Reviews for A Different Moon
Netchka3 chapter 46 . 9/19
Good story.
Netchka3 chapter 31 . 9/19
I think Albus is finally thinking about how they are kind of screwed with Alec as the 'Chosen One'
Netchka3 chapter 29 . 9/19
Damon is quite like Severus indeed. Alec is a snotfaced punk who whines like a two year old when he doesn't get his own way.
Netchka3 chapter 7 . 9/17
Now what is old Dumbledork going to be doing now that Damon has his magic unbound?
KattyByNature chapter 46 . 9/13
Loved this story :-)
RAY chapter 10 . 7/25
I love this story!
calico chapter 7 . 7/23
Weren't they living in California? Washington is only one state over, it goes California, Oregon, Washington, and they take up the whole coast.
Kikuriki chapter 35 . 7/2
When the Cullens first got to Hogqarts, you wrote Damon as having a raven patronus, not a lion.
celine.sLineC-Line chapter 46 . 4/11
i'm leaving for once a message just that you know that every one of your fics i am taking on my favorties i have read them...
its taking me a lot of time to read all the story with a summary that catch my eyes. Every thing with harry catch my eye
but its very funny to see you write stories... and seeign how your writing, your style change ... _ Its like seeing you grow up in the same time as your stories...
so.. i realy like this story. and the other... i like harry as main character and edward ot other... i'm not so fond as you with severus snape... because like him or harry i was a bully and i didn't take my anger on others ... i don't like snape how he was is the books in harry...
all you stories make dumbledor good, then the bad... i like it that you haven't always the same paten in your stories...

ok, i'm finished, sorry for the fault i'm french, and english isn't my favorite language (just for harry potter fics, there is soooo much more in english ! )
brynn.brigham chapter 46 . 3/23
I am obsessed with your crossover stories! I love all of them and this one was no exception. I liked Damon being as manly as Edward in this one! Loved it!
Calmzone1 chapter 46 . 2/11
great story, a few errors here and there, more missed words as if you were typing with a touchpad on and words were selected then typed over. One chapter had an error in it though for sure, as you had Edward reading Damon's mind, where they were at Hogwarts with the meeting between Alec and Damon
rooster chapter 46 . 1/19
I loved it very much...i read it twice
SlytherinLuv4Eva chapter 1 . 12/25/2014
:) :)
Griffin Raven chapter 44 . 12/12/2014
Absolutely loved the final battle - especially what happened to Voldemort, but also about what happened to Dumbledore. Will Severus finally find a companion? Or perhaps have his own child?
Snow Leopard Pasha chapter 16 . 11/29/2014
Good story so far...

But what was with you suddenly calling Damon "Harry"? He hasn't, and won't ever, really be "Harry" after growing up as Damon, so you'd better correct all your slips in this chapter, especially towards the end of the chapter.
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