Toph are really cute together :D
Hrg chapter 40 . 5/30
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is so good, definitely one of my fav fics. I look forward to seeing an update!
st4t1c sh0ck chapter 40 . 5/22
This is amazing, once i started reading i couldn't stop until i finish it completely, so i can wait for more, I hope you update soon
Yuki Kyuu Aizawa chapter 35 . 5/15
Ahhh now I want to see Toph x Azula, but I want Ty Lee x Azula, but but... AGHHHH, I love this story. It makes me wish they went this route instead.
bbrodriguez chapter 40 . 5/8
Very good chapter. Can’t wait for the next!
ThatGuyReturns chapter 40 . 4/27
Holy shit, this fic is amazing. I mean, WOW. I stumbled across this on an ATLA binge I've been having, I've never really read Avatar fics before this but you've gotten me hooked! Kudos! I'm excited to see more of this but I know he wait will tear my soul apart, nevertheless that's why this is worth it. I can't compliment this enough! I love it!
FireAndIce123 chapter 2 . 4/23
I loved this chapter so much.
ThrowawayAccount42808 chapter 39 . 4/20
All right, I'm a bit put off by some of the decisions that Azula made in this chapter. I will say that I know she's off her game a bit, but these particular criticisms still seem weird.

So in your verse, Azula almost seems "lightening happy" as in she uses it quite a bit. But here, she decides to shoot a wave of fire at Qin which catches him off guard. I'm surprised she didn't do the same thing, except shoot a bolt right past his face instead.

Also, instead of simply kicking him from the airship, I don't get why she didn't ask HIM where Ty Lee was. Again, this might not have changed the end result, because once Qin was able to, he could just send word to wherever Ty Lee was being kept currently and she could be moved before Azula had the chance to rescue her, but she didn't even try. Maybe she took what I said into account though, but it wasn't stated, even in her inner thoughts, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

But man, I really hope they rescue her soon... and that TyZula will be canon.
prettywithchains chapter 40 . 4/15
I'm really enjoying this. I was very relieved to see that this story is still being updated. Your character development is excellent and I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes. Azula's friendship with Toph A. Thank you for writing
ThrowawayAccount42808 chapter 17 . 4/15
Okay, some small details that I've noticed that I feel need pointing out because I appreciate them.
Firstly, we have Ty Lee referred to as "her acrobat" when talking about Azula. Meaning that Azula thinks of Ty Lee as "hers." Then, we have Ty Lee calling Azula "Az" which is a nickname we've only seen Zuko use, and Azula doesn't even bat an eye at the name.

Also, the scene with Azula talking to Iroh about the siege was fantastic.
V4llerie chapter 40 . 4/14
I found this yesterday and oH MY GOD THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS. You do moral ambiguity really well! Totally looking forward to reading more!
Garryl chapter 40 . 4/13
Interesting story. I look forward to seeing how it ends.

It's interesting to see how events change with Azula as a high-functioning sociopath instead of a full-on psychopath. She's actually aware of people as people here, rather than just tools, even if she only cares about it with the few people close to her. She actually cares about and respects those people, in her own stilted way, rather than just using them.

Weirdly, it feels like this Azula's greater interactions with Zuko and the Gaang wind up redistributing the total character development, with the same total amount split among one more person, rather than increasing the total amount. Zuko's growth from season 2 is cut down and diverted to some growth for Azula, in particular.

The characterization is on point. There were a few times that the Gaang seemed to be more accepting of Azula and Zuko than the should be, but most of them were because I forgot that these characters didn't actually do the same horrible things that they did in canon, so the Gaang don't have as much reason to hate Azula and Zuko's guts.
The Wasp1995 chapter 40 . 4/12
Very happy to see this updated, even though it took me damn near a month to finally get around to reviewing.

First off, this fic is one of the best I've read, period. You never fail to keep me intrigued with each subsequent chapter. Second, I like the way Azula grows through all of this. In any other scenario, she's a villain and Mai sums it up best "she'd burn everything to the ground and do it with a smile." But the more time she spends with the gang, the more she's really had to reconsider her point of view, her whole outlook. The scenes with Katara are especially poignant given just how opposite they are.

This chapter really highlighted just how Azula was taught to see the world and behave in it and it's well contrasted with Katara's upbringing. This version of Azula does genuinely care for people- her brother, Mai, Ty Lee, etc. but as our favorite south pole bender points it, that won't be enough to sustain whatever progress she's made thus far. Some things go beyond power and control, and Azula has yet to understand that 100 percent.

It'll be interesting to see what direction you'll take in that regard, as well as the upcoming battle during Sozin's Comet. Can't wait for more! Hopefully it won't be 9 months until the next update xD
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