Reviews for A Different Moon
crystal484 chapter 46 . 19h
i really like this story thank you
twix655 chapter 1 . 2/25
I've read many fanfictions were Harry had a twin who was labeled the Boy/Girl-Who-Lived, and in all of them Lily and James either willingly abandoned him, or neglected him, so I'm pretty happy to read a fanfiction with a different approach.
AnimeNerdX chapter 46 . 2/5
finished & that was adorable, kind of want to know what happened to Bella & not so lowkey, was waiting for some awsome island smutt, the former being more of a hoping but still understand this fic keeping it PG.
AnimeNerdX chapter 15 . 2/4
I know this story is complete but i'm gonna review like it isn't for the last chp cause in my gut i want Bella understanding & want a family fir herself but i don't want her to be with Jacob 'cause he never imprinted on her & if he ever did find his #1 that would just "suck"... Well either, or ending i'm probably gonna like this story anyway
Qtsarahanne chapter 46 . 1/14
Oh my goodness this was excellent! Thank you for writing it!
Shinigami Clara chapter 9 . 12/10/2016
I know this is probably written some time before the new fantastic beasts movie but I wonder if you will eventually include other canon stuff like Ivermorny or the no-maj things :0
Guest chapter 24 . 11/29/2016
It's not reasonable that they were planning to move to Spain three days after notifying Damon. They need passports, work visas, a home to move to, etc. Plus, no parent would blindside their child in the middle of a school year with a move to another country in 72 hours. It's just not believeable.
Guest chapter 19 . 11/29/2016
"So what is your real name" is incredibly offensive for Edward to ask. "What was your birth name" would be fine, but Damon's "real" name is Damon Gibbs. He is legally and emotionally Damon, not Harry.
Guest chapter 16 . 11/29/2016
Jumping between the name Damon and Harry is very confusing. He wasn't raised to be Harry, why not be consistent and call him Damon?
Vallerila chapter 46 . 11/26/2016
I know that it's been ages since you finished this, but I just read it and just had to tell you how very much I fucking loved thisThe idea of twins and a wrong boy-who-lived might not be uncommon, but the way you told this story is beautiful. I love the way the characters evolve, how you merged two universes into one and especially the emotions of the characters. It's so realistic and I was able to identify with them based on that. I actually cried at the epilogue because all the humans diednot that it was unexpected xD You are a fantastic author and most of my all time favorite fics have been written by you. Thank you.
Princess Meria chapter 2 . 11/21/2016
I already want to hate Alec. I have no idea if he is going to get better but he is worse than Draco and Dudley!
nightpurr1 chapter 43 . 11/12/2016
I didn't think I would like the idea of Damon forgiving James and Lily but I find that with the way you wrote it, it did come out very good.
sjrodgers23 chapter 46 . 11/7/2016
love it glad Severus,Remus,and Sirius found their mates. Also glad Severus found a cure for Remus. Thank you
Stasia Ravenclaw chapter 35 . 11/1/2016
Okay I am confused in an earlier chapter Damon's Patronus was a Raven now it's a Lion and Edmund's was a Snake now its a Eagle ~Stasia
kittyranma chapter 2 . 10/28/2016
It looks like we have 2 spoiled little brats.
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