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Venus914 chapter 8 . 2/22
I've reread this story 5 times and it's just great. One of the best i've read in awhile. Which is ironic since i dont know anything about FF.

My only complaint is wuth Harry leaving everything to Ronand Hermione. They have grown apart. It would have been nice if it's given to Neville and Luna. Besides, im anti-Weasley and Hermione is included in my hate list too. Considering Draco loved Harry, i would guess that he all Malfoy assets to Harry. And Harry left the Potter, Black and Malfoy assets to Ron and Hermione! I could just scream!
charm13insomnia chapter 13 . 10/25/2014
great fic wicked ending
Polymer1 chapter 13 . 10/18/2014
This is good, so very very good. I know I haven't reviewed before but I'm one of these strange people that likes to finish the fic before reviewing. On the second read, then I'll review nearly every chapter with my favourite parts and generally being over enthusiastic. I've promised you a second read. Therefore - by my standards at least - this is a brilliant fic!
Captain Kari chapter 13 . 9/22/2014
This is one of the best stories i have read in a while. Awesome story, dramatic ending and a sad, yet in the end, happy Epilogue. Then You went the extra mile and included a second Epilogue, You needn't have doe this yet you did, and I love you for it, for it is amazing.
You, Amira Devant, are one of my favorite authors and i love reading all of your fictions, and this is one of the best ones you have done. Loved it, and thank you for writing, and finishing, this, because not everybody does that. You are amazing, and thank you.
Captain Kari
gemava chapter 13 . 8/24/2014
i think is the best one of this crossover i have ever read. simply awesome and if you do make a sequel i want to read it. this is awesome
dinoking chapter 13 . 6/9/2014
I loved this story, cp.#13 is heart warming!
SilverStarWaters chapter 13 . 4/7/2014
You horrible wonderful author you. I couldn't read the last chapter for half an hour cause I was crying so hard over chapter 12. Wonderful job.
Nyaow chapter 12 . 3/3/2014
Oops. Ah, can't believe I forgot to say this (lost in euphoric high. Blah). But.

Thank you. Thank you for completing this story. Too many writers don't.
Nyaow chapter 13 . 3/3/2014

Oh Gods what a ride! What a brilliant read! I can't express how much (at the risk of sounding creepy) I love you at the moment! You have 3 endings! What an epic end to an epic story! I'm still goggling in awe.

It hasn't been totally smoothsailing though, I had to beat the inner grammer nazi in me off with a stick several times from the spelling and grammar problems that were particularly off putting in the first few chapters. But! Despite the discomfort I could still feel something compelling in the story that persuaded me to continue forth in the story, and I'm am SO so glad that I did! Seeing the story gain more material, more depth, more feeling, more thought, as you wrote more and more only convinced me more and more that yes! This is an epic! (Oh dear, I hope that came out coherent)

That being said! 3 endings! I can't even! I loved all 3 of them, especially with each individual unique feels that I could grasp from each ending.

When I got to the first ending (Chapter 11? 10?) my first thought was 'YOU CAN'T END THERE!' And then, after wiping up sopping mess of tears and snot, I realised, 'Yes, yes you can. That's the way of life isn't it. Things don't end in unrealistic fairytales. Loss is just as good an ending as any other, if only to remind us to cherish and be grateful for what we have right now.'

Then I got to Epilogue 11, and I was yet again reduced into another sopping mess (woo, I'm wasting trees with all this tissue wastage), and I loved it to bits. It was captured so painstakingly that I'm at a loss for words. If this is loss, I don't want to feel it Ever (yes yes I'm in denial). Reading Squall having to cope with the loss of Harry, And There Is No Magical Cure-All Solution To Solve This Issue, except to just DEAL with the loss, the pain, the depression, and finally move on. Except, in the case of Squall he never did manage to move on. I wonder sometimes, if a stubborn person had stuck around to rub salt in Squall's wounds, had been there to force Squall to deal with Harry's death/disappearance, would he eventually have moved on? Or at least started living again?

And then! And Then! Epilogue 12! This is like, candy to my LionPair!Inner fangirl. Or aphrodisiac, or prozac. Hm. AH.

So. Long story short. I cried. And laughed. And cried some more. And laughed some. And can't stop this big idiotic satisfied smile/grin/teeth-exposing-gesture that's killing my cheeks but refuses to leave my face.

So. Ya. TL;DR? I loved this. Verily. Despite the occasionally irksome spelling and grammar problems. (Can't believe I'm still bitching about this)

You are an awesome awesome writer. Please don't stop writing!

So ya, I'm going off to re-read this now. Hope you have a nice day.
Mashkai30 chapter 13 . 2/28/2014
I have enjoyed this very much. Thanks for sharing:)
Arfa chapter 13 . 1/3/2014
Gosh :) I almost cried :) soooo Happy!
The World in Black and White chapter 13 . 1/1/2014
Hi! T here. Basucally I read that story and liked it so I decided to take a look at your others, found this and I just wanted to say I thought it was great. I don't know anything about Final Fantasy but it was really easy to follow and understand. Great work! Loved it!
BamaRose19 chapter 13 . 12/8/2013
just wanted to let you know this is one of the best stories I have read in a long time I honestly cried my eyes out in the last 3 chapters and I totally love a good story that makes me cry lol
wolfawaken chapter 13 . 10/22/2013
A perfect ending! Thank you for a wonderful story to read.
My Solitude chapter 13 . 10/13/2013
Lovely ending! The actual epilogue was pretty cool too though. xD
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