Reviews for After the First Task
Bobmin356 chapter 19 . 8/4
This wasn't a bad story, but there were an incredible amount of wrong words, missing words and other editing errors that seriously detracted from the story. Its obvious it wasn't edited, or even proofread.
Guest chapter 19 . 6/25
Is that a little Harry/Daphne I sense there at the end, not that I'm complaining as Daphne is the 3rd person I would set Harry up with Hermione being number 1 and Tonks being number 2.
Navn Ukjent chapter 19 . 6/20
Quite fluffy and nice.
Guest chapter 15 . 5/30
That's one way to removed a grease stain. Next they need to shine a few trillion candle power lights on the dark families in the Wizengamot and remove all the shadows that they hide in. Poor Snaky'd really have a fit if that were happen! First all that lovely and useful gold goes away, then his spies in the ministry and finally his supporters in the Wizengamot!? He'll have to rebuild his Death Eater ranks yet again as he'd likely kill a lot off in his rage. Of course there's no way of knowing how many of his remaining Death Eaters would spread the word about what happened to their fellows.
Bronze chapter 14 . 5/29
Why Malfoy is in Slytherin is a question without any answer. The boy embodies none of the desired traits of the House. He's on a par with Fudge except he feels his money WILL get him everything. He's going to be shit out of luck when the Dark Lord dies permanently. He won't have his Daddy to run back to nor his mother. Dear old Dad is very likely dead and Mommy dearest wants nothing to do with him. Should he keep up the way he's going now he'll likely be in Azkaban before he could join Voldemort's service.
Bronze chapter 13 . 5/29
That meeting will be one to remember! Fudge doesn't realize yet that Harry doesn't A) like him and B) trust him to be smarter then a stone. Make that a grain of sand. After all, it's smaller with less room for a brain. Not that Fudge has used his much in his adult life. Fudge is just the type to bring a group of Death Eaters without even knowing it. Hell! Voldemort could wear a glamour and Fudge wouldn't think to check for any sign of dark magic on him!
Bronze chapter 12 . 5/29
I think someone should force a cleansing potion down Percy's throat and see what happens. It's like he drank something or maybe he had a different father then the rest of the Weasley children. He doesn't take after his mother or father. Nor is he anything like his older brothers. He's heading in the same direction as the former minister Fudge. A total suck up to whoever pays him the most gold.
Bronze chapter 11 . 5/29
I'm still watching for the knife in the back from that old fraud. As for Snape, I have no clue how he became a teacher! Never mind in Hogwarts! IN ANY SCHOOL! It'd be really great if Harry found A spell ritual or charm plus ritual or even a Goblin Blood Ritual that destroyed every branded Death Eater and any associated but not branded followers of Voldemorts that destroyed their magic. And by connection Voldemorts. Oh sure, the ministry would have screaming fits about it but who cares as long as Snake Face is destroyed and can't return.
Bronze chapter 10 . 5/29
Fudge is now just a smelly brown stain on the Minister's chair. And Lucius Malfoy has orphaned his son. Which, depending on author, can mean that Draco Malfoy has no name, no title and NO HOME! Voldemort does not forgive those who fail him. and Voldemort is likely in a very good mood right bout now. After all, he just lost access to the Black vaults as well as the LeStrange vaults. Well, technically, he still has access to the LeStrange vault . It's just that they are a hell of a lot less or Tom Riddle does not like being poor. Nor does he take it at all well.
Bronze chapter 9 . 5/29
Simply tell the second, third and fourth years the truth and have them ask Cedric as he was there and saw Voldemort with his own eyes. They could also be told to write Fleur to get her side of the story. That'd show them that it was in fact the ministry that was lying. Of course, Ronald being Ronald, he couldn't bother finding out the facts before opening his mouth. It might interfere with his growing ignorance. The facts have a way of doing that you know.
Bronze chapter 8 . 5/29
Harry's doing way more then that asshat Fudge. The man's so far up Malfoy's ass that for all intents and purposes, Malfoy is running the ministry. Fudge shouldn't just be thrown out of office, he should be investigated, tried, convicted and sentenced to life and two thousand years in Azkaban. You can bet under truth potion he'd give up Lucius Malfoy first then every other person to bribe him. Azkaban would see a population boom over night. And the ministry would see an equal number of sudden job openings. As a lot if not all the Death Eater scum were removed from office. And if as each was arrested they too were forced to take the truth potion they'd give up others in the ministry. That'd in turn also cripple Voldemort as he'd loose his spies in the ministry. It'd also likely make it all but impossible to block the floo network when his Death Eaters attacked a house connected to it.
Bronze chapter 7 . 5/29
For some strange reason I get this picture of Tweety Bird in my head when Dumbledore thinks the next year will be interesting. I picture her/him saying " HE DON'T KNOW ME VERY WELL, DO HE!? " Why I have no idea. I guess it could be that it's 3:42 am and I need to get some sleep but, I could be wrong. I could've simply just lost my marbles. No, that can't be it. I know exactly where my marble are. There in a large can in my storage locker. :-)
Bronze chapter 6 . 5/29
It's about damn time Harry got some good training! Dumbledore is USELESS! He just had to wait till Voldemort was back before he could even start to get his ass in gear! And even then he makes no plans to get Harry and his friend advanced training. Screw the bedamned spell training! Teach all of the how to use a pistol! Then train them to aim and shoot to kill! Leave no death Eater alive behind them! Who gives a damn if the Death Eater is a wealthy Pure Blood or not! All that matters is that he/she is a Death Eater! If you kill them then they can't return at a later date to cause you more trouble. Also by killing them off you deprive Voldemort of A) followers and B) protection. You'll force him to fight more often and have a lot less time to raise money to use to bribe the ministry.
Bronze chapter 5 . 5/28
I still don't trust that old goat f***er! He has a lot to pay for and not in gold either! But he has made a very minor down payment by getting Harry out of that house and into one where he'll learn a lot about love. However, he has one hell of a long way to go yet.
Bronze chapter 4 . 5/28
Well it looks like I was right about the old goat f***er. He does have his own interests at heart. He's already to sacrifice Harry to his Greater Good. I think it long past itme to sacrifice him to his Greater Good instead of others. He's lived a long and productive life so end it before he gets anyone else killed.
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