Reviews for In Another Life
Fairy Popsicle chapter 1 . 8/3/2011
Hey! :o) I like your story!

I looove the pet sheep your OC has! x3 Sooo cute! And your OC is very adorable. :]

Also, a few hours ago I probably would've turned away from your story because I used to hate Lazarus with a passion (due to his really agitating voice and phony sounding accent- my brothers would always laugh when I left the room during his cut scenes xD We actually looked up his voice actor too, lol), but now that my bro has him on the team, he seems kinda... cool, I guess. Funny, even. So I approve. :]

Truthfully, I don't play Cross Edge- my brothers do, while I watch. But I was in the mood for some fanfiction, and came across your story! Not a lot of Cross Edge stories out there, so I hope you continue! :]