Reviews for A Team Is?
TheRoseShadow21 chapter 1 . 11/8/2011
N. Silvutra Mayhem chapter 1 . 8/8/2010
This is so short, nice and sweet :)

Quite a pleasing read

Shadowalais chapter 1 . 3/20/2010
Hello~. I really like these series of drabbles you have going on here. I like the fact that they refer to the current plot and I haven't seen any fanfics relating to Team Unicorn specifically, so that's cool. That and implied Retributionshipping FTW!

The intro drabble is interesting and definitely an attention getter though I do prefer the ones that follow it. I like how the second drabble kinda contracts the previous one. Team Unicorn in the first drabble are so confident and sure about the lack of team work that Team 5Ds has and they are right to an extent. Jack hauling his D-wheel, Aki summoning Stardust, and Yusei catching Team Unicorn (specifically Jean himself) off guard prove that Team 5Ds can be a team when they want to be and that they are indeed halfway there.

I loved the one where Breo compares himself to Jack. Mainly because I was thinking the same thing when I watched the episode. Both of them had been the top dog so to speak and you're right, they did lose to Jean/Yusei who are the current leaders of both teams. I also liked how different both Jack and Breo are. While Jack does respect Yusei, he doesn't worship him quite like Breo does to Jean. And the Jessica bit was pure genius. I'm sure Jack does have a few Jessicas in his fanbase, but I'm glad Carly isn't one of them. I loved Breo's statement on how he was almost disappointed that Jack wasn't just like him in that regard. And Retributionshipping implications! _

I also adored Andore's bit. It does seem like him to completely analyze his opponents, so him watching Aki's duel with Yusei makes complete sense. You even included the fact that Andore has the habit of sympathizing with his opponents. Him feeling sorry for her about how she use to be is very tangible and doesn't feel forced at all. Of course, I also liked Andore's resolve even if he does sympathize with Aki, he's not going to let his team down.

I thought you had Jean spot on actually. Every time he's shown, he's looking down on Team 5Ds for not being a team. I could see him hating them, especially Yusei. Yusei with his title as King, Shooting Star, being a card playing genius like Andore. And Jean has scoffed at Jack by calling him former King. Him mocking Jack for his fallen glory, his loss of title, and his pride is quite true to Jean's character. I can also see Jean feeling scorn at Aki for pre-duel jitters since she is a beginner and new to Riding Duels, let alone knowing how to be a part of a team all together. Then, you have Jean's team that everything they have done to this point from setting up Team 5Ds (and specifically Jack) before their duel, using the overboost, Andore defeating Jack and Aki and knocking Yusei down to half his LP to Breo cutting Yusei down to five cards to Jean now taking on Yusei has been for Team Unicorn. No one in that team is out for themselves and each one has no problem sacrificing their pride. It's why no one before this duel had seen Breo nor Jean duel. It's why Andore kamikazed against Yusei. It's why Breo didn't outright defeat Yusei. Team 5Ds reminding Jean what Team Unicorn use to be in the beginning and before they got their act together is completely understandable.

Overall, I thought this fic was great. I have become rather fond of Team Unicorn with all their back story and team mentality. This fic sums up what I like about them as well as the hope of what Team 5Ds could eventually become. I thought it was incredibly well written. I enjoyed it immensely. Keep up the fantastic work!~