Reviews for Moving Day
ATimelessLove chapter 3 . 4/6/2010
This story was FUNNY! You totally have this natural talent & voice that seeps through the pages. I can picture this really happening! Its SO cute! When he really was moving into his place, I could picture them having fun like this. Aww, adorable details. Bearie the Bear, pic age 3. 2 cute! Wearing his t-shirt? Sleeping in each other’s arms? Movie night? Eating junk food? See! Right there! Those are ADORABLE details/events that the show is REALLY missing out on! Dante & Lulu are SERIOUSLY so CUTE! Just a thought, these two SERIOUSLY need to move into his apartment together. Living together? Too soon for them, but seriously soo right! Also, these two would make such good parents! I can just imagine them with their child, it’d be like magic! Idk why I’m thinking this but, Jocelyn is one lucky baby! "He's so funny isn't he." Yes, yes he is. I like that u threw in the abortion story. It brings it full circle, back to the show. It gives me, the reader, a quick taste of what’s coming very soon on the show. The way u handled that storyline is the way it’s supposed to, or will in the end be, handled. Dante & Lulu will have kids one day, and Lulu will be a wonderful mother, but ur right “not if Dante & Lulu keep getting interrupted.” You should definelty write more of this story. I like it! It’s just random happenings in his new apartment. Very cute! Lulu likes romance & horror movies, that’d funny. It completely makes sense w. the character that she is. The way her life was. It’d make perfect sense!

“so I take it you're not one of those girls that cowers and covers her eyes when the scary parts come on?" he asked. "Nope, definitely not.""Darn and I was hoping I would have to hold you during one of those movies.""You don't need an excuse to hold me.” :D Too cute!

I want more of this story. Please, write more.
robinscorpiofan chapter 3 . 3/26/2010
I really like this! Dante and Lulu are so cute with Josslyn and I liked the part with the bear. Update soon!
dyallon chapter 3 . 3/25/2010
I'm impressed! Very good start...update soon, please.