Reviews for How to Do the Impossible
PDXWiz chapter 5 . 4/13/2010
Good story, I'm going to miss it when it's done...

Good, she is finally going to tell him.

Oh boy, he is laughing? Well, the same accident happened to him, so at least he is forgiving about what happened. The reprimand will come for her using it after she discovered she had the ability.

Yeah, being sick will be good enough punishment for her goof.

At least he fixed her side effect.

Six to eight days? Hahaha... oh, sorry, poor Leslie... Well, she learned the lesson about not using the ability!

Yeah, maybe the sleeping potion would be beneficial after all.

Great story, thanks!

Oh, another flashback/retrospective involving Tattoo...woohoo!

PDXWiz chapter 4 . 4/13/2010
Nice little tidbit about Shakespeare knowing of things we know not today.

She hasn't told him yet, but he'll find way or another. She shouldn't hide it from him, of all people.

Not surprised the grass would part for him like the Red

Beautiful flower! Wish I could see it in person...

100? Wonder how hard this will be for her...

Roarke, relaxing and reading the newspaper? How unusual...he's always busy!

Well, the x-ray vision came in handy again...but he will doubtless wonder how she found them all so quick.

Wonder what too much of their scent could do to a person.

She actually surprised him? Haha...the truth will probably come out now, however...

Oh, she'll pay for it later on, certainly...perhaps with dismissal, certainly with a reprimand, possibly the end of training. Well, you probably won't let her get dismissed just reprimanded...but you might let the training go away for awhile.

Omigosh! How'd she get out of her crib?

Well...I do remember times when my boys discovered how to climb out of their cribs...

Karina is so cute...and maybe Leslie will use the power again? Or maybe it will be gone again...

Ah...they all have little monkeys indeed...

Money found, doll missing...where is it?

Yay! She finally found ze doll!

Uh oh...she's not going to tell the girls, now is she?

Dang...she should NOT have told them...oh well, at least they are friends and will just laugh about it, not using her for her temporary ability...

Tabby's preggers? Woohoo!

Yes, this is as bad as all this...using the power for relatively frivolous ends (looking for Karina's doll, or the stuff at her friend's homes...she's enjoying this too much. Major chiding will ensue...

Oh no, it's on full-power now...she'll get caught for sure, now...

Well, going to Christian was a good idea. But eventually they will have to go to the Main House to get the kids...

Crud, whatta cliffhanger! Great chapter, on to the next one!

Harry2 chapter 5 . 4/13/2010
LOL! At least Leslie was not the only one who ever had something like this happen to her! And I do hope that you are feeling better my friend. I look forward to the Tattoo story that is coming up next. *THE PLANE! THE PLANE!*
jtbwriter chapter 5 . 4/13/2010
Oh, that's funny! Christian is taking way too much pleasure in Leslie's predicament-but thanks for Mr. Roarke's loving forgiveness-he did the same thing? LOL! Thanks for a good story-I look forward to our next trip to the Island!
Harry2 chapter 4 . 4/13/2010
Something tells me that this is one time it would be BETTER to go to Mr. Roarke than to hide out. He might be better able to help out. And, with Leslie trying to learn, it would be a good experience for her as well.
jtbwriter chapter 4 . 4/12/2010
Oh-I hoped Leslie could have resisted the power she had...sigh. Maybe Mr. Roarke will forgive her-once her stomach calms down. LOL! Seriously-she knew better and should have told him what happened. Thanks for a very honest look at what could result from using one of the potions! Now what?:)
PDXWiz chapter 3 . 3/27/2010
Good, her work learning the symbols is proceeding nicely.

Wuhoh, Fernando is here and doubtless going to ask for the vision...

This is going to be stressful on Fernando, and I don't think he has a clue how bad it will be. Might backfire and cause problems at home with Tabitha and perhaps she would then have problems with Leslie over this.

...mouth drops...omigosh, SHE has to do it?

