Reviews for The Dark Horizon
BarricadesDemon216 chapter 33 . 4/29
OMG! This was a such a great chapter! I was on my toes the whole time and man can you make someone what to cry! I almost cried on the last part where Barricade was dying. But now I'm so happy they've bonded. Maybe now Alpha can slowly overcome her fears.
Guest chapter 33 . 4/29
Awwwww! Good ol barricade
Sweet Sprinks chapter 33 . 4/28
I can think of a few mechs that will be completely pissed that Alpha is now a bonded femme, if they find out at all?
3 chapter 33 . 4/28
MOTHER MCFREAKING PRIME AINT GONNA BE HAPPY ABT THAT. and also very anxious to see the trouble shell get into with megs ;)
BarricadesDemon216 chapter 32 . 4/25
Awe :,( poor Alpha. totally understand where she's coming from but I'm sure Barricade doesn't "want her all for himself" but he really does care... In a tough guy kinda way.
3 chapter 32 . 4/22
you killed me
another update right after i get back from an exhausting trip
and it's you
with another update
that's amazing
life has purpose again
thank you
Eunice Pacheco chapter 32 . 4/21
No...come back Alpha...please

Very amazing story ya got going on here. Took me 3 days to get this done. Also had me believing 'cade and Alpha were going to become a couple. Guess I was wrong
harmonyopc chapter 32 . 4/21
YES! I loved it and hated it and it was PERFECT. I feel for Alpha so much. That resignation, the pain, I know what that is like. As always, I cannot wait for the next chapter. I love this fic so much. 3
harmonyopc chapter 31 . 4/19
This was the highlight of my day. I love this fic, and I cannot wait for the next chapter. Thank you so much for updating.
BarricadesDemon216 chapter 31 . 4/18
What is this?! An update! Omg I love it! 3 this was sure an awesome chapter. So happy Alpha is finally fitting in and proved herself. I totally didn't see that coming with Dilo. I really hope he is ok and Ratchet can save him. But I bet both Alpha and Barricade are in so much trouble! Exspecially if Starscream pointed his null rays at them. Bet Megatron will have a big ass long talk with Alpha since she disrespected him pretty bad.
3 chapter 31 . 4/18
Guest chapter 31 . 4/17
Yaaayyy new chapter
AliceSylvia chapter 30 . 12/28/2016
Please write more soon!
AliceSylvia chapter 26 . 12/28/2016
Thank you for writing! I really want to see how this story proceeds!
harmonyopc chapter 30 . 12/13/2016
I am so happy to see this update. I love this story and can't get enough. Please post more when you can. I love your style and the plot, characterization, visuals - all of it. Kudos to you! 3
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