Reviews for Silver Roses
beywheelz chapter 3 . 12/8/2013
I read the story it sounds great! but poor bierce why is he see or immaging things!?
vinegarette-kiss chapter 3 . 3/28/2010
ok, trying a review-as-i-read idea so here goes. :)

We start off with a flashback, I get a little bit confused/bored through this not because of your writing but generally while i get charac development...dream sequences are not really my fav. still it's good that we get a little more into what he's been dreaming about and the angel/demon dynamic that i'm pretty sure will get important squared later on.

In terms of OOCness, i think you're alright. True your Karat is generally a stronger, more put-together person than my vague recollections of a really annoying voice actor but that's probably due to what happened in your fic. I mean, it's AU - and from the whole IBA head thing sounds like she went a lot more hands on. So yeah, i don't think the way she acted was really that ooc, but i kinda didn't really get why she wanted to talk to B in the first place(but then i might missed character interactions are really IC, you write a amazingly canon enjyu and i'm looking 4ward to seeing how this fic keeps going.

guessing that cat!girl is the oc, since i don't remember any cat girls from the show...i've never been a oc fan but trying not to judge before i see the result so i'll wait until i get to see more of her/it until i decide.

anyway liking this more and more in general :) looking forward to a update sometime in the future ~
ScIlEnTdEaTh chapter 3 . 3/28/2010
Hurray for descriptiveness! xD

Actually, I don't really think that Karat is OOC (only a little)... Oh well, that's just my opinion...
v-kisses cont chapter 2 . 3/22/2010
and damnn these effn limits [shakes fist]

moving on. pretty much just killed me when E gets all like 'yeah JOU DIED TAKE THAT'

and i was just all like wait, what? O_o :(. that and i love blueberries (but only in muffins). so yeah, looking forward to a update in the sometime possibly distant future. :D
vinegarette-kiss chapter 2 . 3/22/2010
...on like a total whim i was procrastinating, flicked through a couple of profiles and i was like ho-hum...wait, OMG.


hm - there are definitely improvements though my recollection of your fic is pretty damn fuzzy (kinda like my old gbc version of pokemon gold.) the first chapter was hella confusing - i got the gist of it, but like yeah, i figure that's something you plan on clearing up later on.

then we got into the second chapter. yeah, i have to admit- there is something totally comforting and relaxing about writing for the b-damon fandom again. really liking the characterization, bierce is a adorably bierce-like and i like how they kind of have that big dysfunctional family feel to them. :)

The stone came a bit sudden for me; maybe i guess i'm used to imagining a bunch of midget tweens running around with marble launchers xD. maybe delta rock is a lot closer in your fic, or the mentioned unexplainable magic powers have something to do with Terry's rapid transportation from the table to delta rock. but i think i'm just being nitpickedly there.