Ah, he must have made it before. Perhaps he has tested his potions on himself, or at least tried to make them before.

I hope she isn't too worried, to the point she overthinks this or has a problem. That could cause problems in the friendships as well, especially if something bad happens to Fernando.

That's right, Christian. Roarke clearly trusts her ability to do it, or he wouldn't let her attempt it at all. Most of the errands he is running could doubtlessly be done just as easily by her. In fact he probably thinks this is an easy ... um, relatively easy... potion to start with. Invisibility is likely much harder, as would be a power to grant special mental abilities (telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, to mention a few).

Oh, no, a drop got loose! Will this affect the potency of the potion? Or cause damage to the surface it landed on? Or BOTH?

Omigosh! IN HER least, so I am guessing when he asks her what is in the glass. least it was an accident. I hope he won't reprimand her too harshly, other than mentioning 'that is why I do not have food or drink in the potions lab', as she won't soon forget this. Then, she accidentally helped Christian with his back and intentionally with his computer project. That might get them both in trouble, although she was doing it to help Christian who was trying to help Roarke.

Well, at least it works. And I'm sure they'd probably refund Fernando's money if it didn't work after this.

Not sure if I want to see how Roarke reacts...she should tell him straight away, get it over with. He might even get a slight chuckle out of it, like when Tattoo drank the invisibility potion (as you wrote out the scene) thinking it was an alcoholic beverage.

Good, well-written chapter. It was fun watching her make her first potion and gain confidence as she went along. The success will undoubtedly encourage him to make additional use of her new-found potion-making skills. :)

jtbwriter chapter 3 . 3/26/2010
No-Leslie has x-ray vision? From one splash? Whoa-what will Mr. Roarke say? Thanks for Christian's support of Leslie...he really came through for her and made her confident- but will she have the sight as long as Fernando? What a story-more please?:)
Harry2 chapter 3 . 3/26/2010
Well, Leslie made her first potion. And she found OUT what it is capable of! Now, lets see if the Doctor can handle it.
Harry2 chapter 2 . 3/25/2010
Well, it sounds like Roarke saw the well meaning of the request. But, as he said, it would not work. But, it MIGHT give people an idea of doing things to help raise the money for a new X-Ray machine.
PDXWiz chapter 2 . 3/24/2010
Nice of Christian to obviously want to be supportive of Leslie whilst simultaneously satisfying his curiousity about what the heck happened out there.

It's really cool that Haruko loves the kids so much and that they love her. It's quite unlike the situation with Janine, for whom the kids were a job. I can't really see Janine ever having kids someday. Haruko I expect to have a whole houseful! LOL... We don't see Ingrid with the kids enough to see if she has formed an attachment to them.

Yes! A font program for the symbols...excellent idea. I never thought about that! Maybe he'll recognize something, who knows?

Hmm, I'm surprised Tattoo didn't care for advancing in to potion-making. But, I guess it makes sense with what we saw of him.

Sounds like Christian had a great, if quiet, party. You'll have to set up a big affair for him for turning 50. In fact, I would say...SEVERAL. Naturally, his friends and family and employees on FI would do one; one in Lilla Jordsö by the royal family and probably his employees there; maybe in London; and DEFINITELY a big one thrown by Errico! Food for thought there...LOL

I hope Fernando can resolve the issues with a lack of an x-ray machine soon. Sad to hear Tabitha isn't feeling well; I hope she can get better soon herself. some point, Leslie will have to whip up a potion with Roarke's help for a guest during a fantasy very soon.

Good discussion about how people would react if Roarke really did try to heal the world.

Tobias is very friendly and very cute!

Yay! Christian got the font program to work!

A potion for x-ray vision? Hmm, very interesting proposition! And I sure hope Leslie doesn't try to make it...the teenaged Leslie might, and certainly Lawrence's would-be successor would have tried to do it.

Yeah, that's a surprise that no guest had asked for it. And yes, Superman is able to control his x-ray vision.

