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yellowninja22 chapter 23 . 7/10/2013
I can't even say how amazing this story (and the one before) was. I've been looking for a good read for a long time, and have come back with nothing - fluffy one-shots don't count lol. This was a beautifully executed story. The plot was AMAZING and I loved how the romance managed to slowly worm itself in. Keep up the good work! I truly enjoyed reading this!
Kaci Brianna chapter 22 . 7/2/2013
I think this is my favourite bonus chapter of them all because it's one of the only well written Seiner fics (I guess this is actually a oneshot, but whatever) I've ever read. Every other fic butchers something, be it a character or the plot or in general it's just written badly, but this is true to the characters and the plot is believable and it's written wonderfully (as is the whole fic). Also, every time I see the "OoOoOo" I imagine a room of fourth graders when someone's called to the principles office, and they're just going "Oooooh someone's in trouble". It's a nice comedic break from a lot of the more serious shit in the fic. However, both this and The City Is At War are definitely being saved in my "Favourite Fics" list!
socrazyimsane chapter 22 . 8/28/2012
See, look what you made me do? I know like Seifer now. Great. XD
socrazyimsane chapter 20 . 8/28/2012
I freaking love you! I stayed up all night reading this story. XD The characters where great, I think I actually like Seifer now. The plot was great and at points I think i reared up from all the emotion. So good. You're an amazing author. 3
Tigeress33565 chapter 23 . 7/14/2012
I seriously didn't think that this story could get anymore awesome than it already was. And then you threw Seiner in there and I was proven so, so wrong. XD I loved this story, it had me on the edge of my seat (or bed, since I was laying down for the most part as I read it...) the whole time! I loved how you wrote out your action/gunfights/car chases/etc. scenes, they were so amazing, I can't even describe it. Sorry I didn't review The City is at War, but I literally went straight from the last chapter to the first of this one, I was so excited to see what you had in story for Cloud and Leon next! And how they slowly progressed. You have no idea how hard I fangirled when Seifer told Cloud that if he didn't stake his claim on Leon, he'd move in. I absolutely love Cleon, but I couldn't help but feel so bad for Seifer because it was so obvious he liked Leon, and Squall never even noticed. So when you gave us Seifer's Chapter, I just died. I was so happy about it. XD And poor Riku. When he got hit during his fight with Xaldin, I was literally trying to talk to him XD Also, I'm in love with Zexion, and I've never really seen a story where Zexion is just a nickname of sorts for Ienzo, but I liked it. Demyx was so awesome, even though he didn't show up to much. i was actually way looking forward to seeing them go visit Tifa together, and see what kind of hijinx they got up to. I could see Zexion, Leon, and Riku just taking the city by storm and Cloud just completely pissed off that he couldn't do anything about it. And Cloud was just...utterly amazing. He was my favorite character throughout both TCiaW and TBtC. He was just so well written and just...awesome. That's really the only way I can describe him. I loved how he was so proud of his job even though he hated the paperwork and how no matter how much easier it would be to just to it Leon's way, he continued to do what he thought was right and follow the law. It was just a really interesting thing to see how he balanced his attraction/love for Leon with his dedication to the law. As I'm sure you've figured out from my ranting, my favorite pairing of them all was Cleon (though Seifer/Hayner definitely came in as a close second.), so my favorite scene of both stories was the confession between Leon and Cloud. I just loved how Cloud was just 'Omfgwhyyyy?' and how Leon was just so...sort of pleased in that tired way. Also, I really loved the way you wrote Leon, Riku, and Zexion. Their relationship was just...sort of sweet. How even though they don't exactly get along all the time, they obviously care at least a little bit about each other. Leon saving Riku from falling in TCiaW even though he could have gotten himself killed, them working together to escape from the room when they were captured, and how no matter how hard it got, none of them tried to leave without the other two. Just, that whole episode when they were running was just really touching to me. How these three people went from unfeeling people who would leave each other to the dogs for a few dollars went from that, to three people who would carry each other through a forest while being chased by bloodthirsty criminals, give themselves up to protect the others. When Riku refused to leave them after Leon got shot and Zexion couldn't run anymore, I absolutely melted. It showed major development to me, from three guys who could barely stand each other, to three people who at the very least would make sacrificies for each other. It was truely beautiful for me to read, though you might not have meant it like that...XD; Anyway, though. I liked how Akuroku (as much as I love them to death) didn't get to much of the spotlight. It's such a popular pairing, that I was almost afraid that it might take away from the other romances, or action scenes for that matter, but it was just perfect. All of the romance scenes were really perfect in my opinion(Demyx and Zexion definitely could have gotten a bit more attention though ;D). Vexen made me giggle so hard when he asked for some of Riku's DNA. One of the things I was curious about though, was sort of why Cloud felt so betrayed when Leon took matters into his own hands about the pipebomb. I mean, yes, Roxas was in the hospital, but he almost completely brushed Leon off about it and was snappy and rude to top it off and he didn't expect Leon to do it himself when Cloud wouldn't help? It could have seriously injured Leon, or even Sora, and the only reason no one got seriously hurt was because Leon had quick instincts. So really, I sort of can blame Cloud for Leon taking the stuff to Zexion and Riku. And finally, to end my long and annoying rant about the sheer awesome of this story, I just want to say that I loved Riku. How he changed from the beginning of TCiaW to the end of TBtC and his and Sora's bonus chapter, was just a really, really nice thing to read. Going from a hardass criminal who enjoyed killing people and stealing for a living, to someone who just...didn't want to kill anymore, and who found an ability to love and be loved. Riku just made me feel squiggly inside throughout the whole story. XD; To sum it up, you did such a great job, and I absolutely loved this story as well as TCiaW. Both were sheer amazingness, and to tell you the truth, I was totally imagining it as an action packed thriller movie the whole time I was reading! XD
Rukiabi chapter 22 . 5/28/2012
This is one of my favorite fics here and it is written really well! The main characters are down to earth real (except for most of the Organization villains [Saix lol]) and I'm really impressed with how your OCs are written too. It's a nice surprise to find out some of characters that you thought were OCs turned out to be familiar characters from KH. I couldn't stop reading it, with its perfect mix of action and drama; never a dull moment. The action scenes are intense and make me drool over Riku, Squall, Seifer, and Cloud coolness hahaha!

