Reviews for AAML: Diamond and Pearl version
Texas Longhorn chapter 75 . 7/9
Dude! Such an amazing chapter. I don't review here often, and that's honestly because I don't read too many fics nowadays (hypocritical, I know), but after seeing your review I had to come over and see the work you've done on your story. This is incredible. I need to go back and reread from the start, but just reading your latest chapter, it's clear to see how much you've grown and matured as a writer. Your dialogue is a lot of fun to read and flows seamlessly between characters - I really appreciate that in an author; of fanfic, or otherwise!

Have a good one, man, and keep up the awesome work!
Mpatton17 chapter 37 . 5/21
Barry meets mistys mallet
Harrison chapter 75 . 5/1
Having read most of this story... I'll go out on a limb and say Dawn's future Togekiss is Misty's ex Togetic.
Mpatton17 chapter 17 . 4/23
Someday ash will get a riolu
TheldinMarks chapter 51 . 4/2
Okay, technically Ash never made a bet. All he said was for Barry to find his own girlfriend so that he could leave him and Misty alone. He never said that he couldn't get a girlfriend, and he had no idea that Barry would go straight for Dawn. Sorry, but in my eyes, Misty is the one who was at fault here.
Commander M2 chapter 51 . 3/24
Paul is a monster and he needs to die alongside Reggie.
G-Matt chapter 75 . 3/22
Aww man, I was hoping to see more than a hug with Lyra and Khoury. Well, I guess you can't get everything you wish for.

Also, poor Kenny.
Mpatton17 chapter 7 . 3/17
Meowth: well at less things cant any worse
Jessie: oh no james look at our pokemon
*seviper and carnivine are shown to be love with each other*
James: now isnt the time to be all lovey dovey you two
Mpatton17 chapter 54 . 3/14
I would like to see another appearance of Cassidy and butch
mark chapter 71 . 3/11
giovanni: what is it?
James: sir what we are showing you will be hard to believe but is not altered in anyway
*shows him lucario talking*
Giovanni: a talking lucario
James: yes sir its belong to the twerp with the powerful pikachu
Mpatton17 chapter 65 . 3/11
Ash's lucario is battling Cameron's lucario
Ash's lucario: you might know everything I'm going to do but that's not going to help you since I know everything you're going to do! Strange isn't it?
ultimateCCC chapter 75 . 3/11
Coming close to the Galactic End saga.
thedarkpokemaster chapter 75 . 3/9
Damn this was one amazing chapter I loved that Lyra gave Misty a Pokegear which can help later on.
Mpatton17 chapter 75 . 3/7
Hope to see the galactic finale and lucario in the sinnoh league
Eddy13 chapter 70 . 3/7
Out of curiosity, with all this mention of Togetic, do you intend to have Misty get an unexpected reunion in the near future? I just know that things will be interesting when she meets Dawn's Togekiss in the coming chapters.
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