Reviews for Falling for the Falls: Sonny's POV
channy-mega-fan chapter 1 . 3/1/2011
hahaha cool I like the part with "in out in out..."

great story
bethany jayne chapter 1 . 7/25/2010
why don't you do a fanfiction on what would of happened if chad was there when sonny sang me mysel & time on so random, it could even be a romance. yours truley bethany jayne xoxoxoxoxo
gAnGsTa GaBbY lOvEs JoKeR chapter 1 . 6/15/2010
Love it!
S24 chapter 1 . 5/25/2010
Thanx for the spoiler!
nina chapter 1 . 3/22/2010
that was adorable well done!
Lovely SOS chapter 1 . 3/21/2010
Wow, this was really good! You did Sonny's POV very well. Also, I like long stories, if they are good, so it worked out! But, yeah, I really liked it, and the words are all like exact and perfect!
channy4evawinter chapter 1 . 3/20/2010
omg i read it and its so awesome i read another review like that bet less details thnx!
DancingRaindrops chapter 1 . 3/20/2010
Oh my gosh! So cute :D I was thinking of doing this when I first read the script, but as you know I decided to do Chad's POV instead, since someone told me I was better at writing from his POV than Sonny's. And I'm glad I did, because now I got to read your version! :) Great job.
Girltech101 chapter 1 . 3/20/2010
Lol, i love when sonny splashes water on chad. I saw the clip of it in a promo, an his face was hilarious. Great story!