Reviews for Shadow of the Past
AlphaWolf13 chapter 1 . 10/13/2010
Hey it is I, AlphaWolf13. You had asked that I check out your stories, so I gave this one a look. I have to admit, I know absolutly NOTHING about Final Fantasy, so I can't comment much on the spesifics. But, I will say that you have a good beginning to a story that could potentially be very interseting. I noticed a few grammar/spelling errors and once or twice you switched tenses. But hey, it's natural to make mistakes. I found that maybe it could have used a bit more discription, but then, like I said, you've written about something I am not familiar with. All in all, I think you're getting somewhere. Don't get discouraged. Things will start get better on the topic of reviews. It just takes some time. Also, I would really like it if you could do me a favor. You should try wrting a Oneshot for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That way I know a bit about the world in which you're writing. And, doing a Oneshot would be a great way to get yourself out they and be seen by an audiance with a shorter attention span. To be honest, I tend to avoid reading multi-chapter stories because I like sampling a bit of everything. So maybe that's your problem. Just give it a try. And give reviews time to come in. Sometimes, it takes a month or two for a story to gain populartiy. So keep trying and most of all, don't give up.