Reviews for Losing Control
teen101 chapter 14 . 8/26
I love it and embry is awesome . He is my favorite wolf !
Guest chapter 10 . 8/7
OH MY GOD...! first time in an imprint fanfiction ,Billy's tribal legends wer ignored...well dat was different and cool...
Vanessajj chapter 42 . 7/30
Never before have I read a quileutevrelated story and I've never given much thoughts to Embry but this story was amazing! You did a great job in every kind of scene it was great (and some were so hot!)

But man I'm glad I iust found your story, I would never have the patience to wait until this point.

Thanks for sharing !
Liljaiiris chapter 42 . 7/9
This was absolutely perfectly written story - just WOW! I loved the characters and the fact, that you were able to write a full length story that was all the time interesting, even without the full blown drama so many stories include. Thank you for this one, totally went to my favourites!
KendieV chapter 42 . 7/2
nice to see an update!
hope more are on the way :)
Wolf Lover chapter 42 . 5/29
Thank you for this update - looked back over some old stories and found a new chapter or two which is always a surprise. This is an amazing story and has a terrific OC. Thanks for sharing.
purplemonkey36 chapter 21 . 5/26
From what I've read her mom's a bit over bearing, Lillah's an adult she can make her own decisions.
Guest chapter 42 . 4/3
Awesome, thanks
i.luv.twilight2 chapter 42 . 4/4
Thank you so much for the update! I loved following the journey of these two in your story and seeing the beautiful life they have created leaves me smiling!
panthermama chapter 42 . 4/3
Just finished reading this for the first time. I really loved it. Thank you for sharing
lei sun chapter 42 . 3/28
Are you still going to write an imprint story for Leah? I hope so even though your writing partner has left fan fiction. Thank you for coming back and giving us this little nugget. You are a skilled writer and your stories bring out so many emotions you would think the characters are real. Glad to have you back and I patiently await your next chapter for D2Y.
BB READER chapter 42 . 3/23
OH MY GOSH! I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THIS! MISSED THESE TWO SOOO MUCH! Can't believe it's already been 6 years!
Guest chapter 42 . 3/23
Omg yes! I've been waiting to hear about updates for LC and D2Y literally for FOREVER! I reread LC every few months because it's such a good series! Amazing chapter! Can't wait for more!
AscotBella chapter 42 . 3/23
I think the reason people still read this (and fall in love with this) story is that it's so real. We all have a little inkling of what SM had for Embry and you guys ran with it. I think it's a tribute to your insight, hard work, and mostly talents as writers that leave us all happy and connected to these characters. While lemons are not for the faint of heart, word still spreads that this a great love story. I can't think of too many stories that have permeated my heart with seemingly real characters. You have fascinated me for years with joint and individual projects. THANK YOU!
polyphany chapter 42 . 3/23
Love it!;-)
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