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Guest chapter 15 . 6/20/2015
Yes please continue this story I like see more of this story
wolfsrainlover1 chapter 15 . 6/16/2015
Please carry on updating this story please
Guest chapter 6 . 3/23/2014
heres a fun fact lightnings real name is claire farron
MasterSpecter chapter 15 . 3/12/2014
When will the next chapter come out, I really love this story so far
LuriaElodia chapter 1 . 3/7/2014
I find myself wanting to go back and play this game...except I know this character will not be there, sadly. Very compelling and realistic writing. It sounds as if you've had some military experience.
no169 chapter 15 . 10/21/2013
why do I always find the best stories after they've been discontinued? damnit... you know how hard it is to find anything that's not lightningxhope? damn hard, and the rest is lighningxfang..
well just though I'd say that if your ever read this review, then you should know you're a damn fine writer and it's a shame this story's been discontinued, I was really into it :p
DeanneGray chapter 6 . 7/14/2013
You are a very talented writer! So glad I got to meet you.
Procrastinatingismyforte chapter 15 . 1/31/2013
bwa ha ha ha! is the poor lad's scream really that girly?! bwa ha ha ha! oh god you just HAVE to update soon! you have me in stitches!
jhellou chapter 15 . 11/22/2012
what happens next?
Xanid chapter 15 . 7/9/2012
I really love this story! I found it thanks to a reccomendation that Gravenimage posted in an authors note in his/her story "Saviors or Destroyers?"

I think your OC is very well thought out. Of all the FFXIII fanfiction I have read, I have never come across an OC who worked for PSICOM, which I think is really interesting! James is a realistic character, no special powers etc, and you have shown that he is not invincible (some authors throw their OCs into dangerous situations and against all odds, they come out with barely a scratch!) he is not a drama queen, cockey or the "stoic and mysterious handsome stranger with unbeatable soldier skills with dark past" type of OC that sometimes gets paired with Lightning. He is funny, charming, has his own unique problems, fears etc and to be honest, I love this character!

As far as I can see, the canons are all in character, which is a relief! I cant stand it when I see my favourite characters OOC. Definately not the case here! Just be careful with Lightnings character in future chapters with the whole "romance" thing. Throughout the game she still is the hardass, cold lone wolf that we see in the beginning (just a little less mean as the plot continues!)

Spelling and grammer seem to be ok to me. Ive been so focused on the story, I forgot to pay attention to it (sorry!) but, as always, PROOFREADING IS SUPER IMPORTANT! And I cannot stress that enough. People may think that their story is automatically perfect first time around and publish it straight away (often due to the need and/or pressure to put up new chapters quickly) but I guarantee there would be mistakes in there. There is NO such thing as too much proofreading.

But I digress, ahem, probably shouldnt have added the lecture, but it couldnt hurt! (My apologies for boring you to death) In short, a story like this is a rare find and I urge you to continue it (I nearly had a heart attack when I saw when this story was last updated *cries*) I really look forward to reading more of Soldier's Edge in the future!

PS: If you are a Lightning fan (had a sneaky peek at your profile), I reccomend "Revelations" by Symphonic Silence which is, in my opinion, easily one of the best FFXIII fanfictions on this site. I warn you in advance, it is Lightning x Snow, a pairing that I absolutely HATED (I still do) but it is hilariously, unbelieveably brilliant anyway and, surprisingly, I find myself cheering for them. I cant possibly describe its awesomeness in words, so whether you love or hate the pairing, READ IT ANYWAY!
ShadowHellCat chapter 15 . 3/27/2012
Good so far. Can't wait for your next update!
randoMMise chapter 15 . 1/11/2012
I've thoroughly enjoyed your writing so far, and I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping this isn't the end of James Hudson's story (although it has been quite some time since this was updated :( ) I really enjoy your writing style; it's descriptive, but not cluttered and it remains true to the games cutscenes too, yet your OC is integrated into the cutscenes very well. It just reads really easily, and that makes it very enjoyable.

Just a small point - at the end of Chapter 9, I thought it the shield around the floating city of Eden that Rosch couldn't get through, not the shield of the falling Palamecia. It would make sense in the grand fal'Cie plan that the l'Cie's ship was granted access to the city (and hence to the Ark, yet Rosch's wasn't (to stop him ruining the plan)

But that's just a minor criticism of what is an excellent fanfic.
dakk55 chapter 15 . 10/27/2011
I enjoyed reading this, it was strangely one of the best FXIII fics I've had the pleasure of putting in my favorites. Keep on updating.
SkullOverlord chapter 1 . 10/8/2011
I haven't reviewed this before, and i'm sorry for that.

But let me say this: the story is awesome.

Keep up the good work, i'm looking forward too the next chapter.
Icespark-Zanzav2 chapter 15 . 9/30/2011
Chapter 15:

Wow! This update is immense! I'm going to be doing something a running commentary, due to the sheer size of the chapter. Here we go!

This is a great beginning! Surprise Chocobo attack!

I approve of Sazh's using opposing combatants as battering rams!

A map of the entire ship, directly outside the prison chamber, is absolutely hilarious!

I liked James moral dilemma. Though small, I suspect that there will elaborations upon that


I quite enjoyed reading Lightning's thoughts on Jihl's office. It appears that her personality

is widely known.

I didn't expect lightning to learn of Rush's survival in that manner, it was unexpected, and

very clever!

While I'm very glad that Lightning recovered James's rifle, it's kind of a pity that the group didn't set fire to Jih's office, or something, before they left...

It's fun to see Jihl's frustration rendered in printed form!

I'm glad that they dealt with those irritating armodillo-lizards. Those things are a realy


As usual, the battle scene's described in fantastic detail!

I truly did not expect them to encounter a Behemoth.

It's great to see Amra return!

I highly enjoyed reading Amra's fight the Behemoth! Well Done! It was also nice to see that the

Eidolons can also be worn down, and are not purely invincible.

Brynhildr joining the fight can only increase the entertainment factor.

Dynamite works just as well as a key, in most cases!

Luck never works when it needs to. I liked Fang reminding Lightning of the dangers of rushing

in. Lightning's personality is spot on.

More brilliantly described battle sequences!

That was a perfect reappearance for James, Sazh and Vanille!

I liked James's comment to Hope, that was a nice touch.

The reunion between Lightning and James was perfectly written.

The fight against the flying bio-weapon was the perfect example of how the group functions as a


James's fear of heights provides quite the comical effect!

Now that they've crashed again, on to the main event!

I wonder if Jihl's attempt to plant self-doubt into James will have any effect. On a side-note,

it's interesting to see that she refers to Psicom in these past events as "we", making me wonder

just what her real age is, if she was there to witness what she described firsthand.

Now that Dsyley's secret is out, the whole Psicom unit is rather useless anyway.

Again, the battle scene is rendered in excruciatingly close detail; fantastic work!

Dysley never shuts up, does he?

And Psicom never gives up.

And now, with a crash cut us off on a cliff-hanger. Thanks...

All in all, an incredible update! As before, you've done a splendid job of merging your own ideas

with the game's narrative, while easily shifting and transition from sequence to sequence, tone to tone, emotion to emotion! I'll be looking forward to seeing where this crash-landing will take off to!

Keep up the great work!

- Icespark-Zanzav2
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