At first I thought that Leon would eventually become a part of the SWAT force too so I was a little disappointed that didn't happen, although I suppose it worked out pretty well between him and Cloud.

Seifer chapter had gotta be one of my favs. I love the fact that Seifer is a SWAT, it totally fits his image (gawd he's so deliciously hawt *more drools*) and it didn't occur to me until I read the parts with Hayner that these two would make an incredible couple. And they did. Wow.

If you write anymore KH fics or decide to add more bonus chapters, I would love to read more about Seifer in SWAT and his relationship with Hayner. Thanks for writing this story!
clexia-chan chapter 20 . 5/5/2012
I absolutely loved this story! I noticed one thing while reading this chapter though. I had thought that Lexaeus had been cuffed to some sheet metal, not a pipe. Not a big deal or anything but thought I'd point it out. Anyway, amazing story and I can't wait to read more from you.
VexenIV chapter 23 . 4/24/2012
*squeals* I love your stories! They're so addictive. I think i've read 4 of them in like 3 days. :p You write so well.

*runs off to start reading the next one*
Luke chapter 23 . 3/6/2012
Yay, happy endings for all! The bonus chapters did wrap things up well. I'm glad you found someone else for Seifer, since I've found that I prefer to have each character with only one pairing really. I'm more of a Seifer/Zell guy myself, but I can see why you put him with hayner. Poor Riku, Leon's going to be the death of him one day. Either that or Sora will, due to something completely random. Nice read, and hope you do more Cleon sometime.
Luke chapter 22 . 3/5/2012
Read the previous chapters. I was wondering how you would get them out of a prison sentence this time. It barely works, but it does. Just a few small errors in the story such as using "too" instead of "to". Otherwise good read. Not sure if Squall's endurance was believeable, but otherwise it fit together well.
Luke chapter 5 . 3/4/2012
Read "City at War" and chapters 1-4. They seem pretty good, but I still feel like smacking some sense into Squall. In this case, he could at least tell Cloud what he was planning on doing. As long as he made sure it wasn't during working time, Cloud couldn't actually incriminate him too easily, and it's not like the blonde can't keep a secret. But, that's just me being into the story. Good read, but it still makes me sad to see them getting into another mess.
Blah chapter 23 . 10/4/2011
haha... er... I just devoured this story again within 2 days... yeah.. it's that good, though I have picked up on several instances where the wrong word was typed (ie: if instead of it). I still love this story to death and am sad that you haven't put up anything recently. I don't even care if it's related to this universe or not. D: Any upload will be gratefully perused until the internet has a hole in it especiallyifit'scleonwhatididn'tsayanythingteehee

Also, I looked up the songs in your footnotes/author's notes and I was surprised to see that you had actually used a Your Vegas song in the conclusion of TCIAW. And, lo and behold, The Way The War Was Won is in the same album as Salvador. Lucky me :3
BRP chapter 23 . 8/22/2011
yeah i reread it like what ... a third time, and it keeps getting better. freaking awesome.
TSRM chapter 12 . 7/14/2011
Believe it or not, I read this story as much as I can because I just love it from the beggining to the end. Its even better the fact you keep everybody in character, and not so sappy as I would've liked lol seriously. Chapter 12 is my favorite, listening Call of Duty music then Pink Floyd.
Cilla chapter 23 . 7/12/2011
One word: Fantastic! This story was so amazing, just like the first half of it. I was still on edge, completely surprised through most of it. It seems completely well thought-out (Even if it wasn't lol. Sometimes ppl just roll). Very surprised that Riku ended up blind for helping Leon. I bet he would've cursed himself saying, "This is what you get for helping!" lol. If you're an actual author I'd be willing to buy your books instantly if your fanfics are anything to go by! Good job!
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