Reviews for Veela Struck
MissMJS chapter 34 . 11/2/2016
Good god, this
The angst! The progression! Spectacular job going at the required slow pace for this! It was a long wait, but the all buildup to it was well worth it and made it all the better.
My favorite part was Draco dancing around in happiness, wings stretched and trilling. How can I resist smiling at that? xD
Damn, it took me basically a day to read this... A day I was supposed to do college shit... Eh, worth it!
nicole971003 chapter 34 . 3/22/2016
Finally the hurt's healed and here comes the reward for them both to have been relentless and patientThis is one of my favourite Drarry fanfics now, I really love the mutual respect, understanding and openness between them. Draco fought against his instincts and pulled out all the stops to heal Harry while Harry stretched his limits and tried his very best to consider Draco's feelings despite his horrendous experience. They're both strong and they REALLY meant for each otherI really like fics with sensible and gradual establishment of bonds and relationship between characters. Perhaps that's why I really love reading hurt-comfort kinda fics and adore this fic soooo much. Thank you for having written rich a beautiful story!
nicole971003 chapter 27 . 3/22/2016
I really like the Malfoys here, it tugged at my heartstrings seeing Harry got a new family that supported him with all they could
nicole971003 chapter 20 . 3/22/2016
My heart melted reading this chapter The comfort that came after the hurt was soothing and I really relish reading it!
nicole971003 chapter 19 . 3/22/2016
How I wanted to cuddle Harry, I almost cried with him, my heart ached for him. He's progressing slowly painfully but nicely is my courageous Harry
nicole971003 chapter 17 . 3/22/2016
I can understand why Harry's infuriated. Only the victim himself could make decisions on the issue, especially when one's as determined as Harry. Glad that he didn't just leave Draco. Well confrontations like this leads to confessions and could help them know more about each other'sboundaries. It's quite angsty but I could see hope so I actually quite like this kind of quarrelling scenes.
nicole971003 chapter 15 . 3/22/2016
I appreciate that Draco didn't lose composure, it is even harder than to take revenge on the one who hurt Harry. Harry MUST notice should be a way to win his heart and a way for them to get along in the long 're surely meant for each other.
nicole971003 chapter 14 . 3/22/2016
omg Harry's gift was just too lovely, he's really tried his very best to comfort Draco. This chapter is heart melting. I guess this warm melting feeling is the reason why I like hurt-comfort stories so so much:)
Ryane-Foxx chapter 34 . 12/7/2015
MMan this was one of the crazier Emotional rollercoasters ive been on. It was beautiful, the story was Captivating, and Overall a joy . :)
brynn.brigham chapter 34 . 10/29/2015
Brilliant! Simply brilliant!
Guest chapter 34 . 10/28/2015
Amazing, heartfelt story.
I loved everey moment of it and unlike many other 100.000 words fanfictions this one was in no way at all boring, too long or unnecacery delaying.
It kinda makes me sad that it's over already, but the end was perfect too :).
Rowling's Daughter chapter 34 . 10/9/2015
Oh, wow! This is excellent!
claire1663 chapter 34 . 8/9/2015

thank you for your fic.
All the best.
Meel Jacques chapter 34 . 7/18/2015
Neither do I, Draco, it is love. *0* Honestaly.
Meel Jacques chapter 33 . 7/18/2015
Harry ambushed Draco, sucked him and pleaded. Perfect.
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