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Bree chapter 39 . 8/7
I'm replying to the person below me (zod6006). As soon as I saw their comment, it irked me. I wasn't even going to reply but it didn't sit right with me (mainly because I love this fic and the writer).

To keep it concise: You're entitled to your opinion, albeit I honestly think you're wrong. The writer is NOT a liar. This fanfic is every bit a Snow and Lightning story. If it was a Hope and Lightning fic I wouldn't have read it anyway (well...ok, I actually would have read it because it's brilliantly written). It's a cute and lovely story of Snow and Lightning's relationship growing.
zod6006 chapter 39 . 6/29
This is not a Lightning/Snow fanfic, at it's core this story is a Lightning/Snow, Lighting/Hope fanfiction. You lied to your readers.
Archangel's Requiem chapter 39 . 4/25
it took me forever to find this story again! I lost it years ago and has been at the back of my mind ever since. you have a flair for writing and I greatly enjoyed reading this story.
Nikkette chapter 39 . 12/3/2015
I just couldn't help going back to this story again. It's one of those fics that really sticks with you and makes it so that you can't stop yourself from going back and rereading it every now and then :)

This is such a great story, the writing is superb and I love the pairing to bits. And it's so nice now because I can read it all the way through to the end! XD Anyway congratulations on finishing this story (even though it's a super-belated congrats) it's definitely one of my all time favorites on this site! ;)
denebtenoh chapter 39 . 8/14/2015
beautiful! I loved it! just beautiful!
denebtenoh chapter 12 . 7/27/2015
aaaawww... sooo cute! I love it!
denebtenoh chapter 11 . 7/26/2015
awww... this is so cute!
Its true, Lightning almost never talked to Fang, and definitely never talked to Vanille. They were the females of the group, shouldnt they have to be more conversational? Nice chappy!
denebtenoh chapter 5 . 7/20/2015
woooow! this was just so daaamn beautiful!
denebtenoh chapter 3 . 7/19/2015
oMG this is so nice! I cant stop reading!
Guest chapter 39 . 6/25/2015
Great story, good ending. One of the most in-character fics out there and it was well-written
Chera83 chapter 29 . 6/25/2015
Your story is great. I have a strange question. Did you change your story? Or is it me being paranoid.
Chera83 chapter 11 . 6/11/2015
Hi. I have read this whole story already. So now I'am re-reading it again because it is a very good story. Also I like the way you write. You make it seem easy to write for Lightning you keep her in character.
Huredhiel chapter 39 . 6/9/2015
Amazing as always. Thank you so much for the best snow/light story ever. Much love Hun.
Darkspyre chapter 39 . 5/31/2015
That was a hell of a ride, and after following this story for the last five years (wait, what? *feels old* ) it finally comes to a close. That was a really satisfying ending- I'm glad Serah finally came around. The bonus chapter was hilarious. Thanks for crafting such an amazing fic.
Invisible Valkyrie chapter 39 . 5/1/2015
I should say (although you probably have already deduced): Bree Invisible Valkyrie and vice versa.

I feel bad each time I've left a review as 'Bree', after joining this site because I couldn't remember my log in details or which email address I used to sign up with to change my password. I might sound like a sap: but I felt obliged to log in and review using my username. I mean, it is the very least I could do, as your fic is the sole reason why I signed up to this website. Literally. I've been lurking on this website and others for years and have read hundreds of fanfiction.

Some were really good and others that were amazing which I've absolutely loved and adored, but I was content enough to leave a review anonymously. Your fics, in particular Revelations, are the reason I joined. But I have never (ever) read one such like this that I felt COMPELLED enough to join a website *just* to leave a review, follow and favourite both the fic and writer. There's something (or rather some things) about this fic, tat's had a profound impact on me. I can't really describe it, I think it's the relatability. I can relate (be it sympathise or empathise) to the majority of the characters *sigh* yes, even with Hope. I actually don't like him, *cough*Ihatehim*cough* and I'm not that fond of Vanille either. But your portrayal of them was great, I liked Vanille and I could tolerate Hope (I was always on the non-existent bleachers cheering for Snow each and every time he got close to Lightning, or vice versa, when Lightning let her guard down and warmed up to him. I was even totally on board when Snow wanted to 'get back' at Hope, lol). It might sound dumb, it's kind of hard to explain. I'll probably PM you after I finish writing this.

