Reviews for Round Here
gaelicspirit chapter 1 . 3/23/2010
I have to agree with Dean: I gotta know how the story ends, too.

I liked a lot about this - that you wrote it, that you posted it as-is, that Bobby decreased in his "helpfullness" as he increased in his astute observations of Dean's actions, that Sam held Dean like an anchor to life, that Dean let Sam cry, that they both just stayed awhile.

But my favorite lines were these:

He wanted to trust Sam. He wanted to be able to erase the stain from his brother's blood. He wanted to be able to make it okay for both of them. Not just say it, but make it true.

Because that's where they were when we left them. That's what I saw etched into the lines of Dean's face and whispering behind his "please"...

Nicely done.
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