Reviews for What Binds Us Together
genie luciana chapter 24 . 5/28 it is over?
The Punch Lord chapter 24 . 5/25
it wasn't a disappointment, I found it very sweet and endearing, and of course, FINALLY XD
brilliantly written and really, really good fic. Hope you're able to update it soon
the.m1ghty.pen chapter 24 . 5/24
OMG. Can I say how freaking HAPPY this has made me?! I was (still am) so in love with this story because of just the way you made them interact and it was just this slow, beautiful journey... Argh! I was simply ridiculously ecstatic that you at least posted this chapter. I would love it if you finished it, but honestly, I don't care if you don't! This chapter just totally did it for me, I want for nothing! Nothing! lol So if it's not finished, I at least know they finally admitted it to each other!

Okay, so fan-craziness aside, throughout the whole story I loved your prose, flow and balance of writing. You did such a good job with all the characters - keeping them as in character as you could with all the stuff that you had them experience. Oh man. I love it. I do. Thank you *bows deeply* for at least giving us fans this little chapter
Nosono Takako chapter 24 . 5/23
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*pants disgustingly*
I. Have. Been. Waiting. Literal. Years.
I just realized that you updated months ago so now I'm mentally kicking myself.
You don't know how much your writing has inspired my own interest in crafting fictional/fantasy-like stories. This was everything and more to me because you continued, even if for the briefest time. Thank you for not completely abandoning your readers!
Shinybaby chapter 24 . 5/6
OMG!did I cry?I don't know! But I like the way you explained how they're bound to each other...Really great job... Love you for updating...
blades of blood488 chapter 24 . 5/3
What a great chapter! Ichigo and Rukia are so in character. :P Please finish!
sunev.31 chapter 24 . 4/22
A very good fic !, Without that i love stories of unrequited love then becomes two xD, who would have thought, Karin was the cupid at the end !, I already want to read is going to happen, updated soon.
Billy Ruffian chapter 24 . 4/20
Well, it wasn't a disappointment to me!
newrun chapter 24 . 4/17
oh my! you updated! im forcing myself not to cry! i mean this is like my favorite fanfic of all time. thanks for updating. really... maybe you can reread again all the comments and finish the story haha. just kidding it's up to you. but thank you!
Jade Rojo chapter 24 . 4/17
How romantic.. how cheesy.. how sweet .. how cute way to bound them together.. Although.. i was eager for more lemon.. jajaja.. but .. even though.. love the way they confess each other... and didnt waste their time.. JAJAJAJAJA..
Jade Rojo chapter 21 . 4/17
That's it ! I'm starting to drink tequila ! this is just too much to handle !
Jade Rojo chapter 20 . 4/17
oh my Darling Ichigo... he is so sweet and jealous !
Jade Rojo chapter 19 . 4/16
Snipaush chapter 24 . 4/15
I was actually surprised when this popped out in my alerts. I had to re-read the entire story to get back up to speed, but still it's great you decided to continue the story. Though the ending feels a bit rushed it still was very uhm... Fluffy?
Jade Rojo chapter 13 . 4/14
oh my God.. i havent post any comments before because i cant wait any second longer for the next chapter.. but damn .. my heart is pounding and i'm so worried for rukia for being so so stubborn and ichigo for being even worst.. I was waiting to see how would you make these two.. get together...

but a storm.. in the Woods.. with thunderbolts, rivers and damns that might broken... o M gosh ! Please send a super romantinc scene next !
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