If I could sum this fic up in one word, it would be: Incredible. Beautiful, lovely, wonderful, amazing would all suffice. But I think incredible makes sense. Incredible writing. Incredible storytelling. Incredible characterisation. Incredibly believable romance. Incredible comic relief and humour. Incredible vast, crazy roller-coaster ride of emotions. Incredibly beautiful and poignantly written. And to think, THIS fic was your first attempt at writing. I believe the most poignant moment for me, was in chapter 11(?) (I'm probably wrong, but I'm pretty sure it was prior to them arriving in Oerba), where Fang stole Lightning's towel. That moment where Snow confided that Lightning was enough for him (aww) and consequently the ball was in her court. It was lovely.

You (and someone else) are the only one(s) who have written an extremely, believable way of dealing with Serah. The other writer is Blamnie (on this site) with her lovely but too-short fic 'The Secrets Fractures of Snow Villiers'. I highly recommend anyone who hasn't read it, to stop what they're doing and read it. It's beautifully written and very believable as well. Back to you, Symphonic Silence, you wrote Snow and Serah's break up perfectly. Damn, it's so believable, I sound like a broken record but I was engrossed. I've perceived Revelations as a soap opera. Unlike the cheesy, lame ones on tv, Revelations had me hooked from the very beginning and my love and adoration for this fic never faltered. I was too smitten with it. And it's the longest Snow/Light fic thus far, whooo! :)

There was something else I wanted to write but I've lost it, argh.

Last week, I saw the email alerts notifying me that you've posted the final chapters. To be honest, I wanted to prolong reading it as long as possible - I didn't want it to end and I still can't believe it's over. But then again I wanted to just wanted to read how everything ends. Like I mentioned in a previous review as Bree, I did re-read this whole fic from chapter 1 to chapter 37. Not only that, I re-read all your other Snow/Light fics :P I did a bad thing and decided to read a chapter or two before I went to sleep. Ingenious idea: read one or two chapters, then go to sleep. Sounds simple, yeah? Nooppppppppeee! Each night I'd stay up and didn't realise until 4 or 5 chapters and 1, 2 or 3 hours later *just* how late it was *cough*2am-on-most-nights(early mornings?)but-when-I-finished-reading-the-lat-two-chapters-it-was-past-3am*cough*

Anyway, to be honest the epilogue and the bonus chapter: well, it's not quite how I envisioned it ending (I wasn't quite sure how it would end, I guessed a proposal or pregnancy). I wasn't expecting such a sudden jump in time. In saying that, it's wonderful how everything came together: Lightning's (and everybody else's) doubts about living among people who tried to murder them, it all settled. I can't quite articulate my point but I enjoyed reading it.

And Serah: wow, six years. That's incredible. But yay! They were reunited and I'm assuming their resolved their issues. I'm glad it all worked out and the little sort of cameo from Fang and Vanille :') aww. The bonus chapter was unexpected and funny to read. There would surely be a lot of untold, funny anecdotes which results from Maqui and Hope living in a cramped space together. Also I interpreted that in the epilogue, this adult Hope may still have a crush on Lightning? Lightning not noticing Sazh "borrowing" one of her gunblades, lol. Each chapter has a quotable quote. Every. Single. Chapter. I love it so much.

As DaOneInDaCorner and Brenda293 have already written a lot of what I would repeat. Thank you for writing this. I know you may have been discouraged a few times as it seemed like fewer people were reviewing, compared to all those yars ago when you first published this. It is a masterpiece. I don't say that rashly. I really appreciate and truly commend you for sticking with this story and completing it. Half a decade, that is a great feat. Most writers, after an extended hiatus, they don't return, have changed their writing style or have simply lost their muse and don't return. You have somehow managed to keep and improve the consistency. Each chaoter gets better and better. Revelations is a fic choc full of humour, anguish, heartbreak, action, torment, choices and then much, much more! It's immensely immersive.

There's much more I'd like write and express, but I didn't realise just how long it's taken me to type this much already. I need to go, so I might PM you another time. But if you're still reading, I'd like to let you know, you have inspired me to do *something*. Not sure of what exactly. Be a better person, write a story, create some fanart, improve my writing skills, etc. If I am able to improve and write just a fraction as eloquently and brilliantly as you, I'd call it a success. Once again, thank you for writing this and I cannot wait to read what you write next (I shall read your LoTR fic another time). And the next time I review a fic of your's, I'll be signed in. It's the least I could do. No hyperbole in saying you and your fics are the reason I signed up to . Seriously.

Oh and just quickly, sorry I didn't mean to sound melodramatic in my review for chapter 37. It was sensual (I thought so), perhaps not sensual as f-k. More romantic than anything else I guess. It REALLY appealed to my inner 12 year old fangirl self: oh my gosh, the fluffiness and cuteness and just E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G about it, appealed to my romantic side. So damn much 3 :)
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