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Guest chapter 2 . 10/27
First not sure why you think hermonie would do Better the. Ron. He did well in school and has better people skill. But you lied and sAid less weasly beshing. Then had Ron who been in love with hermonie for years risk his life for her. Is a jerk
Guest chapter 1 . 10/27
Ron and hermonie don't fight nearly as much as you said and for the wesaly how many time did they risk there life for him. But for some reason they only did it for the money
BillBrink chapter 5 . 10/27
I reviewed this several years ago the first time I read this. Seeing that I enjoyed the story just as much the second time, I thought I would send you another "well done and thank you".
Temporal Knight chapter 5 . 10/7
Final thoughts: This story was incredibly fun. I got a huge kick out of the karmic punishment for Voldemort. I have to say that was the first time I've seen something quite so...inventive and appropriate for him!

It's cute that you ended with giving Tracey Charlie. I can see that working.

I'm relatively satisfied with how Hermione ended up. I do think she should've hit Ron though when he tried to get back together like there hadn't been anything wrong.

Tonks as the head of the department was hilarious!

I seriously feel bad for Remus. That was just mean.

My only complaint in this chapter was that I had to check several of the time jump dates a few times to make sure I was getting the narrative in order. I am pleasantly surprised that I was right about Harry actually giving mostly the truth during the wedding speech.

Overall, this story was a hell of a lot of fun and I am glad to have stumbled across it. Well done!
Temporal Knight chapter 4 . 10/7
I really liked the way you used small flashback sections to tell what happened in the backstory. That was a nice touch and it gave a lot more context to just what happened with the falling outs. I do feel like Remus got a bit worse off than he deserved but I never really liked him with Tonks so I'm probably not quite as put out as I would be. Tonks on the other hand was hilarious every time she popped on screen. Especially the small part last chapter about her apartment being clean, her porn being gone and her oven actually being able to be used to make food!

I love Neville's version of his "hyphenated name" and his utter casualness the entire time. Freaking perfect!

And I fully stand by my original opinion of Daphne's family. I'm just going to go and wash my mind out with some nice fluff story after the last chapter. Good riddance to Cyrus and the Romanian. Too bad they didn't get the butler too.

Harry lying his ass off and covering it with some help from the goblins was hilarious by the way. The icing on the cake was Moody's reaction to it.
Temporal Knight chapter 2 . 10/6
I love the name of their club. Seriously, it's pretty much perfect. And funny as hell.

The date was awesome. I wish I was half that good at coming up with smart ideas for dates. It's cute how Tracey and Hermione are protective of their respective friends though both Tracey and Neville had good points about Hermione's lack of attention prior. Hannah's rundown of who was in the running was downright hilarious by the way!

I honestly don't get why McGonagall was so angry with Harry. Mildly annoyed, sure but seething I don't see.

Sooooo...Ron...yeeeeaaaaahhhh...I can't believe I'm saying this but I would've preferred the love potion. I mean how do you not punch that asshole in the face and knock out several teeth? Seriously how? Comforting Hermione right away is one thing but...I had a friend in that same situation and the only that that prevented me from beating him bloody was the fact he was on another landmass. Using a random girl for FBs is bad enough but using one of your best friends? I just...if this is the toned down version I'm glad I missed the worse one because I would've had to go back and read a fluff fic before continuing just to get my blood pressure under control.
Temporal Knight chapter 1 . 10/6
I hope you mention exactly what Dumbledore/Weasleys did. I admit it is funny and gives depth having the allusions without the full story but it also gets a little frustrating at times. On the flip side, not knowing exactly how they defeated Voldemort yet having hilarious and outlandishly untrue accounts of it (that follow a mix of canon and other fanfic plots) is side-splittingly funny for some odd reason. Hell the entire backbone of this story is entirely hilarious!

I always find it funny how no matter how much people seem to dislike the Weasleys in general, no one ever has a bad thing to show for the twins. Fred and George are pretty much universally loved no matter what or where you read.

I love Tonks.

Aww, Millicent was kind of sweet! Go figure.

I like the budding romance with Daphne very much as well as her development. I also like Harry's reasons for pursuing a relationship with her. And her family is disgusting. Utterly abhorrent people approaching Umbridge level.

Now Hermione on the other hand I'm a little worried about. I know from recommendations that your first version of this story had major Weasley bashing and while that is definitely not nearly so present in this version I do find that that sort of thing tends to go part and parcel with love potions. While I have nothing against Hermione actually acting like a hormonal teenager for once, it does set off warning flags.
harryislife chapter 5 . 10/3
I liked everything apart from what happened to Remus. He didn't deserve what happened to him. And I don't believe he would leave Harry at the Dursleys if he cared about him that much, but if I ignore that one thing, I really liked this. Harry and Nevilles storys to Dumbledore were hilarious.
terrapurus chapter 5 . 10/1
Fantastic ending. Laughed my arse off.
Bringer chapter 5 . 9/15
Wow, this is the modified version? What was the original, just 70k words of 4 certain characters being tortured while you read off all the reasons you don't like them? Lol. Not your best work. Not by a long shot.
Springs breath chapter 5 . 8/21
ok. 1) I love your story. I love your story. I love your story. I seriously can't say it enough, it made me laugh but was also well-written, identifiable, and had emotional depth. (I don't think I'd I go so far as to say it was deep, but I don't think that's that's what you were going for and that's ok!) 2) I adore your Neville, I was always a little sad that JKR never really explored the more confident Neville, but I thought you portrayed him beautifully. He kind of reminded me a bit of younger Sirius, but at the same time he was very uniquely Neville. He was my favorite character of this entire story (not to down play your other characters, I enjoyed them as well) and honestly I want a real one to have as my bf/bff (iw haven't decided yet. ..3. I'm stuck between begging for more and appreciating the beauty of how you end it (it was a good place, not dragged out but given sufficient detail to know what happened to the charactersok that's all I have to say about the story, but i seriously hope you write for a living because I would read your books (like a million times through)... thanks for the awesome read!
jen chapter 5 . 8/9
OriksGaming chapter 5 . 7/31
"Hey Mum! Look! Two Aardvarks humping!" Lmao, I loved this story.
david chapter 1 . 7/6
Badbonita chapter 5 . 5/31
Loved the ending! Children say the darnest things *chuckle* Also loved Hermione's insults when Ron tried to get back together with her. Excellent job
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