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jam99chgo chapter 1 . 2/16/2017
Hopefully you'll return and finish someday
Captnschick58 chapter 49 . 1/13/2017
Don't know if you will ever get this or still have intentions to finish but YOU SHOULD! Finish it, I mean, besides the fact that it is a steamy entertaining read, it is SOOO well written. You really captured the original characters to the letter. Thanks for this 49 chapter ride of fun!
Darkwolf259 chapter 1 . 6/19/2016
(coughs) um hello how are you? Still living thats good. LJ smith does not plan on continuing the FG stories and does not plan on coming out with one. Thats where you come in. I consider your story a continuing story from her story. Even though it has been a decade i still have faith that you will one day update this story.

From a long time faithful fan
RebellingMySoul chapter 49 . 3/16/2015
this is seriously an awesome story, especially the way you portray Julian's character! Great job!
Jacelover103 chapter 49 . 3/14/2015
Omfg! Amazing. You truly have a gift for writing.
Serenity chapter 49 . 7/4/2014
Please update i love this fanfiction and im dying here! Your writing is amazing and its the best forbidden games fanfic ever!
Hazel Ashwood chapter 49 . 3/20/2014
This was a beauty of a chapter! 8 years is a long time, but I believe when it comes to this story anything is possible, even an update maybe? You are such a fantastic writer I have a hard time believing that this is not the published fourth book that just got its rune carved off the stave.
Guest chapter 49 . 9/25/2013
Please continue
Kaitlin van chapter 49 . 9/23/2013
Where is the next chapter? Please write it! I know it's been a while but PLEASE!
xXNutellaxX chapter 49 . 9/7/2013
Im just going to go sit in a corner and cry for the rest of my life or until you get back to this
LexMcD chapter 49 . 8/2/2013
*Infinite cries* Please, please, pleaseeee come back! I was ready to pop during that last chapter...please continue...I can't believe that you just abandoned this fic, please say it isn't so!
Gena chapter 49 . 7/6/2013
Falling4theFallen chapter 49 . 5/22/2013
ok i will start off by saying i am no good at leaving reviews as i have never left 1 BUT... i feel the need 2 inform u of what you have done. first, a little background... i used to b an obsessive reader until i had 3 kids and time slipped away and sadly so did the urge 2 read. flash forward my kids are now 15, 17, 18 and i keep hearing about this stupid movie series that everyone has gone mad over by the name twilight...ugh i think 2 myself vampires? really? well one of my friends was sooooo obsessive it drove me mad after a few yrs so i resigned myself to watching the first movie which i was sure to hate...only i didn't instead i immediately bought all the others and watched them back to back. well nothing could beat those i was sure i had found love at last lol but then there were the books... i was dead set i was NOT going to read them after loving the movies so much how could anything compare...but the nagging started and i caved devouring them like water after a long walk in the desert. how could i ever watch the movies after the books were so much better?! and now that i had finished them and finally admitted i was a little bored i struggled with what next...for a year another friend who hated twlight tried to sell me on a tv series with a title u might recognize ;-) called the vampire diaries ( see where this is leading yet?) well i finally caved-but what could it offer that twlight didn't? wellllll since netflix so kindly provided all 4 seasons that were out and i was hooked i watched them like a crack addict back 2 back...of course how could the books measure up to the tv series i thought to myself (think i would have learned by now?!) sooooo i bought all the books and read them back to back in 2 days and could barely watch the tv show the books were so good lol... by now the reading obsession had set in and i found myself hooked on l.j. smith so i found her website and read the book series summaries deciding what to read next. well one thing was for sure, i was NOT EVER going to read forbidden games it was sooooooo not my kinda story i just knew i would hate it so i proceeded to read the night world then secret circle and of course dark visions all in no time. but then what cuz strange fate is yet to be realeased and the only thing left was that hideous trilogy forbidden games...hmmm. after much thought and reading withdrawl i decided 2 find the first book of forbidden games online i wasn't wasting money on something i would absoulutly hate and never finish...HAHAHAHAHA! i was HOOKED (on julian but of course! how could jenny not see him clearly! and don't get me started on "tommy" ugh!) so i consumed the trilogy in 2 i was left with the horror of the ending, how could julian die?! how could he and jenny never see where things would go?! i read that l.j. was talking about writing a follow up possible after strange fate...which we have been waiting for 4 yrs and yrs with no end in sight. suffering with the unfullfilled need of that conclussion and out of books of hers to read AND the devestation of losing julian i was distraught and devoured her website again in hopes of a book/author suggestion when i came across a tab called links/fanfic...hmmmm never heard of fanfic so i clicked and saw that it was fans who wrote their takes using the stories/charactors and she supported it so i thought maybe just maybe i could at least temporarily ease some boredom and thats when i came across this site. first thing i looked up was forbidden games and i read and read and read stories of julian and jenny which were varied and colorful and interesting and at times funny-the twists some ppl give like the whole tom with julian realtionship i was feeling ok about things but not great...not satisfied even though i wasn't sure what it was i was missing. which after all this brings me 2 the point of all of this (FINALLY RIGHT?! LOL) the afternoon i came across your story...there are no words in the world 2 describe the feelings i had as i read all afternoon...all night...all 49 chapters with only potty breaks till 6:30 am the next day! i was sure no author would ever top l.j. smith especially on a fanfic site BOY WAS I WRONG! i read all your very humorous disclaimers and laugh but i find myself shaking a wooden stick willing i magic wand so that U would have ownership of forbidden games lol...seriously thats how i felt! you stayed so true to the original charactors personality/experiences yet managed to grow them EXACTLY how they should be and then of course (but of course!)-there's julian...yummmmmmmmmmm i have read it repeatedly all the way thru each time with the same obsession. you are a genious and sooooooo gifted beyond belief i can't believe this is just a hobby you do not your life work on the best sellers list. my problem is that no where on your story does it say when it was written or when you last worked on it ;-( i read the hiatus status but i don't know when u last wrote so if i should expect more (OH GOD PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ...) it is tooooooo good to not complete and i can't wait to see what is in store i could go on and on about all i love about it in great detail but this is already so long lol... so my question is...r u working on it? have u given up? what can i expect if anything? i am holding my breath that you will get this and respond as i am being tortured by sleepless nights and days pouring over and memorizing your beloved book...ok so i degress idk when u last wrote or if u r still active i pray you are you are tooooo talented to let it go to waste-on my knees thanking your muses!-so with all this off my chest i will hold my breath waiting and hoping u respond b4 i have 2 resort 2 torture/death threats/ u r a goddess amoung writers i tell EVERYONE about you and i hope the blessings your writing bestows on us your readers is compensated in life back at you in triple fold...plz post again!
UzumakiMitoChan chapter 49 . 5/1/2013
Oh god! Please update this! I"m completely obssessed!

ObiMagic chapter 49 . 4/5/2013
wow for the fact that this wasn't updated since 2006... i really like where this was going. XD i can't believed what happened at the end but wonderful job!
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