Nice of Tabitha to try. would make sense that it would take a while to make, since he doesn't get requests for it. And the idea of becoming addicted to the ability makes perfect sense. It would be like the sensation of driving a car. Most Americans who know how to drive really enjoy it (thanks in part due to Madison Avenue, but largely from the sensation).

Good chapter and good dialogue/discussions about various topics!

jtbwriter chapter 2 . 3/24/2010
Uh oh..poor Tabitha. I have a feeling her request is prompted not only by Fernando's dilemma, but her own illness? And I love Mr. Roarke gentle encouragement of Leslie, but will she be able to avoid mis-using her new knowledge? Thanks for a real puzzle box-what next?:)
PDXWiz chapter 1 . 3/23/2010
I like the title...

Wow...the triplets are two...amazing!

Yes...they do share irresistible stories!

Nice fantasies. The ne'er-do-well fantasy sounds like a couple of different episodes of the original series mixed together. Actually, that's a relatively underexplored area for fantasies.


Acknowledgment of Tobias' potential problems from his forced kidnapping in the last story is an excellent use of continuity, and quite realistic.

I agree that Tobias will eventually grow up accustomed to the unusual events and be even better acclimated to it than Leslie is.

That's right, she has hardly ever been down there. It must be very amusing for him LOL

I think this will be interesting to learn the alphabet of the clans. Nice touch :)

Yes, it is harder to learn a new language when you are older. I have heard, however, that it is an excellent tool to help keep your mind sharp by learning languages when you are older. But it is easier to learn how to read a language based on the Western alphabet (and possibly the Cyrillic as well), especially if it has cognates to English or other tongues. This alphabet, however, would be more like learning symbols, and not easily recognizable as languages. But he's right, she does need to gain some fluency with at least the written form to know what is going on. And ultimately, potion-making is going to be a form of chemistry in the lab.

Hmm... okay, was Charlie Atkins the one who was played by Sherman Helmsley? That was a good fantasy.

Ah, good memory! He probably also has to choose a good container to enhance the qualities of his elixirs, as some containers would react to the substances therein. I think that was what happened in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: the elixir in the bowl that one had to drink out of for immortality was safe to drink when one dipped a clay or wooden goblet into it (couldn't tell what the chalice that Indy drank from was made out of), but it reacted exactly opposite when in a container of silver or gold. The jewels probably had nothing to do with it; likely the jeweled goblets had accumulated over the centuries as a test: some king showed up and tried to drink out of their personal gem-encrusted chalice, dying because of their refusal to drink from a common carpenter's cup, and their drinking container stayed behind when the rest of their entourage left, so the knight and his predecessors let them accumulate as a test of wisdom. Sorry for the digression, but that's what I think happened there and is relevant to Leslie's memory of the silver containers.

Oh...yes, that was the clue! The paleness indicated dilution by water...duh! Good thinking, Leslie!

Ah, good catch. Elixir vs. potion...

Omigosh yes, time to teach him about controlling his powers...heheh Rory and Leslie can learn at the same time!

Hoo boy! Rory has been VERY naughty with his powers!

Even changing Julie...oh boy, Roarke in the nick of time!

Ah, so Rogan got dressed down...well, it is hard to instill discipline in kids; if it was easy, we'd have no problems with crime or war.

Hehehe... Flower-pickin' in the jungle... It occurs to me that Roarke doesn't sweat. Perhaps he has been on the island long enough to get accustomed to it, although in this case Leslie was exerting herself looking for the flowers and then picking them.

Good and very intriguing chapter! Can't wait for more...

Harry2 chapter 1 . 3/22/2010
This one sounds like its going to be VERY interesting! I look forward to Leslie's continued education in the ways that Roarke runs Fantasy Island.
jtbwriter chapter 1 . 3/22/2010
Wow-Rogan and Julie's son turned into a real menace...but I'm glad you made it real enough with Rogan's lack of parenting! But what will Leslie run into with her new tasks? Thanks for a very promising story-now what?:)