Reviews for falling, falling, falling
MsFairytales chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
That was beautiful. I loved the story, your little twist on Nick's life and the mystery of it all. It was sensational :) good job
BunnyQueenLivesForever chapter 1 . 9/23/2010
awww! so cute!
Aimlessly Unknown chapter 1 . 6/20/2010
i watched this.

i did not read this - i didn't read and connect words with ink that isn't really ink because it's on a computer. i didn't read Nick's feelings and Macy's reactions.

i watched this. i watched nick's curls flounce about as he went through the motions and nearly crashed. i watched macy smile and sit near him and him smile and act and legitametly FEEL good and like nothing was wrong.

i watched his family turn like he was just the ghost in the corner, writhing and writing.

i smelled her watermelon lip gloss - i saw her tears and felt her emotions.

i was nick.

i was macy.

i didn't read this fanfiction. i watched it unfold.

and that's why it's going to my favorites and my emotional wreck of a memory to read when i need something good and angsty.

of self chapter 1 . 6/20/2010
I read this a while back. Actually, I had to read it twice. And when I read it the second time, the ending hit me with the force of a hammer. I love endings like that. :)

The build up to the end was excellent. I loved how you detailed Nick anguish. To read about it was heart wrenching. It's like he's systematically breaking down and sometimes there's nothing as tragic and beautiful as watching a person fall apart at such finely held seams.

I love how Macy seems just as troubled as him, except maybe she's hiding her breakdown better than him.

And once again the ending, SO lovely and tragic.

(I know my review is all over the place but know this - I absolutely loved it. :))
yellowlightning chapter 1 . 6/2/2010
very poetic and simply beautiful ] you're a wonderful writer and i hope you continue to pour your thoughts into words because i think it would be just lovely. keep up the great work!
maddygray chapter 1 . 4/2/2010
Nick seems really bitter. I like that his family isn't great, but I also like that he isn't perfect himself.

The description of Macy was great. I like that you were just a tad more vague with desribing her problems. Obviously they were there. I like that you didn't make her picture-perfect. You added some edge to her. Nick as well.
non dairy creamer chapter 1 . 3/28/2010
this was lovely.

i'm no jonas fan, but this was lovely.

i replaced macy with miley because i can do that in my little mind. ;)

i don't know if i ever told you, but your writing has always been an inspiration to me and well, thanks.
xmaybejoleisa chapter 1 . 3/26/2010
i've been away from for a week or so and to come back to find you finally wrote a nick/macy fic was such a lovely surprise, so thank you for that.

the thing i love about this, is you take a completely different approach to nick and his complexities. considering jonas is a disney show, obviously they want everything to be happy and healthy, especially with their fame and family but the truth is so many talented artists come from flawed backgrounds and it was refreshing to see that kind of twist incorporated into a jonas fic.

i absolutely love the way you describe macy through nick.

"she's light and she smiles at him even when she knows he's not going to smile back"

in that simple fragment of sentence, you captured the essence of i think most nickmacy fan's interest in the couple. it's that sort of relationship where there's a guy with this shell and there's this girl who won't give up that easily. there's just something so endearing about macy and all the brightness she represents. it's a constant i think everyone secretly wants in their life.

also, the way you depict him to notice these little details about her is lovely.

"But one day her lips are touching his and he wants to write a song about it because god, he's never felt anything so real and pretty and enjoyable. They're delicate kisses and they last for what seems like forever and he knows he wouldn't mind spending it like this –tangled in webs of Macy with swollen lips and watermelon flavors swimming around in his mouth."

yes, i did basically c/p that whole section because it was just that amazing. one of the best kiss descriptions i've ever read in this site and for that i commend you. kissing scenes are so hard to write i think because it's so easy too ruin. you can go overboard and make it utterly over dramatic/corny or just make it extraordinarily ordinary and thereby disappointing because the build up was just so good, but you executed this perfectly.

"It's not sex...but it changes things."

This is just so real. In high school relationships, it doesn't always involve being that intimate but even coming close to that sort of intimacy, taking the next level can be scary. It's intimidating because for the first time it feels like there are moments you can't deny 'here's this person and if you could,you would give them everything' and to become aware that someone has that power over you, to start developing such genuine, strong feelings can be pretty overwhelming i'm sure. the aftermath of that was depicted so realistically and there was something raw about nick's reaction to macy closing off from him. the tables have turned just when he's finally ready to let go.

i just basically rambled and i have absolutely no idea if i made any sense but that's what your writing has done to me. i have all these different thoughts i want to express and i can't find the way to say it in an organized fashion.

btw, iloved the ending as well, especially because it wasn't a concrete ending. in reality, at the stage they are in their lives, you can't really make a concrete ending. there's just so many possibilities and it's going to continue like that for a while.

once again, this was great. i'm so glad you finally wrote a nickmacy and i can't wait more from you.
WyszLo chapter 1 . 3/24/2010
I had to read this, give it a day to sink in, and then read it again before I could leave a proper review. It was beautiful.

It was so simple and understated and that's what I loved the most about it. There's just something about Nick's pain that pulls you in. As I'm writing this review I'm reading it again and again and I wish there was some way for me to communicate what this made me feel. It was poignant and they were so broken, and it was wonderful.

I loved it.

ashleykay chapter 1 . 3/24/2010
This is amazing, it's poetic and true. It's amazingly beautiful and tragic, but without ever becoming melodramatic or overdetailed, like watch to people through a telescope, you can see the movements but somehow the words are lost and sparce, and you kind of see how it's all going to happen but you can't stop it. This fic is just gorgous.