Reviews for The Program
Mvk chapter 53 . 6/10
You did it, you made me cry. I can't believe I lived six years without reading this. It seams like such a waste.
I love you to bits, especially for your comments.
You are amazing. Truly.
I so totally had to held your hand in the middle.
Guest chapter 49 . 6/10
I died there AGAIN! don't do this to me and my poor heart!
I hate you but I still love you very very much.
Pregnant, what the bloody heck. Brilliant story, really, gives me a heart attack every five minutes.
Oh and give me some of those cookies you're keeping there over at the dark side!
Mvk chapter 48 . 6/10
You just killed me! And psyched me out! I'm so glad Lucius is still alive, I really would have cried over him. Such a lovely character.
Gosh! No sleep tonight for me!
Let's read the happy end. I trust you here!
Mvk chapter 9 . 6/8
I love your comments in the beginng and at the end of a chapter and I love everything in between.
The first chapter I was a bit skeptical but now I just can't stop reading (even though I really should shower to not weak up people later)
Hahaha :D
Wolfpack pride chapter 53 . 6/1
Such a fun read. Excellent work
Wolfpack pride chapter 35 . 6/1
I'm the reigning git in this household after all. Brilliant line
Wolfpack pride chapter 26 . 5/31
Adorable cooking cuteness!
Wolfpack pride chapter 25 . 5/31
I told myself I was going to review every chapter of a fic rather than just the last one but I got so caught up in reading, I completely forgot. Sorry. Anyway, I love the internal monologue of Draco and the aftermath of Lucius's kiss.
Wolfpack pride chapter 1 . 5/31
This is such an interesting concept. I look forward to the rest of it
AnnoyedWitch chapter 37 . 4/19
I have read this book at least four times now, and this is still my favourite chapter. :)
Harriettlovesbooks chapter 53 . 1/30
This is a beautiful and moving story! Thank you for sharing it with us!
frekles chapter 28 . 12/28/2015
so love that in your story-Draco calls Lucius Dad. So many stories have their relationship as hateful and that Lucius does not love his son anymore-this is much more the relationship that I can imagine and how things might have gone at the end of the books
frekles chapter 19 . 12/28/2015
I am totally hooked on your story-it is amazing and I apologize for not reviewing after every chapter as I just want to get to the next one to read more! This is so much different then anything else I have read but you did such a fantastic job of capturing their true personalities but adding a whole new twist with the twists of your story-loving it!
PaigeAdams5972 chapter 53 . 12/22/2015
I so enjoyed reading this, great job!
azertykeynes chapter 53 . 11/28/2015
Wow! That was quite an adventure for them, wasn't it?

I like the characterizations. I especially liked how you wrote Lucius. Even when he was catatonic, he was one of the most interesting characters in the story, and after he'd "woken up," he was hilarious, especially when he went on about how old he feels! I like that Ginny ended up with Harry. I admit that I thought she would be with Zabini at first, but that sentiment changed rather quickly. I had thought the lady of the manor would win Lucius' heart, but since you never gave her a name, she wasn't that important a character.

I had a feeling that Hermione would get pregnant in the end, that the magic healing her face would also heal her womb, but I had no idea she'd get pregnant twice. As for the muggle cover story, I had thought you'd say that Drake and Luke were part of a Witness Protection Program - at the end at least. That way the Muggles wouldn't ask about why they got married and they'd understand, wouldn't they?

As I've said, I like how the story is paced. I like the twists you added into it - all those secrets coming out and how they dealt with them, and just when you think all the secrets are out, you give us something else. But what I like most about this fic is the characters themselves and how you've portrayed them - even Sirius. I was dead set on disliking him at the start of the fic and then you showed a quirky side to him when Hermione and Draco borrowed his motorbike, and I thought, "He's not so bad after all."

I'm glad also for the resolution - the rehabilitation of the rest at Sirius' and the reunion of the family at the end.
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