Reviews for Full Circle
G4YC9 chapter 1 . 9/1
Veri n1c3qWOst0riCC
Guest chapter 89 . 8/21
What happened to chapter 90?
Guest chapter 70 . 7/28
Did he die? Or is he just injured?
Sea Queen - JoKessho chapter 90 . 1/13
I love the details here-they really add to Yuuri's hesitation. Nicely done!
Yuukinatsuki chapter 90 . 1/11
Well, love , I know.I still new in this fandom but can you make prompt about another Yuuri's talent? Like make a sketch? Or make a cake, cookies? Or even become a 'housewife' alone with Conrart in Yuuri's home on Japan?

Take your time, and good luck! See ya!
sleepdeprivedsoul chapter 36 . 1/11
sleepdeprivedsoul chapter 17 . 1/10
A favourite chapter! Why aren’t they canon? (Wails]
KitElizaKing chapter 90 . 1/9
Aww...*melts into her chair* What a wonderful, incredible snippet of desire you have here. I can just see poor Yuuri teetering on bare feet outside of that door, and the delicious sight of Conrart just waking up to look at him when he finds the bravery to come inside. *sighs* What a lovely image that is. I love those two so much.
Thanks for the awesome story.
shiary chapter 90 . 1/9
Nice :)
Guest chapter 90 . 1/9
Aww that was so cute! I love these short stories! Thank you for the update! :)
jayfeather63 chapter 90 . 1/8
Conrad will always Welcome Yuuri. Waahhh so cute. I always love you updates. :)
Offin chapter 90 . 1/8
Bruh, I've been following this for 8 years since it began lol longer even than I've been a member on I've read and re-read every one of these- and whenever you update I can't wait to read it 3 thank you for loving these two so much and being so dedicated to these dorks :) I understand what you're going through- I can't stop writing for them either LOL 'D even though I've been obsessed with this fandom for over 10 years now lol bravo as always!
aicyel chapter 89 . 6/5/2017
Yay. I really liked this one also. It was introspective, but I enjoyed the fact that Yuuri might not be as oblivious as Conrad thinks. Thank you so much for continuing this. Conrad and Yuuri are my favorite pairing and Kyou kara Maou just doesn't get enough love.
xMoonlightDarknessx chapter 89 . 5/31/2017
Aww so cute! I love these two! :) Thanks for the update!
bleachTHEsky chapter 18 . 5/30/2017
Since you updated earlier I've just been rereading these, because honestly I've MISSED it- and this one really just hits me so hard. Every time. It's so beautiful, and never fails to make me feel better about myself.

Thanks for updating, as always, and thanks for making me feel good when I don't often feel good. :)
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