Reviews for Hizumi's Side
Tears Parallel chapter 3 . 7/24/2011
I'm really surprised that this doesn't have more views. It seems like the Spiral fanbase isn't very big. ;(

I really like how in character they are, and how on the first day of class Hizumi intentionally became the clown so that people won't harbor jealousy to him. It really makes me wonder how he was able to keep such a positive outlook on life until he realized that he can't change fate. I find it really fearsome to have an enemy that has charisma and a personality that everyone loves. I wonder if the people around him felt betrayed when Yaiba's blood awakened, or if they just thought "It was too good to be real" or something like that.
teruteru-kun chapter 2 . 3/24/2011
Amazing. It's really well written and not one character was out of place; I like it a lot. I've always wondered what Hizumi's past was like, including his previous encounters with the Blade Children. So this story is is pretty much, well... fantastic!

I think you're a very talented writer and I hope you can update soon.

Keep it up! You're doing great