Reviews for AAML: Diamond and Pearl version
littledipper06 chapter 1 . 10/8
this fucking story is a total waste of time,
really man ashXmisty is the worst ship i have ever heard of. This ship is a fucking waste of time go and fuck yourself author for wasteing my precious time with this fucking story belongs in trashcan
Ariastella chapter 74 . 7/23
Dude... Dude... Get this, Aura Manipulation is actually a trope with its own rules. The page I was looking at even shows a pictures of Lucario for an example of an Aura Wielder. After reading what all it entails, it made a lot of sense.
You should take a look. It's a powerlisting wiki on Aura Manipulation & what really caught my eye was the concept of Transcendent Energy Manipulation.
Guest chapter 32 . 6/23
Your translations are mostly accurate, but I saw a couple of mistakes. 'Vraiment' translates more directly to 'truly,' seeing as 'vrai' means 'true', and 'merci á vous' translates best to 'thanks to you.'Other than that, it looks good to me.
Jetaway chapter 74 . 6/5
when is the next chapter?
Guest chapter 74 . 4/2
Eagerly awaiting the next update
MissDentistPanda chapter 74 . 3/4
IT took me a whole week to read it all because of my work but, it was more than worth the reading, I love the whole shole concept you came with, misty is back and have a relationship with Ashy boy, and Brock being kinda jealous at first of him not being in a relationship was hilarious, and mist sister relationship with Dawn was great, and the tender moments between dawn and Kenny, wow, just everything wow, I love it all... sorry for not commenting before, but I was too hanged in it that I actually forgot about it he he...
You have done and excellent job keep up with it in everything you do
Love ya,
Yee chapter 1 . 3/4
Blade Warrior chapter 74 . 2/23
Still going strong on this retelling. Top of the list of my favorites. I'm just a bit confused about Gible. Was that the one Ash caught in cannon? The Draco Metor- Piplup bombing Gible we all loved? If it is, then you gave Ash the upgrade with Lucario in earlier chapters. Good on ya' man. Keep up the good work on giving Ash a fighting chance in the League finals. May Misty remind him of his lost Pokemon and ones befreinded in past exploits (Primeape vs. Darkrai epic boss fight).
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 74 . 1/25
this was so adorable.

...wait, really? Huh.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 73 . 1/25
I like how Misty and Dawn gave Lyra another look at Khoury. D'aww! Look at the fluff with Lyra and Khoury.
Dragonstar125 chapter 43 . 1/25
great story n r agree with 8 the pokemon be interesting to see how things go.. keep the good work
eljefejefejef chapter 74 . 1/23
Awesome job as always. I honestly wasn’t expecting this to be updated so quickly haha
thedarkpokemaster chapter 74 . 1/23
damn another two sweet and bad ass chapters keep it up.
MarioBoss365 chapter 74 . 1/22
Two new chapters from EchidnaPower's awesome AAML fanfic? Is it my birthday already? hahahaha...hahaha... ha... OK. But seriously, good to have you back. I finally got to read both of these new chapters right after i got home from work and i really enjoyed reading new chapters from this story again. As always keep up the good work. Excited for chapter 75 and beyond.

PS: Jessie is going to flip her lid when she finds out the "Twerps" know about "Jessilina." XD
Guest chapter 74 . 1/22
Love it!
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