Reviews for Imperfect Metamorphosis
Guest chapter 70 . 12/10
4 months later and I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. Words cannot describe how much I anticipate the next update (even though it may be far off). Thank you so much for this!
Guest chapter 69 . 8/12
"thou wisheth"

Should be "thou wishest".

"Yukari held up the gem that contained Yuuka's marveling at how much brighter"

You accidentally a.
Zeren chapter 70 . 7/21
Heya. I just finished reading your story and I'm completely floored.

I've recently decided to delve deeper into the Touhou fandom and have consumed massive amounts of fan art, videos, memes, wiki pages and all sorts of doujinshi in my wicked path of obsession. And when I stumbled upon your fanfic with 1.2m words, all I could do was bounce up and down in anticipation of some good-old literature slamming into my masochistic brain. Needless to say, I'm absolutely satisfied and am experiencing some well deserved post-fanfic depression.

I had to look up some stuff and read up on some character wiki pages while reading through. Doing so made me get a bigger picture of Gensokyo and all the fancy stuff that surrounds it, for that I owe you my gratitude. Reading your story has made me delve into Touhou a LOT deeper, and I'm definitely enjoying every step I'm taking deep into this magical rabbit hole.

I've shed a few tears, grinned in excitement, gasped upon horror lots of times throughout every chapter. Lots of emotions got invoked while reading, aye. And you know what, I'm starting to think that I'm an absolute sucker for suffering. Suffering you've definitely delivered, straight through my heart with a wooden stake peppered with Mordite. Ouch.

I wish you good luck upon your future projects. Keep up the good work!

that ending though, damn
Komecko chapter 70 . 6/7
I just read this over the last month.

It is by far the single best fan fiction in the Touhou fandom, and should be recognized as such. The characterization is the best done, though this could be due to the length. It's the longest. It's the cleanest in terms of grammar, it has the best plot, even with its occasional idiot balls. The fights are well choreographed and have real punch behind them, with each move having consequences and the like. It's really something to see. I personally love Yuuka Kazami and so I loved her as a villain, she was just oodles of fun to see, and I loved how you finally beat her, it made it so ironic and so satisfying. I do hope Mima ends up making her see some humility, even though she's a villain and portrayed as unredeemable I think for her, redemption is realizing her own mortality and own "filth" so to speak, even if that means being Mima's puppet. I loved Mima or Yuuka the most, but adored absolutely every character, even Yukari, who I usually hate for being the Deus Ex Machina.

The Gensokyo you built was majestic in its violence yet peacefulness. It seems when the chips fall down Gensokyo is a pretty bloody place, but there are still plenty of good guys to do what needs to be done.

Thanks for writing this man, I'll definitely read some of your new stuff as well.
Shibito chapter 70 . 2/9
Absolutely Beautiful.

I must say, Beginning this story on the start, I thought such that it would end up as a Self-Insert of someone with alarmingly powerful abilities that played out a Mary-Sue story, and I confess, I was dead wrong.

The weaving of such a story to leave me in Suspense, As well as the intincing feeling that there would always be more trouble as the story continued to lead me along a turn of twists and suprises, That even a reader as such like me, Who has read for a solid 7 years of my life, Did not expect, And for that I congratulate you.

You have made a story I would openly buy for cash to continue reading, And my only two remaining problems for this are the slightly drawn out Yuuka scenes, And the fact that there will probably be a stall in content.

I wish you luck on your next big project, and hope you continue to write on this story as well as make your next one just as fabulous and a journey as this has been.

Until next time, Foxx.
jtblion chapter 70 . 1/2
Whew. That was an intense chapter.
That interrupted author's note is creepy though...
Don't leave me on a cliffhanger like this!
CountryFriedJoe chapter 70 . 1/2
Oh boy oh boy, hina has the angel now. Its been fun reading this story, even if I've only been here since last year. Congrats on finishing this and good luck with your book.
Firefox178 chapter 70 . 1/2
I knew it. That Fallen Angel is still lurking about. Always thought that getting rid of it was too easy. And it looks like Rin found her parents grave. That is another gut punch to her when she finds out.
StupidityNowOffersWisdom chapter 70 . 1/2
Congrats on finishing IM! Loved the fic ever since I started reading it from chapter 20ish or so. That ending sounded so very much like the prelude to a sequel, but hey, you have other goals and stuff you wanna tackle, so let's not go there.

Will definitely stay tuned for your future work!
Crazy Scion chapter 70 . 1/2
I was not here at the very beginning, but I have been here for several years. This is one of my favorite stories, and I will gladly read the next chapter no matter how long it takes.
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 70 . 1/1
Well, and that's a wrap. Thank you so much for you continued work. You have no idea how much it makes my day to see one of your fics updated. Still see shit about to go down (dammit Sakuya), but it's finally gotten a breather. It's weird to have a chapter where there isn't impending doom that we weren't expecting (Shadow Rumia doesn't count, we all knew this was coming, haha). Also nice to see Yukari giving some slack. Satori's reunion was probably the one heartwarming moment in this epilogue. Rin's scene was close, but having her find what's probably her parents made that sadder.
Anyways, wonderful wonderful job with this story, and I think you for sharing it with us. Subconscious sounds like it'll be a riot to read as well.
Thank you again and I look forward to reading your next work/update! Good luck, God bless, and Happy New Year!
kinigget chapter 70 . 1/1
Well hell man. Best of luck to you, and I'll definitely be checking out your stuff when you get it out

And I friggin *knew* we hadn't seen the last of the Shadow Youkai

So that'll be fun
lightningflash51 chapter 70 . 1/1
i don't know if the last bit of this epilogue hints at a possible sequel in the works but i think the story would be fine ending as is. Anyhow this was a good conclusion to this story
RemoveOSChip chapter 70 . 1/1
You mentioned you had a scene you were waiting to write for a long time now. The last scene is the other 'half' of Qilin's story, isn't it.

I'm not pleased there is so much left unresolved. I picked this up around chapter three or four. As the story went on I began to realize how clever of a writer you are. What I truly think I enjoyed most was even years later you were able to tie the smallest snippets of plot together.

Honestly though I'd have to admit the waiting started to burn me out. And now It hurts a lot more knowing there's things blatantly unanswered and unsaid.

Your stinger with Hina and the dolls.

Reimu, and everyone at the shrine still perpetually on the sidelines.

Whatever yukari's final conversation with Reimu ends up being.

Rin and Rumia's promise on the hill.

...And now whether or not what you've set up with 'Meika' will intersect with what (who) I -think- is the price that Yukari paid. You dropped a few threads on the way out now that I think about it.

And countless other things I may have forgotten. I'll keep waiting though. I'm pot committed at this point.
Godspeed, Taker.
Loved It chapter 70 . 1/1
Without a doubt, this incident quickly snowballed into a hot mess of chaos and death. Marisa is dead, and as one would expect, massive consequences resulted. Clearly, there is another story to be told and I only wonder if Marisa's inevitable attempt to resurrect herself will succeed; Mima certainly foreshadowed it. If Marisa returns- probably in a very abrupt way, the nature of her relationships will definitely have changed as Reimu, the Scarlet Devil Mansion and Underground Palace have already begun the grieving process. I look forward to reading your next story whatever it may be, TakerFoxx.
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