Reviews for Nightmares Past
Phanieste chapter 28 . 12/9
" (...) As she's now one of my people, she might even appreciate the sentiment. What we do together doesn't change that."

Sasuke's tone carried the victorious, spiteful smile so well that Gaara could see it without looking at his face. "So you have been fucking her."

"In every way we could think of. Are you sure you don't want the water?"

This was my favourite part ever... I love this fic.
KindredSouI chapter 31 . 12/1
An extremely great read! Loved how in depth the detailed description of each of their psyche was too.
Guest chapter 31 . 11/30
Good god this book made me self reflect and readjust my standards and possibly look into myself deeper into understanding where I absolutely have the right to say no and refuse ... this was beautiful I can't wait for the epilogue
ailudelastiernas chapter 16 . 10/27
Esto se va descontrolar XD
ailudelastiernas chapter 15 . 10/27
Ella tiene esta cosa con los chicos traumados y algo rotos, ¿no? O tal vez es que todos estamos algo traumados, ni uno solo de nosotros está bien.
ailudelastiernas chapter 14 . 10/27
Yo mandaba ma primera carta sin dudar, pero claro... Esa soy yo queriendo ver el mundo arder ajajaja
ailudelastiernas chapter 12 . 10/27
Flores y chocolates, tan sencillo como eso, en un inicio al menos.
ailudelastiernas chapter 11 . 10/27
Estos pequeños niños...
ailudelastiernas chapter 1 . 10/27
Oficialmente esta historia llamó mi atención 3
im ur misconception chapter 31 . 10/26
oh. I was very happy with this chapter. showed the culmination and maturity that they've all reached or are arriving for. finding one self and place in life is difficult and not often achieved. and I'll be sad the next chapter is the last, but happy to know how it ends.
Skyrere chapter 31 . 10/25
fantastic chapter. well worth the wait.
jacpin2002 chapter 31 . 10/25
Wonderful update. I loved everything. Man...they did a really big mental number on Sakura. So glad she got of Konoha and was able to move forward in her life.
Eclipse shadows chapter 31 . 10/25
Yep. This will remain one of my favorite fan fictions of all time. Such a stunning piece of art, one that has stayed in my memory for a long time now, one I compare most other works to. This was an amazing addition to the story, and hopeful that there can be a rebuild on a broken foundation of chaos. Can’t wait for the last chapter.
JeslynBoo chapter 31 . 10/24
Aaah, what a great way to deal with a horrible council! I really love this Gaara and the talk between the Kages, too. Also, please yes a better future for Sakura.
findingwhimsy chapter 31 . 10/24
What a wild ride. This fic is a masterpiece right down to the word. There’s high expectations for this fic to end in a nuanced and intellectually minded manner as the rest of the fic. You’ve really set the bar for mental strategy.
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