Reviews for The Best Revenge: Time of the Basilisk
QueenTatooine chapter 30 . 3/31
Very sorry to see that the author passed. If his/her friends or family read these, please note that the stories still bring joy to readers.
Dr Stranger chapter 1 . 3/6
I was sad to read of this author's passing. But on the off chance that her family is still reading the reviews of her stories, know that they are still providing joy to others.
Jake Crepeau chapter 28 . 3/3
Bathsheda Babbling's name actually WAS published; it appears in the American edition of one of the books. I wasn't aware she wasn't in the British edition.
Jake Crepeau chapter 27 . 3/3
Everyone always think it's the white dress that indicates "first marriage," but traditionally, it's the veil. In some regions of the US, particularly among certain social groups, a bride ALWAYS wears white, even if she's been married more times than Mickey Rooney, but if she's wearing a veil, you know it's her first wedding.
Ha! Harry found the Defense curse, I bet! ;D
Jake Crepeau chapter 26 . 3/3
So would you say the only difference between Chevre and Pantysgawn is the fact that the latter uses pasteurized milk? (This is a subject of interest to me; I raise goats and make cheese - mild, soft cheese; I don't have the equipment or facilities for the hard cheese or the stronger ones.)
Jake Crepeau chapter 17 . 3/3
More like, what might happen if Tom Riddle had had all his marbles from the start? ;D
Jake Crepeau chapter 11 . 3/3
Actually, the bit about alligators and snakes in the New York sewer system is true...or at least it used to be. I grew up in New York, and while I never saw them myself, I know people who did. An uncle of mine was one of them; he worked in the sewers in the 1940s and saw both, though he did say there were a lot more snakes than alligators. The gators came from people who would buy these tiny baby ones as pets when they went on vacation, then would get tired of them and flush them down the toilet. Most of them died from the flushing itself; others survived long enough to be eaten by the sewer rats. A handful actually survived long enough to breed. I imagine they've long since been exterminated. But of course none of the city officials are ever going to admit even that it might have been true in the past, because that wouldn't be good for tourism. Yes, there are actually people who worry about the critters crawling UP through the pipes and into their toilets. Can't say I've ever heard of it actually happening, though.
Jake Crepeau chapter 6 . 3/3
I have to differ with you about the snakes. Although they have no external ears, they DO have an inner ear, so they are not deaf; they simply don't hear in the same way other animals do. They pick up airborne vibrations through their skin; the vibrations affect a particular bone that is connected to that inner ear, and as a result, they can actually hear quite well. (A close friend of mine was a snake aficionado; he had his own "snake house" with quite the collection of live specimens. He died a few years ago, of old age.)
Snape's Vixen chapter 30 . 2/16
Fabulous! Thanks for such a drama. How things have turned out really emphasize the title of the story and yes, a relevant one. I had all the pleasure while reading this. You're such an amazing writer.
Snape's Vixen chapter 29 . 2/16
Whoa, this totally blew me beyond the hedge!
patty.clark.792 chapter 30 . 2/11
Good job! One of my top five favorites of all time. Thank you so much !
patty.clark.792 chapter 8 . 2/10
Charity and the Professor make me very happy. I love everything about them. I wish there was fanart of Harry's house. It sounds wonderful!
Guest chapter 30 . 1/18
Tremendous read! Great work
Tbaby13 chapter 30 . 1/6
Kudos! A lovely story and an excellent take on Hufflepuff Harry with competent adults.
Guest chapter 30 . 12/22/2020
This was an awesome story! I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for writing it.
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